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A New Year 10K

I love days off in the middle of week, even if they do confuse me a bit.   This feels more like a Sunday than a Hump-day Wednesday.  Which is not a horrible thing.  It means I only have 2 days of work before the weekend, not 5, woo hoo!   Can’t complain about that! And bonus, tomorrow there should be a crew of 5 at work, well hopefully.  Fingers crossed!

Last night was an extremely chill New Years Eve.  Like so chill that I forgot to watch the clock so the fireworks had to remind me of what time it was. After I jumped about a foot in the air, that is.  Then it was off to bed for me.   The plan was to sleep in but I woke up around 7:30 thinking I had a bladder infection (TMI?).  Not pleasant.  So I read some blogs while trying to doze of for the next 2 hours.  Getting up I still felt a little touch and go but chose to ignore it.  I headed out for lunch and some errands.   I hit up Target to stare at some more food labels.  It was funny how empty town was and it was after 12 by then.   How late did some people sleep?

I was out the door by 2 for an easy run.  I was aiming for around 5-6 miles. My first 3 miles were at a good pace even with my little walking warmup.  A little past 2 miles I hit the top of incline and usually head back down a block over.  This time I went right and continued up another little hill.   As I rounded the downhill on the other side coming on 3 miles, I saw my mom and Zoey down the street.  Or heard them, Zoey was not being a good walker today, haha.  I met up with them at the bottom of another hill.  They were headed up it, I really didn’t want another hill but I joined them.  I won’t lie, I walked that hill and was huffing and puffing all the way up.   This is one way Garmin is not great, I looked at my watch and saw that my pace was now 16+ minutes per mile, yikes!

Haha, can you see where the hills were?
Haha, can you see where the hills were?

Once at the top, I walked another .25 of a mile with them.  I tried to jog with Zoey to the end of the block but it only lasted about 20 yards before she decided to pay tug of war with the leash.  I think though that whenever she is finally trained she will be a fast running partner.  She’s less than 4 months old and she treats 4-5 mile walks like it’s a run around the yard.    I didn’t know an animal could have that much energy!  Downside is she seems to think I am a giant chew toy.   No matter what I say or do, she jumps all over me every time she sees me.  I have puppy teeth marks up and down my arm and holes in some of my clothes. 😦  She’s lucky she’s cute.

Hill in the background, Zoey chewing her leash in front :)
Hill in the background, Zoey chewing her leash in front 🙂

I left them there and ran on.  I added in one last uphill towards the end so I would hit 6 miles.  I finished my run at 6.31 miles.  Perhaps not as speedy as I would liked but pretty dang good for an easy run where I walked too.  So first day of the year, and the first 6 miles towards my 750 goal done!  Now if I can just keep it up.  🙂

I love this wall for stretching!
I love this wall for stretching!

I stretched out and then completed my first Nike Training workout.  I always wanted to try this out but my previous iPhone didn’t have enough memory.  When I upgraded to the 32gb in November I was finally able to download it.   I tried my first one today and I was glad no one was around to see.  I am seriously uncoordinated and just special when it comes to thing like that.  Seriously, I forgot how to skip!  Other than that, it felt like I did something and I liked that I could choose my own music.

I think my issue from this morning was a false alarm but I will keep an eye on it.   It couldn’t be a hydration issue because I usually drink too much water on a daily basis.   I though the doctor was crazy when he told me to drink less, but then another seconded that opinion.  Well, damn.  But I ok with nothing being wrong because I want to run this weekend!!!! Hmm, maybe tomorrow?

Hope everyone had an awesome New Years Day!

Come on now!

This may actually be my 15th attempt at trying to post this damn thing.  I tried numerous times last night and then again on my lunch today.  No luck.  WordPress and I have been having a tense conversation, mostly one sided, by me, with some very colorful language.

As Monday’s go, today was actually pretty good.  Got most everything squared away from last week’s mess, plus the computers were up and running.   I was sad to see just how dark it was tonight when leaving work.  No run tonight, busy getting ready for a long day tomorrow.  Driving to Upland with the tennis team. Wish me luck, I’ll need it.

Happy Monday!!!

And now for the original post-

This Saturday I did not have to work, so yay!   I had the intention to run some errands, go phone shopping with my mom, and get in a good run in the afternoon.

The errands were tedious, lunch was yummy, and the phone store was hilarious.   My mother had a droid which she loved and then hated with a passion.   She was ready for a new one and kept asking my opinion.  I have had an iPhone for years and knew nothing about droids, so I couldn’t really help her.   She claimed she hated iPhones but couldn’t tell me why.   So she did her research online and decided that she wanted the new Moto X (I think).  The phone store was slammed, I was very surprised by how freaking busy they were.   We talked to the representative there for a while before my mom said she would buy the Moto.  The salesperson replied that they did not have any and it would have to be ordered.  Uh oh.   The thing about my family is they have no patience.  When they want something they want it yesterday. My mother thought for about 45 seconds, looked at the sales rep and said “I’ll buy an iPhone.” I cracked up laughing.

So my mother was the brand new owner of an iPhone, I spent the afternoon helping her set it up and download all the apps she may use or need.    Then she and I went for a run/walk.  I have talked her into doing the Spooner’s Cove 5 mile with me.  Her first race!!!   She was tired so we walked together sometimes and sometimes I ran ahead and then doubled back.  I don’t know why, but I loved hills yesterday.  I saw an incline and thought I have to run that.  All in all it was a good 4.5 miles.   Also I took a few fall themed pictures-

Maybe fall will be here awhile?
Maybe fall will be here awhile?


The plan of attack for today was to hit the track for some speed work.  I was thinking a mile warmup, 3 miles of speed work, and a mile cool down.   However the headache that greeted me this morning derailed that.  I still headed to the track hoping that running would ease it back.  Mile 1- no such luck.  Mile 2- still ouch.  Finshing mile 3, I still felt like crap but figured I would complete 4 miles with trying some sprints for the last mile.   Apparently I should sprint with a headache more often, my last mile came in at 8:47.  And I was done.  I stretched out and headed home to some cleaning and laundry.

I also had the New York marathon on in the background while doing chores.   That was a crazy amount of people!!! And some very impressive running.  I don’t know if I want to run in a race that big or if it kind of scares me. 🙂


As for the November challenge, I chose to sign up for Pile on the Miles over at Run Eat Repeat.  I was torn between this one and The no excuses challenge at Running Bug.  I was also tempted by one I read about called No-Run-vember.  Got to admit that sounded tempting!  But I was good and chose to run instead.  🙂 So 2 3 days in and 8 miles in, I can do this!!!!

And now tomorrow is Monday and fingers crossed, the network and computers will be working again.  Also that it doesn’t take too long to fix the mess left after Friday.

I hope everyone who ran or raced had an awesome weekend!