Call it Craos

Tomorrow is Friday!!!!  Woo hoo!!!

Lately, I have been so tired and stressed, I have troubles putting words together.   Or maybe it’s the blonde coming through, I don’t know.  But I have made my co-workers laugh so then it’s ok right?   The first moment was few weeks ago when I was trying say one of their names.  Instead I stumbled over all 3 of them and somehow combined them all into “Renini”.   3 names into 1 just makes things easier right?  Then since we have been borrowing people from other locations while we work on hiring, we have had people who are surprised by how quickly we can go from calm to crazy busy.   I was trying to say welcome to the crazy but accidentally combined it with chaos.  So craos.  Hmm, that one kind of works- change approved.  🙂  But today was the real winner.   I noticed that 2 of my coworkers were wearing similar skirts and looked nice.  I said I felt left out since I missed the skirt memo as the 3 of them were wearing skirts and I was wearing pants.  They all just stared at me for a moment or two.  Not only was employee 3 wearing pants but I was wearing a dress!    Wow.

I have lost my mind ...Thanks Pinterest.

After Sunday’s race, I was pumped to run this week.   I packed my gym bag every night and took it to work.   Monday went off track though.  Not only did Monday show more crazy CA weather, I hurt myself.   Home town hit 105 and work town only made it to 59.   That’s a 46º difference.  Now work may be 45 minutes away by car but it’s actually less than 30 miles.  What the frak?!    Ugh, I wasn’t sure where to run.    IMG_0716I’ve been feeling some odd left foot pain since I tried the Inspires.  It hasn’t gone away with the new Riders.  It doesn’t happen all the time but I have been trying to figure it out.   I wasn’t sure if the new shoes started/ contributed to it or not.  I had also picked up some store-bought insoles for the boots I wear most frequently, so maybe that was part of it.    Monday I had the bright idea to take the left one out…but not the right one.   Maybe that aggravated what happened later or it was when I lifted a heavy bag I shouldn’t have been lifting.   But by the end of the day, I felt like my neck and shoulders were tingling and there was a band of pressure on the back of my head at the top of my spine.   I felt off, not quite dizzy but not normal.   It was odd.  Between that and the heat, I decided to rest instead.    Which worked out since my mother needed a ride from tennis practice as her car died on Sunday.  😦IMG_0736Tuesday turned into another rest day as I woke up feeling like I had pinched or pulled something in my neck.   Grrr.  Wednesday it felt a little better so I was hoping for a short easy run.   Cue the crazy weather again.   Work town was sunny but with high humidity.  Then we find out that home town is under a thunder/ lightning storm warning and there was hail.    Then the emergency broadcast system broke in and said that people in my home town should take cover.  What?!    It cleared up by the time I was off so I headed to run town hoping that the storm hadn’t moved south.  The temp was nice in the low 70’s but the humidity level matched.   Ugh.  The air felt stale and stagnant.    Kind of like the way the little remaining lake water looks.    I struggled through 3.5 miles but was just glad to be out running.  IMG_0748Today I took next week’s half day.    I had been looking forward to running early but was feeling rough.  I indulged in pizza last night for the first time in 3 weeks and my system was not happy with that many carbs.   I decided to head home to rest a bit first.  Arrived home to 94º.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the warmth, I just haven’t adjusted yet.  I decided to read some blogs as inspiration to get out the door, I fell asleep instead.  Once I woke up, the last thing I wanted to do was run, but it’s become too easy to bail so I forced myself out the door.   I knew it was going to be a slow, warm slog and I was ok with that.   A little over 4 miles later and I was done.  It was slow, it was rough but I was glad I had done it.  🙂

And now it sounds like the Army base up the road is playing war games and the house is shaking, so bring on more craos!!    Also, I do realize that I have been freakishly tired lately and will be making a doctor’s appointment to see about that.   But tomorrow is Friday, so woo hoo!   I am picking up bagels on the way to thank everyone for their hard work, hopefully I don’t eat too many…that would be bad.

What do you think? Does Craos need an “h”?

How was your week?  What’s your weather like?

Have any weekend plans?

17 thoughts on “Call it Craos

  1. Holy crap. 105 degrees already?! We get in the 100s here, but usually not until July/August! It’s pretty humid here right now, but it hasn’t been SUPER hot like that yet! Nice job this week!


    1. Last week was all over the place! It makes it hard to adjust. They are predicting a very warm summer so I think I need adjust my plan – pace wise. Luckily humidity is not the norm so hopefully that eases up soon. Fingers crossed. 🙂


  2. Haha, Craos! I think it’s perfect the way it is, no need for an “h.” I’ve also been freakishly tired lately. I think it’s a combination of factors, but it’s also meant that I’ve only run once this week. Booo. I’m hoping to get caught up on sleep this weekend and get back on track next week before we leave for Prague.


  3. I think Craos is PERFECT just the way it is! Haha. And a great word that I will now be incorporating into my daily vocabulary. Weather was so sticky hot and humid… but I can’t believe that weather swing!! I’m heading into NYC to go to my best friends birthday brunch!


  4. glad you’re getting checked out – sorry you’ve lost your mind – I am breaking in new Skechers for my runs, they aren’t bad… so I moved my current run shoes to my cardio ones… and today they sucked!! LOL, I may have to retire those and pull out my really old cardio ones! 🙂 Happy Friday!


  5. I lose my mind often enough to assure you, you will find it again:) plans are for summer kickball to start tonight if the weather holds out. It’s been raining, flash flooding and tornadoing around here lately…


  6. Craos – I love it! I may have to borrow that word sometimes 😉 And a 46-degree difference in temperature is just cuckoo bananas.


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