Well, that was a hot one

Happy Daylight Savings Time!!!  You know, I hated this day before I was a runner.  Not I count down the days until it comes.  🙂

Not only was Friday a rest day but it was just one of those days.   It started with a 4:30 AM text and went on from there.  It left me feeling harried all day and that can sometimes make me crave crappy food.  And I indulged.  A few too many of these ↓ followed by pizza for dinner.


I had planned my long run for Saturday morning, I had been thinking 9-11ish.  I was giving myself 2 hours to run 10 miles; I knew I wouldn’t use the full 2 hours but I wanted to make sure that I took it easy.  Well, 9 turned into 9:40.  I have been trying to train myself to sleep differently and it’s not going so well.  🙂   I finally headed out the door after making the last minute decision to lose the long sleeves.

The first 3 miles were solid even if my body was telling me that it did not appreciate the pizza for dinner the night before.  It was warmer than I had expected so I was glad I was running in a tank and shorts.   I planned my route the night before but as I passed the cemetery the first time I saw that they were setting up for a service.  I try not to run by when they are having a service, sometimes I can’t avoid it, so then I slow down to a crawl and try to be super quiet.  Today though, I could see it so I knew I had to change my route.    I had planned on doing a hill loop twice so instead I added a third.    By the third pass I was getting tired, it was getting hotter and I was only at 6.5 miles.   One of my former co-workers lives on that street and the first 2 times I ran down, her husband was outside.  I thought about saying hi but figured he would have no idea who I was.  Third time back down, she was outside too.  Yay for a break!!!  I stopped and we chatted a bit.  It was a good little rest.thelongrun

After saying our goodbyes, I headed off to finish my run.  Of course, stupid pride makes you run faster when you think someone you know is watching, haha!!!     I was also still trying to figure out the route in my head so I threw in another half of the same hill loop; 3/4 of the way up, there is another option for coming back down.    I then headed back towards home.  It was hot and it was getting rough.  By mile 9 I was done.   I ran out of Gatorade at that point as well.  I have never run out water or Gatorade before.   I dragged myself through mile 10 and shut off my Garmin.  I was still half a mile from my house and was trying to remember if the grocery store 2 blocks away had a water fountain.

3-8-14The weather had started in the low 60’s but by the end of my run it was almost 80.    I have run in much hotter temps  before but for some reason, I was not prepared for yesterday.  It kicked my butt.  It also burned through my sunblock, my back is a lovely shade of red.  I made it home and went straight for the water.  Then a little chocolate milk and 2 bottles of Nuun.

recoveryI then managed to clean my car, finally.  My mother had a tennis match yesterday and she wanted to show her team the puppy.  So I picked up the puppy and took her for a ride.  She was a little confused at first, but overall very well behaved.   She wasn’t prepared for stop signs though, and tumbled off the seat at the first one- oops!!!

Puppy Ride!
Puppy Ride!

I rounded out the day by doing the usual errands and topped it all off by watching Catching Fire, again.    Today was mostly chill, I took the puppy for another puppy jog- 3 miles in 56 minutes.  She was a little slower today but much better behaved.  She only barked at one car.  🙂

I am excited for the daylight time to run this week after work.  It’s also inspection time at work, so I may have the need to run off some stress.  🙂   And my first half of the year is just two weeks from today!

How were your weekends?

Ever had a run turn out to be way warmer than planned?

8 thoughts on “Well, that was a hot one

    1. Lays probably would have been a better choice! At least they’re GF. I bought the small bag of these but the calorie count is freaky high!
      She has gotten big, my mother is hoping she’s stopped growing but I am doubtful. 🙂


  1. I really dislike daylight savings time, it always screws me up. I will enjoy the longer daylight though.
    Last year I trained for the Disney Marathon in the Dallas winter – which was actually kind of cold. Come race day in FL it was in the 80’s with 90% humidity. It did not go well. haha!


    1. I always change my clocks the night before around 9 or 10, so I never notice it much, but I do love the fall time change too.

      I thought I was pretty used to the heat here, but I guess running more in my work town has made me more susceptible. Luckily we don’t often have humidity here, I don’t think I could tolerate that!


  2. I’m so happy for the time change too! I love having an extra hour of light in the evening! I’ve lost some sleep, but I’m sure it won’t take long to catch up. Oh and I loved Catching Fire 😉


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