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2015- The Shiny and the Dull

Alrighty then, since my last post covered most of the dull, it’s time for the shiny!

2015 saw- 14 races with quite a few shiny moments.

My first 25K– Mom ran it too!


I finally ran Surf City.   I watched as NikeC ran this race years ago and it inspired me to run my first half marathon in 2011.  It was nice coming full circle.

I'd dried off a bit by then :)

Wine Country saw one of the best half marathons I’ve run in a long time.  Fitting that Wine Country was also that first half marathon years ago.

Smiles at the end. :)
Smiles at the end. 🙂

Fastest mile–  Holy crap, somehow in a year of stomach issues and less than stellar training, I threw down a 7:48?!


New PR!!!  Similar sentiments to above 🙂   I ran a 27:10 at the Central Coast Challenge Cancer.  Say what?!


Part of a team- HOB Fun Run saw the biggest bunch of matching shirts.   🙂

Yeah, we stood out.
Yeah, we stood out.

Kara Goucher!  The beach!   Big Sur Half Marathon had one of the prettiest courses and I saw elites!  Ok, they looked like a blur as they zoomed past me but it was still awesome.  🙂    Oh and I actually paid for a race photo!


Race I was most proud of-

SLO Half marathon.  2:15:06   The one where I ate asphalt.

Half smile/ half grimace
Half smile/ half grimace

No where near the finish time I had hoped for but by the far the strongest race run both mentally and physically.  Combine the fall at mile 5 with the horrible GI issues from mile 7-finish and it was a rough race.    However I stayed focused and positive and I have no regrets about any part of how I ran this race.   I was also lucky enough to be a SLO Marathon ambassador for the second year in a row.  I do love this race.

Best Bling-

Oh this was a hard one.  I think it’s a 3 way tie- a surfboard, a barn and an otter.  Oh wait, 4- stained glass has to be included too!

What was your Shiny?

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!