Lies and squats

It’s Thursday!!!!!  (By the time I post this it will be)  🙂

In keeping with the “get some rest’ theme, when work ran a little late on Monday, I kept my running gear in the bag and just headed home.   Sorry Garmin.     On Tuesday, 4 days off were making this Slacker feel a little lazy and a little puffy  😦    I went to the lake path for 3 easy miles.     This runner lies.  I either tell myself I am going to do an easy 3 and then do more or I tell myself that I am going to run and then don’t.    This night, my easy 3 turned into 4.5 miles followed by a cool down walk.   I did keep the pace relatively easy and took a walking break or 2.    I felt a little sluggish but that’s too be expected after 4 days off.   Plus I am still trying to work out the inhaler.  I am supposed to use it before running but I noticed it takes an hour before I notice anything even slightly different.    I need to remember to use it about a 1/2 hour before I leave work.   It felt good just be running, though. 415

Oddly my left ankle felt a little cranky during the run.  Which is leading me to think I forgot how to squat.  I used to do squats every single day but when I was having left leg issues back in February I took a break.     This past week, I was having an attack of vanity and noticed that my butt isn’t where it used to be (such a girl thing) so I started the daily squats again.  Aaaannnd, my ankle hurts.   Hmmm, think it’s related?  Ha!  So maybe no more squats until after next weeks half marathon.  And I should probably try wearing shoes too.  🙂

Today, I had planned on running but a late doctor’s appointment and the almost 90º temp at my house after 5:00 put a kibosh on that one.   Plus I had to get to Target before the pharmacy closed to pick up a prescription.    My appointment today was a follow up to last weeks’.  Apparently I have been a fighting a lingering infection for the last month or 2.  Oops.    So now I am on antibiotics.   Which I will be on for both of my upcoming races.   I am still cleared to run; I just might not be at my best.    Which in one way completely sucks, but it has a glass half full side to it to.  Thanks for taking the pressure off Doc!! And the nurse who took my blood last week was a sadist!  This is my arm a week later-


My race this Saturday was never going to be a PR anyways.   When I ran this race last year, it was advertised as the toughest 5K in the county.  Which I chalked up to hype.  It was supposed to be part road and part trail and I figured I had run both types before, and knew the town as being flat, so how hard could it be?  I even talked my friend, Bix, into running with me.    We stayed together for about 1/4 mile before she told me to just run, that she was going to take it easy.   The first 1/2 mile was flat and on the street, so no surprises.  Hit the trail and still mostly flat, and then… what the frak?  Where the hell did the freakin’ mountain come from!  I now know that we gained 500 feet in about a 1/2 mile.   And the only reason it was even a 1/2 mile is because it was all switchbacks.   My first thought was- Bix is going to kill me, second thought- breathe!  My first 2 miles were in the 12:00 range, mile 3 (downhill and flat) was in the 9:00’s.   Finish time 33:31.  My only goal for this race this year is to be better prepared and maybe finish a minute or so sooner.    And have fun.    🙂

Last year- post race.  This picture makes me laugh
Last year- post race. This picture makes me laugh

With the temperature’s steadily rising here, I need to get used to running in the heat again.   How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

How has your week gone so far?  Everyone get their taxes done? 

Anyone else been totally surprised by a race’s course?




7 thoughts on “Lies and squats

  1. OMG your arm looks horrible!! I usually bruise easily but that’s crazy!

    The weather…don’t even talk about it. We hit almost 80* on Monday and yesterday woke up with snow on the cars and I’m not even sure it went much higher than freezing. That’s New England for ya I guess, but in mid-April it’s a little maddening!

    Question for you re: inhaler: I’ve debated talking to someone about seeing if I have exercise-induced asthma. I feel like my breathing is a HUGE issue whenever I workout really hard (weight lifting not so much, running I could die). I feel like my body could do so much more sometimes than my lungs are letting me. Do you see your regular doc for something like that or is that some kind of specialist thing where they test you on a treadmill or something. Just kinda curious if you don’t mind me asking…


    1. I know right? I have to wear long sleeves just to cover it up. That weather sounds a little bipolar! I’d rather have heat than cold, so I shouldn’t complain 🙂

      I’ve used an inhaler a few times over the years. I know that they help but I never notice a huge difference but then that could be user error as well. I have only ever had one asthma attack, that was in high school, other than that my issues have been a tightness in the chest and some wheezing. I have a deviated septum as well. I had huge breathing troubles when I first started running: a little over a year and a half ago, I started over. I retrained myself to run based on my breathing as opposed to pace and or distance. I never let myself huff and puff and it seemed to be a massive improvement in both exertion and pace 🙂 I asked for this latest inhaler, upping my pace plus the freaky cold weather we have had brought back some issues. I have also seen this doctor since I was in high school so he knows I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t need it. That got rambly- hope it helped a bit! 🙂


  2. Haha, looks like y’all were still in the process of mastering the selfie. Our weather has been up and down. 80 one day 30 the next. It’s warm again though and so I’m off for a run! Have a good one!


  3. Blargh! No wonder your asthma came out of nowhere. Lung infections are lame! I hope you feel better soon. But awesome job on getting those 4.5 miles in. I totally feel your pain. Good luck at the race! PS the part about your bum not being where its supposed to be made me laugh…I can relate to that too. Lol!


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