Livermore Ahead

Livermore is here!

Well, in 3 days more accurately.

Which is great as I have been looking forward to it since November.   Something about it just piqued my interest post Golden Gate Half and held on to it.    So when I got the chance to run it through Bibrave, I was stoked.

Now, the downside.  I’m still sick.😷  I haven’t run since last Thursday.    I called in sick on Monday.  From all the coughing I’ve been doing, I should have abs by now.   Abs, where are you? 😛

Also the weather is predicting rain.  Where is California weather?   Actually, it changes every time I check my weather app, maybe I should just stop looking?

So all plans I had have changed.     I am looking forward to a hopefully fun run.   I want to enjoy the scenery of a new place and take it all in.    My mother is going with me like usual and I’ve already told her this will not be a speedy one by any means.   This is going to be a taking time to enjoy the view kind of race.   Sometimes those are the best kind right?😀

Ever run with a cold?

Any anti coughing tips for an asthmatic with a deviated septum? 



10 thoughts on “Livermore Ahead

  1. I found that using my inhaler before my races helps. I’m not asthmatic, but I do have a lower breathing capacity. Lol I hope your cold goes away soon and have fun at your race!


  2. I’ve ran races with a cold, and even with a fever. For me, I just go in with much lowered expectations and try to have fun. Other than dropping out, it’s pretty much all you can do is try to have fun! Good luck!


  3. Aw, I really wish that I had a good tip for you but this might just be one of those “hate yourself while running, love yourself after” kind of races, hopefully not. Typically (after a good coughing/sneezing fit) I feel better after running while I have a cold. I wish you the best, keep your mind on the finish line and don’t forget to reward yourself afterwards, you’ve got this!


    1. I went for a test run hoping it would feel like that- that running would make things better. It didn’t make things worse but I didn’t feel better either. But 2 miles was also very different than 13. I just told myself slow and easy, no pace goals were going to be set and they didn’t need to be.

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      1. I’m sorry that it didn’t go as planned but I like your mindset. I’m sure that you’ll still end up enjoying the race, not every one needs to end with a PR… And that’s kind if what makes PRs so special.


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