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Testing the Waters

After a great hike on Saturday, I was ready for a long run.  Or I was cautiously optimistic for one.  My training plan called for 12-14 miles but I knew that was highly unlikely.   I was eager but also lazy.  🙂   I was aiming for 8-10.  This was my test run.  If I felt good throughout the run and after I was registering for Wine Country.  Which is now 4 days away.

As much as I love daylight savings time and was looking forward to it, there was no way that I was running in the morning.   I was looking forward to sleeping in.  Besides my favorite time to run is the afternoon, so why change?  Ha!   I set out around 2:30 for my run.    What I forgot to take into account was the unseasonably warm weather we have been having.  High 70’s- low 80’s when I set out.    This actually sounds like my perfect running weather, and it is, when I am used to it.    I’m just not there yet.  🙂IMG_9458I kept it slow and easy and felt pretty good.     Because I am a sucker for punishment, I did my usual hill repeats.   Why am I not better at hills?  Actually I know that part of my problem is the downhills.  I tend to slow down when running down a street.  Which is odd because I practically throw myself down trails where there is more chance to hurt myself.   🙂  That’s a little backwards.   I need to work on keeping my pace more consistent on downhills.  FullSizeRender (4)It was warm so I was actually managing to keep my pace just under 11:00 for once.  I have a route that if I loop twice is 10 miles but then I would have to run past my driveway halfway through.  I always end up doing little loops instead and end up shorting myself mileage.  Which drives me crazy because in theory I am covering the same ground just in a different way.  Ugh.   I had just completed mile 8 and was trying to figure out where I went wrong again when my phone went off.  Texts from my brother and mother, they wanted to do family dinner…soon.  I was still a mile from home plus I needed to try and make myself look (and smell) presentable and that was only if I gave up on 10 miles.  I’d kept walking while trying to figure out the plans so that added to getting back home brought me to 9.25 miles for the day.   Not what I was aiming for but pretty good.   Once cleaned up, I proceeded to eat way too many chips and salsa at dinner with my family.  Oops!

It was hot but I got to test put my new skirt!!  Too bad I suck at selfies, haha!
It was hot but I got to test put my new skirt!! Too bad I suck at selfies, haha!

I felt pretty good after my run.  I was achy but not in any unusual ways.  Sitting through dinner in a small booth so soon after running didn’t make it any worse.   I had stretched briefly before leaving for dinner so I made sure to stretch really well later as well.   I rolled a bit but not too much, I’ve learned my muscles get real cranky if I try to push it with the roller.   Also is it any wonder I ache some when the roads I run look this-

And this is a hill
And this is a hill

Do you slow down or speed up when running downhills?

What do your roads look like?

What’s your weakness- chips and salsa or a breadbasket?

The trouble with pants

Can I just say that pants and I have a love-hate relationship?  I am presently on the hate side.  And running capris?  Well, they are the devil.

A few weeks ago, I committed a big race no-no while running the Spooner’s Cover 5 mile race.  I wore something I had never ever run in.  On a race day.  I ran in a skirt, I didn’t even own one, I had to borrow it from my mother.  (She has a ridiculous amount of running/ tennis clothes.)  I had never really been interested in running in a skirt before.  I know that tons of people do and I have seen some super cute ones, but in my mind, skirts were for tennis and shorts were for running.  But I just could not stomach wearing capris so I figured I would try a skirt.  Actually, it was pretty comfortable, I may buy myself one.


But off point, the last month or so of posts, I have mentioned some stomach discomfort.     I figured I would share a bit.  I have a thing, I hate words like disorder or syndrome or condition. Anyways, that thing is gastroparesis.  Or at least that’s what the doc is going with now.

I have had problems for years and went to multiple doctors and nutritionists and had numerous tests done, yet very little help.   No allergies to speak of and then last year, they finally came back with gastroparesis.  What that means is that my stomach doesn’t like to digest food, and it does so extremely slowly.  See, even my stomach is a Slacker.  🙂  So that can cause some discomfort and irritation and make running uncomfortable.  It also can cause some blood sugar drops which lead to lovely dizzy spells.     Woo hoo!

Back to the pants, there are times that pants just suck.  In fact I own plenty of dresses for that exact reason.  Ok, well some are just really cute ( and great for lazy days 🙂 )   I even have one that all my coworkers know I wear when I just refuse to wear pants.    Running capris are the worst.  Why are they so damn high-waisted?  I have tried so many brands and types but all the same.  I have tried rolling the waist band down too, no such luck.   I love my Nike shorts because they sit low enough.  Sometimes, it’s uncomfortable just crossing my arms, which sucks because I always cross my arms.

So, verdict is that I should be a grazer, and have to moderate my carb intake among some things that I shouldn’t eat.   Despite the food pictures I have posted on this blog, I really do monitor my carbs, but those pictures would be boring.  I have literally had the same thing for lunch and breakfast, with slight variations, for the last 11 months.  Yawn.

Anyways moving on, I have had a better year than previously but November has not been my month.  Hence the whining on my posts and the very uncomfortable last 2 miles of my last race.     But I see my doc next week, so I will be sure to whine to him, but this may wander back into the blog at some point, just giving you a heads up.

Source- Pinterest
Source- Pinterest

I have debated posting anything about this, but I figured why not?  It can’t hurt and maybe something good will come out of it.  Maybe someone out there has similar issues, who knows.   Otherwise, my next post should have some actual running in it :).

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Any crazy AM shoppers out there?