2015- The Shiny and the Dull

Alrighty then, since my last post covered most of the dull, it’s time for the shiny!

2015 saw- 14 races with quite a few shiny moments.

My first 25K– Mom ran it too!


I finally ran Surf City.   I watched as NikeC ran this race years ago and it inspired me to run my first half marathon in 2011.  It was nice coming full circle.

I'd dried off a bit by then :)

Wine Country saw one of the best half marathons I’ve run in a long time.  Fitting that Wine Country was also that first half marathon years ago.

Smiles at the end. :)
Smiles at the end. 🙂

Fastest mile–  Holy crap, somehow in a year of stomach issues and less than stellar training, I threw down a 7:48?!


New PR!!!  Similar sentiments to above 🙂   I ran a 27:10 at the Central Coast Challenge Cancer.  Say what?!


Part of a team- HOB Fun Run saw the biggest bunch of matching shirts.   🙂

Yeah, we stood out.
Yeah, we stood out.

Kara Goucher!  The beach!   Big Sur Half Marathon had one of the prettiest courses and I saw elites!  Ok, they looked like a blur as they zoomed past me but it was still awesome.  🙂    Oh and I actually paid for a race photo!


Race I was most proud of-

SLO Half marathon.  2:15:06   The one where I ate asphalt.

Half smile/ half grimace
Half smile/ half grimace

No where near the finish time I had hoped for but by the far the strongest race run both mentally and physically.  Combine the fall at mile 5 with the horrible GI issues from mile 7-finish and it was a rough race.    However I stayed focused and positive and I have no regrets about any part of how I ran this race.   I was also lucky enough to be a SLO Marathon ambassador for the second year in a row.  I do love this race.

Best Bling-

Oh this was a hard one.  I think it’s a 3 way tie- a surfboard, a barn and an otter.  Oh wait, 4- stained glass has to be included too!

What was your Shiny?

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

13 thoughts on “2015- The Shiny and the Dull

  1. Which 25k was it? That’s amazing! I love all your bling; and your paces! For a year you said you were a slacker, I think you’re an achiever! Way to go! I love my City to Sea a medal also. And your surfboard one.


  2. Those medals are really nice. I think if my race medals were that nice, I wouldn’t hide them in my closet!


  3. Yay for shiny! These are definitely shinies. Especially that otter medal, I’m in love with that a little bit 🙂 I had a few shinies this year… doing better than expected in my first race of the year, and then beating that time the next week during a regular run… my knee behaving itself in time for me to run my favorite race… and definitely the Christmas race in LA, which went way better than expected. Here’s to lots of shinies in 2016! 🙂


  4. It is amazing how much you accomplished with everything else going on in your life! A true testament of putting one foot in front of the other and taking all that life sends your way! This year I hope to start adding bling…. I’m actually considering incorporating race/running goals into my plan!


    1. It’s easy to forget how much you have accomplished. It’s one of the reasons I like blogging. By writing posts like this I have the chance to remember more of the shiny moments that happened. I admit part of what I love about racing is the bling! Most of the races around here often don’t have medals so I love it when I do get one! 🙂

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      1. I found a web site “will run for bling” and I’m not kidding, I’m totally signing up for a virtual race just for some of their bling – they have adorable medals… I need to see which race benefits which charity I prefer to support 🙂


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