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A Slow Start to February

I feel like all I have been doing this week is playing catch up.  I’ve posted recaps of Surf City and January but barely anything else.   So I guess let’s keep with that theme and cover the week-

Monday–  If I hadn’t made the appointment before Surf City, I would have done it myself after that race.  If I had had a pair of scissors I would have chopped off my ponytail at mile 8.   Seriously.   And it wouldn’t have been the first time I cut my own hair.  Luckily I restrained and had the professionals do it the next day-IMG_9090Can’t take non running selfies apparently- it looks longer here.  It hits my chin.    I have zero post cut guilt- woo hoo!

Tuesday– the schedule called for either a rest day or an easy run after Sunday’s race.  Neither option sounded appealing, so I grabbed the puppy and took her for a puppy jog instead.IMG_9110Wednesday– This was the last day of my mini vacay so I decided to move Thursday’s speed work up.  I had no desire to run it on the treadmill and on Wednesday I could run it outside.  However I had a very tiny window of time.  Probably should have gotten out of bed sooner- nah.    Also not good was the fact that I had eaten lunch an hour before starting my run.  Lunch that was a tri-tip sandwich. imageOops.  But I did it.   At least in a tiny way- first intentional speed work in way too long.   Oh, and speed work without a heavy, swinging pony tail was awesome!   Then I headed off to the tennis courts to help my mom out at practice.  It was time to scare a new group.   #goodtimes  🙂IMG_9123

Thursday and Friday were back to work.  I actually got caught up on a lot of things.   Reviews are done and submitted and now they just have to be presented.  The bad thing was my serious overindulgence in donuts on Friday.  So not good.   But so good.   🙂

Saturday– my alarm went off early- too early.  I had plans to attend a nutrition and training seminar put on by the SLO Marathon.   The plan was to start the morning with a run.   It was raining.  Now, rain is so rare here, that I usually love running it.  What I did not take into account was just how wet I was going to be and how that would feel over the 2 hours of sitting.   I was so damn cold, I was shivering.  I also looked like a drowned rat.  Once the seminar let out, I found a pair of flip-flops in my car and a light sweatshirt I luckily had been too lazy to take out after tennis on Wednesday.  The flip-flops were so much better than wet socks and shoes and the sweatshirt helped after stripping off my outer layers.  My tank was still damp so I cranked the heat.   It felt so awesome but I think I turned my car into a sauna.  I picked my mom up for lunch after getting home and changing and she had troubles getting into my car it was so warm.  Ha!IMG_9132The seminar was good.  I think the rain kept quite a few people away which was a bummer.     I was nervous about the run because I’ve never run in a group outside of a race.  We set out for an easy 40 minutes, I ended up in the middle of the pack.   There was one person near me on the way out but on the way back I was by myself.    It was still nice knowing that other people were out there though.

The seminar briefly covered nutrition and training, Team in Training and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.   The nutrition information was basic but helpful as well.   It also emphasized how much I have been slacking on that lately.    Team in Training is always inspiring and I keep telling myself I should participate at least once but I admit that fundraising goal intimidates me.   I don’t think I had heard of Challenged Athletes Foundation before.   Talk about inspirational.    The woman giving the presentation would have been inspirational before her accident, what she’s accomplished after is just awesome.     All in all it was a good morning.

Sunday–  As I sit trying to finish this post, I am arguing with myself.  My original plan when I knew I had back to back race weekends was to take this week off prior to resuming training for SLO.  Then I received my fancy training plan and it said different. It calls for a 90 minute Thirds progression run today.   Up until now I hit all the planned workouts for the week.  But I am tired and achy and I have little desire to go out in the pouring rain and run.  The treadmill sounds even less exciting.     I really just want to take a rest day but I feel lazy thinking that.  I am just tired, have I said that already?  So, the argument continues.

How was your week/ weekend?

How do you solve your internal arguments?

Ever gone to a running seminar thing?  Or run for Team in Training?