Keep Left

My week of self imposed torture is almost done!   I’ve missed running and reading all your posts.   I did manage to read some posts, I tried to hit “like” on what I did read, but  my comments were kind of sparse.  Sorry 😦  Since this week has been so off and all over the place, this post is going to be a little different-

Things I’ve Learned this week-

*Procrastinating is not as cool as you think and working under pressure does not make things more exciting.  And, yes I knew that before but have been forcibly reminded.

*I found something slower than a treadmill mile- and a typo


*Compression socks are awesome for your circulation on a long drive.  However, if you are wearing said socks under skinny jeans and are stuck in traffic in a poorly ventilated car- watch out!  I was so flippin’ hot and I couldn’t loosen my pant leg enough to get the socks off.   But Pro Compression did retweet me!

*When your GPS app is telling you to keep left, you should keep left!  Instead of making it have to recalculate and circle around.  If the app could talk, I think it would have had some choice things to say.

*No matter how clean the rooms are or how friendly the staff is, care facilities are depressing.  Just straight up sad and I don’t do well with that.  😦

*Why yes, I do eat my feelings.  And it’s usually pizza.

Ok, kind of blurry, sorry.
Ok, kind of blurry, sorry.

*Running into a headwind doesn’t always suck.  For example, when its 90º+ outside.   I still walked a lot but thank you wind.   Was it too hot to run?  Possibly but after 3 days off, I really wanted to run.  Saturday’s original goal was 6 but that wasn’t happening.  3.5 instead. IMG_4560

*Visor’s really do make a difference.   Took a run break from the research today and realized I forgot my visor 1/2 mile in.  I thought I would be ok as it was 10º cooler than yesterday.  So not true.   I was hot and sweaty and sweat was dripping in my eyes.  I don’t think that has ever happened before.   I did an uncomfortable 4 and called it.

Why do my grimaces look smiles?
Why do my grimaces look smiles?

*Finding said visor and dunking it water before taking the puppy out for a puppy jog-awesome!  I was so much cooler.  The puppy also had a really good walk/jog.  She loves to roll in grass.   I think this needs to be our weekend tradition. IMG_4595

I have 2 deadlines, one Monday and one Wednesday, and then freedom!  Haha.   I am sure something else will come up 🙂


How was your weekend?

Anyone race?

Am I the only procrastinator?

11 thoughts on “Keep Left

  1. Oi! Good luck with your deadlines. That sounds awful, but at least it’s almost over. I can’t really comment on the procrastinating because I’m the same way.


  2. Oh man, I always say that if I end up in Hades, it’s just going to be me sitting in traffic forever. I haaaate traffic! That pizza looks amazing!


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