Is Sunday already over?  Boo.   Weekends need to be 3 days long, they really do. EDIT- read this as if I posted Sunday evening- I was having internet issues- and then WordPress erased half of it- grrrr.

I finished the week out with a short 4 mile run on Sunday afternoon.     I think I am finally ready for this lackadaisical approach to training to go away.   Getting ready for City to the Sea starts tomorrow.  I will probably stick to the 3x a week plan until mid July.    By then we should be fully staffed and my hours can get a little shorter.   Fingers crossed.  But going forward I plan to have my runs be something of substance rather than just phoning it in.  Speaking of substance, I had hoped that Sunday’s run would be between 6-8 miles but I held off too long.   I headed out late afternoon when it was close to 90.  Oops.  I also didn’t have enough time as I had Sunday dinner to get to.    Another reason I have been trying to rearrange my long run days.    The run was warm but not too bad.   I walked the first 10 minutes though, it took awhile to get my head and legs into it. 😬. After that I averaged a 10:30 pace which for the temp and it only being my second run in that warmth, I say is pretty good.     Heat and slow pace aside, this run felt good.  I was dripping in sweat by the end but smiling.    It was the first run in a month where I was just happy to be running.   Yay!   And these might have helped too-   I decided to buy another pair of 17’s.   I know they are being phased out but I figured it made more sense than running in shoes that made my feet cranky.   Yes, I still felt the odd little niggles but overall they felt like slippers on my feet. 😃 Truthfully, I didn’t even try them on the store, I just told them my size and paid.   The Warehouse did let me know that they have about 100 in my size so I might be able to get another pair in a few months.   If only I had unlimited funds and a place to store them, I would seriously stock up right now!!   Orange wasn’t my first choice but it grew on me.     I think I was obnoxiously bright when I ran today-  In non running news- Friday was a sad day at work.  My fish died!!   I always greet him in the morning and my greeting turned into a shriek!   I was sad and didn’t know what to do.  😢    Customers asked where he was throughout the day and we had to tell them the sad news.   He had been a little under the weather for awhile but I was hoping he would pull through.

Saturday saw a family tradition when we went to see Jurassic World.   I really liked it, my brother was meh about it.    My mother liked it even though she made fun of parts of it too.   This also meant I decimated a movie popcorn but I was ok with that.  I also realized that I can no longer tolerate candy.   I was on such a sugar high, I felt ill.  Score one for Atkins.  I also had a similar revelation to pizza last week, boo.

I am finally eager to get back to training.   I really would like to break 2:00 in a half this year.  In order to do that, I have to put the work in first.    This also means that I am reconsidering my July race.  I keep going back and forth about what to do.  But that’s for another post.   I may need your help.  🙂  I also misplaced my training so I am trying an app this time.

How was your weekend?

What are you training for?  Do you train during the summer or just run?

Ever had a fish?  How do you take care of them?!

23 Comments on “Finally

  1. Awww, so sorry about your fish 😦 I also have a family tradition of seeing the Jurassic movies, and my whole family went on Friday! It was so fun because this time, I brought my husband and my brother brought his girlfriend, and my parents came. 22 years ago we saw Jurassic Park in the movies and we were both in elementary school or something. It was fun to all go out and do something together. I liked it! My husband was like your brother – meh. So fun that you guys did the same thing!


    • I remember seeing the first one in the theaters years ago and jumping out of my seat. I am glad we were able to all go to this too. It was a matinee just like old times too. 🙂 It also turned out to be a great way to escape the heat. 🙂 Hmmm, maybe it was just the guys who were less than impressed? My brother was the only guy in our party so I can’t confirm that. 🙂

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  2. Gorge shoes! Nothing like new shoes to motivate me to run! My weekend was perfect mix of activity and relaxing, and I was totally not ready to head back to work yesterday 😦 I am currently just running for fun, but will start training for NYC in two weeks. I love the feeling of being excited to train! I definitely think a big part of it is taking a step back in the weeks/months leading up to the start of my training cycle. Really gets me excited to run hard again!


    • New shoes are an awesome motivator, plus 2 runs in and they still feel good! I never feel ready to come back to work after the weekend and I never have an awesome one like you did! Sometimes I like just running for fun and sometimes I feel lost having nothing to train for. NYC is so exciting- good luck with your training!

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  3. Loved Jurassic World! It was over the top, it was action packed, it paid massive homage to the first one, and it was EPIC! I actually took my boy best friend Friday while Mr. T was at cheer camp, and he wasn’t too happy about that, and so we went and saw it together yesterday! 🙂


  4. Aw, I’m so sorry to hear about your fish! We have a goldfish named Thor. We’ve had him for almost 4 years and he’s HUGE! Honestly, we take pretty poor care of him, but he’s a survivor.


    • Thank you. I keep hearing that goldfish live really long. Ours was a betta and we only had him for a year and a half. I tried my best to take care of him but this was the first time I have been responsible for a fish. He was an interesting fish and I miss seeing him flip rocks during the day. 😦


      • Fish are tricky. I feel like some are just sickly to begin with. Or they’re really old before you get them at the store.


  5. Yay for a happy run that feels good! 😀 Those shoes are fabulous too, I love the color. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have unlimited running shoe funds?? I’d rotate like a pro. I’m sorry to hear about your fish 😦 I never had one, only fish-sat once or twice.


    • Oh, I so wish I had unlimited funds- for shoes and races! I try rotating but apparently when I bought my Sayonara’s I was up in weight and now they are too big! I’ve turned them into around the town shoes. I think I am going to take a break from fish for a while, too much stress.

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  6. I used to have lots of goldfish that lasted for a long day. They were awesome, but we also had a sucker fish who was the best. Nice new shoes!


    • I’ve heard that goldfish are really hardy. This was a betta and he had his issues and quirks along the way. The bowl couldn’t have too much water or he would act drunk and swim/ float sideways. It took work before we found the level he liked best- then he was feisty. 🙂

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  7. Currently training for fun, although I’d like to do some races. Just hesitant to commit. I had a little goldfish in high school i named Lucky. He survived out of 30 others and lived forever basically. I ended up giving him to a neighbor when I moved. Sorry about your loss 😦


    • Fun is good! Everything I hear makes it sounds like goldfish leave for a very long time. I’ve had less luck with betta fish. This was the first one I was responsible for, he made it a year and a half. 😦


  8. Woohoo! Good luck on your training! I’m currently in the beginning stages of Chicago Marathon training. Really sorry about your fish 😦
    You’ll totally break 2:00!!


  9. Nice new shoes.!! the color is BRIGHT. I don’t think I could pull it off, but you look like you’re rocking them 🙂
    I had a fish once too.!! his name was Neptune. and I was so sad when he died ; / you guys should get a new one.!


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