Week 52- Christmas

Is anyone else loving the Apple commercials with Frankenstein’s monster as much as I am?  Random, I know, but I can’t help but smile but when I watch them.

While last week seemed to be prolific in writing- I wrote 4 posts!- it was less so in running.  No lies, I did nothing that even remotely resembled exercise.  I meant to but it just never happened.   Oh well.    I made through a full week of work, that counts for something right? 😛

I caught up on everything I missed while I was gone from work for 2 weeks.  I don’t really know anything more than I did before in regards to the merger but I am choosing to remain as optimistic and open about it as I can.    I did some last minute Christmas shopping.   I tried to help my mom with some last minute Christmas shopping.  It kind of failed.   We tried, though right?

Friday, I kind of felt like my day turned into a bad country song.  It’s not even that the day was bad, it was just a rough start to the morning.  Then I was delivering chocolates and cards to a few of our customers and realized that my old boots really need to be retired.  That same puddle I parked in rewarded me with wet feet for the rest of the day.  Then the end of the work day turned classic.   You know those scenes in movies when cars drive by and drench the person and you think that doesn’t happen in real life?  It so does!  One lingering employee caught the action and we just stared at each other in disbelief.  Well, she was in her nice dry car laughing and I was in a new puddle by my car.😔

Christmas eve dawned and it was freaking cold!  I was hoping to get in a short run before Christmas Eve dinner and movie but instead I helped my brother do some very last minute Christmas shopping.    Family had a very low key Christmas, comfy clothes, yummy food and movies for the weekend.   This year’s viewing choices were Sully, Star Trek Beyond and a Netflix series called Travelers.  Just the way we like it.   It’s been a sad year family wise, so it was kind of an odd Christmas too but that happens sometimes too right?

How was your Christmas?  or weekend?

Did you run? 

Best gift?


15 thoughts on “Week 52- Christmas

  1. 3 weeks ago while working out a car passed by and splashed water all over me, it was annoying but since it was pouring and I was socked already didn’t bother me much, still, I cursed all his family line.
    Christmas here was fine, took a break from working out and devoted my time to eat and drink eggnog.
    Have a happy 2017!


    1. I just stood there in my skirt in complete disbelief. I also cursed myself for wearing a skirt instead of pants but then it was also a little easier to dry off so maybe the skirt was a good thing.
      Yes, I ate a little too much over the last few days, time to get back running!
      Happy 2017!

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  2. Hadn’t seen that Apple commercial … sniff … touching 🙂

    Glad you had a good, low-key Christmas. Ours was wonderful – one of the best things was reading a conversation between my older son and friends with my son talk ing about how much he enjoyed Christmas. We have done more and more charity stuff over the years, so it is nice that he enjoyed it.

    I showed off my new running gear on social media and got some cool dress clothes for work as well … but the best thing we got was a cheap picture in a cheap frame from the boys – it was a shot they took of Lisa and I over Thanksgiving while decorating. They’d gotten it printed out and framed it … meant the world, and is one of those ‘thought means everything’ moments.


    1. Aww, I am glad to hear that he not only enjoyed but that he told his friends about it. I admit I used to volunteer more, I have been talking about it at work lately, I really miss some of things I used to be involved in through work. I’m trying to work out how to volunteer more in 2017.
      I love gifts like that- simple but heartfelt- those are best kind. They’re also the ones you keep. My parents recently got a box of mementos from my grandmother’s passing and the items were a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It was sad but comforting at the same time, if that makes sense.

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  3. My Christmas was pretty tame. We exchanged gifts and then ate a lot. Then, I ran it off. In fact, I’ll still probably be running it off until the new year. Ugh. Holiday weight. haha Have a great rest of 2016. 🙂


  4. Christmas was nice, but quiet.

    I did get a run in Christmas Eve and the day after!!

    I was gifted a new computer…here’s to keeping with the blogging, tweeting, IGing and FBing!!

    I hope you had a great Tuesday!!



  5. Ho ho ho…hope you had a great holiday. We watched Sully a few weeks back. I thought it was great.. No idea that much had gone on after he landed the plane, crazy. No running on Xmas, waited until Monday to run.


    1. It was really good. I was surprised by how much they tried to assess blame but then I guess I shouldn’t have been. I know a lot of people run on Christmas but I really like low key relaxed Christmas’s, hope yours was a good one!


  6. Merry belated Christmas! I’m sorry to hear you had a sad family Christmas… those aren’t easy. I hope there were some happy moments too *hug*

    I saw my roommate get splashed by a car just like you described, it was ridiculous! She was drenched.

    I’m a bit (read: a lot) behind with blog reading, and I’m going backwards so I’m a bit clueless, but I hope this merger stuff works out okay. And that next year is better than this one!


    1. It was just kind of an off Christmas if that makes sense. It was still a good one just kind of off.
      The puddle and the car was just the hilarious end to a crazy week back at work. I know I will never park in that spot when it rains ever again.
      Thank you! I’m keeping my fingers crossed too!


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