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January Recap

How is it 4 days into February already?!  I am not ready for that!

Backtracking to January- well it started great and then derailed.  I rang in the New Year and new month with a great 10 mile run.  I was ready to get to my training and get started on that 1000 mile goal for 2015.   I was doing great up until January 8.  Then the sickness hit.  I took 11 days off.  11?!  That hurt both my training and my miles.  According to Smash Run, I ran 10 days in January- 10. That’s 21 days off.  Ouch.  So with that in mind, I suppose the below number is actually a good thing-  🙂

January15So 68 miles?  Not too bad.  January included one race- Spooner’s Cove 25K.   My farthest race/ run to date and the most time I’ve spent on my feet outside of working at Taco Bell.    Just kidding.     However, with the way that my runs were so spaced out, I am not sure how well they added to base building.

As for some of my other goals?  Well, socializing didn’t happen because well, who wants to hang when you are contagious?  And I finished one book.   One of the 4 I started.   I did read your blogs and some fanfic online but that last bit doesn’t count.    January did have some shiny though- sorry- still excited.IMG_8778So now on to February.  The original plan was to run easy/ rest this first week of February and then get to work on speed.    My spring goal race is SLO and it is 11 weeks out now.   I admit I am nervous about breaking 2.  Part of me doesn’t think I can and the other part thinks I need to get out of my own way.   Luckily my training plan has me easing back into things the next two weeks so that’s a little comforting.   Oh and for added incentive- I received this shiny news in my email this morning-2015 MEDAL

Runners take their finisher medals seriously because it is a tangible badge-of-honor and proof of their accomplishment. The 2015 finisher medal with the barn and windmill highlights our local rural heritage, and like competing a marathon or half-marathon, it represents hard work and tradition,” said Heather Hellman, Event Director. “Our medals are unique and we change it every year, so they become very collectible. On race day, we look forward to placing our 2015 medals around the necks of all our proud finishers so they can take a little piece of San Luis Obispo home with them.” Register here:

That was just the kick in the pants I needed!  Plus I’ve kind of always loved old barns, so I think it’s kind of awesome!    The email helped get me out the door today for the baby speed work that was on my training plan.  Woo hoo!  Let’s see if I can keep this motivation going!

And on the socializing front, my friend talked me into I signed up for a craft swap online.  What the hell was I thinking?  Oh yeah, I heard Harry Potter and signed up.  However I have the crafting skill of Longbottom (nerd moment!!) so I feel sorry for my partner.  Fingers crossed!

How has your February started?

Are you crafty?  Help!!

What’s your shiny/ dull for the week so far?