Run!, Slacker


Is Sunday already over?  Boo.   Weekends need to be 3 days long, they really do. EDIT- read this as if I posted Sunday evening- I was having internet issues- and then WordPress erased half of it- grrrr.

I finished the week out with a short 4 mile run on Sunday afternoon.     I think I am finally ready for this lackadaisical approach to training to go away.   Getting ready for City to the Sea starts tomorrow.  I will probably stick to the 3x a week plan until mid July.    By then we should be fully staffed and my hours can get a little shorter.   Fingers crossed.  But going forward I plan to have my runs be something of substance rather than just phoning it in.  Speaking of substance, I had hoped that Sunday’s run would be between 6-8 miles but I held off too long.   I headed out late afternoon when it was close to 90.  Oops.  I also didn’t have enough time as I had Sunday dinner to get to.    Another reason I have been trying to rearrange my long run days.    The run was warm but not too bad.   I walked the first 10 minutes though, it took awhile to get my head and legs into it. 😬. After that I averaged a 10:30 pace which for the temp and it only being my second run in that warmth, I say is pretty good.     Heat and slow pace aside, this run felt good.  I was dripping in sweat by the end but smiling.    It was the first run in a month where I was just happy to be running.   Yay!   And these might have helped too-   I decided to buy another pair of 17’s.   I know they are being phased out but I figured it made more sense than running in shoes that made my feet cranky.   Yes, I still felt the odd little niggles but overall they felt like slippers on my feet. 😃 Truthfully, I didn’t even try them on the store, I just told them my size and paid.   The Warehouse did let me know that they have about 100 in my size so I might be able to get another pair in a few months.   If only I had unlimited funds and a place to store them, I would seriously stock up right now!!   Orange wasn’t my first choice but it grew on me.     I think I was obnoxiously bright when I ran today-  In non running news- Friday was a sad day at work.  My fish died!!   I always greet him in the morning and my greeting turned into a shriek!   I was sad and didn’t know what to do.  😢    Customers asked where he was throughout the day and we had to tell them the sad news.   He had been a little under the weather for awhile but I was hoping he would pull through.

Saturday saw a family tradition when we went to see Jurassic World.   I really liked it, my brother was meh about it.    My mother liked it even though she made fun of parts of it too.   This also meant I decimated a movie popcorn but I was ok with that.  I also realized that I can no longer tolerate candy.   I was on such a sugar high, I felt ill.  Score one for Atkins.  I also had a similar revelation to pizza last week, boo.

I am finally eager to get back to training.   I really would like to break 2:00 in a half this year.  In order to do that, I have to put the work in first.    This also means that I am reconsidering my July race.  I keep going back and forth about what to do.  But that’s for another post.   I may need your help.  🙂  I also misplaced my training so I am trying an app this time.

How was your weekend?

What are you training for?  Do you train during the summer or just run?

Ever had a fish?  How do you take care of them?!