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Since I have come to the conclusion that I have troubles with taking it easy, I headed to the gym on Wednesday evening.    I need to work on controlling my pace better when running outside but for the purposes of this run I relied on the treadmill.  That is one good thing about the bore-mill’s,  I made sure to never go above a 6.2 the whole time and spent a few minutes warming up as well.    4.5 miles in 45 minutes.   It should have been 5 miles but I just wasn’t feeling it.   Which is kind of funny because by the time I did my cool down I was at 5 anyways.  What I don’t understand is why treadmills feel so hard?  The belt is doing some of the moving for you but it just seems 5x harder.   I know that a lot of people share this opinion but I really wonder why?

I wore the Adrenaline‘s yesterday and they felt pretty good.  Tonight’s run was in the Wave Riders.   They felt great however the run did not.    The weather was gorgeous if windy and I was excited all day to get a solid 4 miles.    Plus I was looking forward to trying out my new toy-

It's a Flip Belt!!!!!!
It’s a Flip Belt!!!!!!

Amazing shipping, I ordered it late Sunday night and it arrived yesterday.    I have been eying it for a few months and finally decided to just buy it.   It is heavier than I thought it would be but I was hoping that wouldn’t be noticeable on.   And for the most part it wasn’t.  My phone fit in it with the case on perfectly.  It was also easy to get it in and out to take pictures.    It was a little awkward with my pepper spray so I just kept that in my hand while running.  Which is fine for shorter runs but that will be trickier when I carry water.    I will be testing that this weekend on my long run, a long, slow run.  (No race for me this weekend.)    I am not forming an opinion on the belt just yet.   🙂

soprettyTonight’s run was rough.  Just rough.   I decided to run the route from work, hoping for a good 4 miles.    It started off downhill like always but into a stiff headwind.  Ugh.  I felt like I was running through a swamp.   I was hoping it would get better when I rounded the corner– no such luck.   Less wind but still swampy.   It never really seemed to click.  I turned around at the 1.5 mile mark and headed back.  My goal was to take it easy this week anyways, right?

That's actually pretty good
That’s actually pretty good

Once I made it back to my car, I checked my Garmin and noticed that my pace actually was pretty good.   I guess I just wasn’t feeling this run.  It made last night’s treadmill run seem good.  🙂  Maybe I should have only planned on running 3 days this week and not 4 after last weeks rest and recovery time.   My legs felt so heavy; nothing hurt which is great, it was just funky.    My long run this weekend will be between 8-10 miles and I am planning on crawling… Really.  I am shooting for distance over pace this weekend.   I will rest tomorrow and one of the weekend days.  Who am I kidding, Friday is always a rest day – 🙂

sunset centerToday’s run may have been rough, but at least I was out there.  Plus the view was awesome, so no complaints there.   Now, I am ready for Friday!

Who else is ready for Friday?

Who is racing this weekend? LA?

Anyone else counting the hours until Daylight Savings Time???

6 thoughts on “A Pretty Slog

  1. The hours are DEFINITELY being counted until Daylight Savings Time. No doubt! Sorry to hear about your tough runs – hopefully your long run goes swimmingly. I’d love to hear what you think about the belt once you’ve used it some more. I’m thinking I’ll probably get one in the near future so anything I hear about them will be good. I like getting personal reviews, not the ones they post on the product’s own website that are always rave reviews.

    I have a St. Pat’s 5K tomorrow morning. It was my first ever race last year, which I had to walk due to recovery, so that means an instant PR this year since I’ll running! LOL


    1. Good luck at your race!!! I love when races have that kind of nostalgia.

      Yeah I debated buying it for the longest time and I wanted a colorful one but I figured the charcoal would match more of the gear I already have. I like the idea that the Flip Belt is washable, too. Fingers crossed it works well this weekend.


    1. Exactly! One of my goals this year was to work on speed and now I have troubles with the runs that should be easy. They kind of feel like moving backwards even though rationally I know that’s not true.


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