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Livermore Ahead

Livermore is here!

Well, in 3 days more accurately.

Which is great as I have been looking forward to it since November.   Something about it just piqued my interest post Golden Gate Half and held on to it.    So when I got the chance to run it through Bibrave, I was stoked.

Now, the downside.  I’m still sick.😷  I haven’t run since last Thursday.    I called in sick on Monday.  From all the coughing I’ve been doing, I should have abs by now.   Abs, where are you? 😛

Also the weather is predicting rain.  Where is California weather?   Actually, it changes every time I check my weather app, maybe I should just stop looking?

So all plans I had have changed.     I am looking forward to a hopefully fun run.   I want to enjoy the scenery of a new place and take it all in.    My mother is going with me like usual and I’ve already told her this will not be a speedy one by any means.   This is going to be a taking time to enjoy the view kind of race.   Sometimes those are the best kind right?😀

Ever run with a cold?

Any anti coughing tips for an asthmatic with a deviated septum? 



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Week 52- Christmas

Is anyone else loving the Apple commercials with Frankenstein’s monster as much as I am?  Random, I know, but I can’t help but smile but when I watch them.

While last week seemed to be prolific in writing- I wrote 4 posts!- it was less so in running.  No lies, I did nothing that even remotely resembled exercise.  I meant to but it just never happened.   Oh well.    I made through a full week of work, that counts for something right? 😛

I caught up on everything I missed while I was gone from work for 2 weeks.  I don’t really know anything more than I did before in regards to the merger but I am choosing to remain as optimistic and open about it as I can.    I did some last minute Christmas shopping.   I tried to help my mom with some last minute Christmas shopping.  It kind of failed.   We tried, though right?

Friday, I kind of felt like my day turned into a bad country song.  It’s not even that the day was bad, it was just a rough start to the morning.  Then I was delivering chocolates and cards to a few of our customers and realized that my old boots really need to be retired.  That same puddle I parked in rewarded me with wet feet for the rest of the day.  Then the end of the work day turned classic.   You know those scenes in movies when cars drive by and drench the person and you think that doesn’t happen in real life?  It so does!  One lingering employee caught the action and we just stared at each other in disbelief.  Well, she was in her nice dry car laughing and I was in a new puddle by my car.😔

Christmas eve dawned and it was freaking cold!  I was hoping to get in a short run before Christmas Eve dinner and movie but instead I helped my brother do some very last minute Christmas shopping.    Family had a very low key Christmas, comfy clothes, yummy food and movies for the weekend.   This year’s viewing choices were Sully, Star Trek Beyond and a Netflix series called Travelers.  Just the way we like it.   It’s been a sad year family wise, so it was kind of an odd Christmas too but that happens sometimes too right?

How was your Christmas?  or weekend?

Did you run? 

Best gift?


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Castle to the Coast Recap

First race of the year is in the books!

Castle to Coast is an 8.2 mile road race that starts at WR Hearst State Beach and runs along the highway to Moonstone Beach. It’s a no frills race with scenic views.  It starts across from Hearst Castle.   Granted the Castle is way up on the hill but on a clear day you can see it.  I have wanted to run it for the past few years but they cap it around 300 runners each time and it always sold out before I registered.   This year, well last November, I literally registered at 2 minutes past midnight the day registration opened.   I was looking forward to finally running it but then slacker December happened followed by sick January.    Oh and let’s not forget the sudden blister issue.

As I laid out my clothes on Friday night I was feeling very “meh” about it all.  Between my blister issues and the fact that I have put on a few pounds, I knew my usual race outfit of knee high Pro Compression socks and a skirt was off the table.  With temps predicted in the high 50’s I figured a tank and capris would be fine.  Just in case, I added my arm warmers.   Race morning dawned way too early but with one last weather check, I was out the door.   I had already mentally moved this from a “race” to a very public long run.   8 miles with ocean views- piece of cake right?



Rain!!! That was not in the forecast.  I kept hoping it would clear up as we drove but no luck.   It was so foggy and overcast I started to wonder if I had driven past the starting point.   Then I saw a pack of Aggies warming up along the highway- we must be close.    Once parked I headed to the epically long bathroom line and my mom headed to check me in.  Benefits of small races right?  She was back with my shirt and wristband and I still hadn’t moved forward in the bathroom line.  😂  I struck up a conversation with the women behind me.  She is my new favorite person- she said I looked 24!   I also saw Ashley before the race start.  😃   I grabbed my rain jacket from my gym bag at the last minute, it wasn’t raining hard but it was enough to get you wet and cold.   The start line was about 1/4 up the road so we all headed that way.   This is very low key event- no bibs, no timing chips, just a starter pistol at the start.  I started towards the back of pack which might not be the best idea for a gun timed race but I was just aiming for a steady run.

Miles 1-4  9:54, 10:06, 10:03, 10:08

And we were off!  We ran past the cutest little general store right at the start.  It was so overcast that the castle was completely covered up.   We went up a side street and then we were on the highway.  I should mention that the roads were not closed so we were running along the highway.  In the rain.  With cars.   My hood fell back by mile .5 and I decided to just leave it down.  I was about a mile in when I noticed something odd with my right foot.  The Vaseline was doing its job but my toes felt weird.  My shoe was full of water!  I could literally scrunch my toes and it felt like I was wringing out a towel and not my sock.  My watch was covered by my jacket sleeve so I just tried to keep what felt like a steady pace.    I started to get hot so I unzipped my jacket.  Miles 2 and 3 felt rougher than I would have liked and are kind of a blur.  I just kept my eyes forward and kept putting one foot in front of the other.   I knew there was a water station at mile 4 so seeing that meant I was halfway there.  Woo hoo!


 Miles 4-8-  10:15, 10:09, 10:06, 9:56

By now I was super warm and there was a small hill in sight.  I knew I was going to slow down running up it so I used that mile to take off my jacket and tie it around my waist.  Which meant I could now see my watch and my pace.   I did my best to ignore it and just kept running.   Left foot then right, then curl my toes to try and move the water around.   A little past mile 6 we turned off the highway onto a side street and headed for the finish.  This street was longer than I thought and I started to worry that my mom might not have found the finish line.  I hadn’t really given her directions and while running I realized I had given her the wrong street name.  Oops!   I was tiring and just wanted to be done.  I was so happy to see the finish line.  First race done!

Finish-  8.28 miles- 1:23:11


 So yeah, that was about 7 minutes slower than my last 8 mile race.  But 8.2 mile races are an automatic PR right?   Official results aren’t posted yet but I think my Garmin is pretty accurate.    I started way back in the pack and it was gun timed.    This was not the race I would have liked to run but in reality it went exactly like I expected.  I know I am out of shape right now but haven’t done a whole lot to fix it.  I think the reality of this race will give me the kick in the ass I needed.    As far as long runs go, it was a great pace.  As for race pace?  Umm, not so much.  However I am pretty impressed with the consistency of my splits.  I don’t think I’ve ever run a steadier race.   I love how you can tell the hill was in mile 5.  😝   Something else that I am happy about?  I did not take a single walk break, I ran the entire damn thing.  I can’t even tell you the last time that happened.

The finish line area was a little disorganized.  There were giveaways but I’m not sure how it was working.  I met up with my mom and then later Ashley and we chatted a bit before heading out.  Not only had my mother found the park but she beat everyone else there.  She literally parked my car next to the finish line.   😝

The ocean view was pretty in a stormy, cloudy kind of way but I wish I could have run this race in the sun.  And not just because I was soaking wet.  I may consider running it again next year but not sure.  The cost is great-$30- but I am still on the fence.  We’ll see.

Ever run on an open highway?

Race in the rain? 


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A Slow Start to February

I feel like all I have been doing this week is playing catch up.  I’ve posted recaps of Surf City and January but barely anything else.   So I guess let’s keep with that theme and cover the week-

Monday–  If I hadn’t made the appointment before Surf City, I would have done it myself after that race.  If I had had a pair of scissors I would have chopped off my ponytail at mile 8.   Seriously.   And it wouldn’t have been the first time I cut my own hair.  Luckily I restrained and had the professionals do it the next day-IMG_9090Can’t take non running selfies apparently- it looks longer here.  It hits my chin.    I have zero post cut guilt- woo hoo!

Tuesday– the schedule called for either a rest day or an easy run after Sunday’s race.  Neither option sounded appealing, so I grabbed the puppy and took her for a puppy jog instead.IMG_9110Wednesday– This was the last day of my mini vacay so I decided to move Thursday’s speed work up.  I had no desire to run it on the treadmill and on Wednesday I could run it outside.  However I had a very tiny window of time.  Probably should have gotten out of bed sooner- nah.    Also not good was the fact that I had eaten lunch an hour before starting my run.  Lunch that was a tri-tip sandwich. imageOops.  But I did it.   At least in a tiny way- first intentional speed work in way too long.   Oh, and speed work without a heavy, swinging pony tail was awesome!   Then I headed off to the tennis courts to help my mom out at practice.  It was time to scare a new group.   #goodtimes  🙂IMG_9123

Thursday and Friday were back to work.  I actually got caught up on a lot of things.   Reviews are done and submitted and now they just have to be presented.  The bad thing was my serious overindulgence in donuts on Friday.  So not good.   But so good.   🙂

Saturday– my alarm went off early- too early.  I had plans to attend a nutrition and training seminar put on by the SLO Marathon.   The plan was to start the morning with a run.   It was raining.  Now, rain is so rare here, that I usually love running it.  What I did not take into account was just how wet I was going to be and how that would feel over the 2 hours of sitting.   I was so damn cold, I was shivering.  I also looked like a drowned rat.  Once the seminar let out, I found a pair of flip-flops in my car and a light sweatshirt I luckily had been too lazy to take out after tennis on Wednesday.  The flip-flops were so much better than wet socks and shoes and the sweatshirt helped after stripping off my outer layers.  My tank was still damp so I cranked the heat.   It felt so awesome but I think I turned my car into a sauna.  I picked my mom up for lunch after getting home and changing and she had troubles getting into my car it was so warm.  Ha!IMG_9132The seminar was good.  I think the rain kept quite a few people away which was a bummer.     I was nervous about the run because I’ve never run in a group outside of a race.  We set out for an easy 40 minutes, I ended up in the middle of the pack.   There was one person near me on the way out but on the way back I was by myself.    It was still nice knowing that other people were out there though.

The seminar briefly covered nutrition and training, Team in Training and the Challenged Athletes Foundation.   The nutrition information was basic but helpful as well.   It also emphasized how much I have been slacking on that lately.    Team in Training is always inspiring and I keep telling myself I should participate at least once but I admit that fundraising goal intimidates me.   I don’t think I had heard of Challenged Athletes Foundation before.   Talk about inspirational.    The woman giving the presentation would have been inspirational before her accident, what she’s accomplished after is just awesome.     All in all it was a good morning.

Sunday–  As I sit trying to finish this post, I am arguing with myself.  My original plan when I knew I had back to back race weekends was to take this week off prior to resuming training for SLO.  Then I received my fancy training plan and it said different. It calls for a 90 minute Thirds progression run today.   Up until now I hit all the planned workouts for the week.  But I am tired and achy and I have little desire to go out in the pouring rain and run.  The treadmill sounds even less exciting.     I really just want to take a rest day but I feel lazy thinking that.  I am just tired, have I said that already?  So, the argument continues.

How was your week/ weekend?

How do you solve your internal arguments?

Ever gone to a running seminar thing?  Or run for Team in Training?