April Recap

April was a busy month.  Not just for me but most people I think.   I mean taxes and Boston in the same month, right?  Or in my case, the SLO Marathon weekend.  So my month brought me this-aprilrecap

Miles- 70.4
Races-2 – Firehouse 5K & SLO 1/2 Marathon
Money spent- quite a bit
Toenails- 1 almost gone 🙂

I actually felt pretty good after Sunday’s race even with all the hills.  I took Monday off, both from running and work, planning to return to both on Tuesday.  Work went great on Tuesday and I was looking forward to my run.   What I did not account for was the freak heat wave we have had lately.  Even work town was friggin’ hot and it rarely gets above 70 there.

I went to the lake after work hoping for an easy 4 miles.   I was warm, not hot but uncomfortably warm.  It was 88º when I set out.  I called it after 5K and just walked back to the car.   I didn’t see a need to push it.  It was a bummer because my legs felt good but I need to acclimate to the coming summer heat a little better.4-29-14

For some reason, I thought Wednesday was Thursday all day long.   Not cool. I had planned on running after work but for the first time ever, this Slacker forgot her running shoes.  How does one even do that?  I do have a spare pair in my car (and socks, shorts, shirt and sports bra) but it was hot again, so I decided on another rest day.  I did just run 13.1 right?  Sadly it meant that my monthly mileage stalled at 70.4 and I had really wanted to get to 75.  But I am still on track for my yearly goal, so yay!timeout

Thursday, well yeah.  I felt like Thursday turned into a mayday, and not the fun dancing around the May pole kind.  Work bordered on insane and the town was crazy.  My original plan was to run 3-4 miles in work town before heading to SLO for packet pick up for tomorrow’s race.  But there is a huge car show in town this weekend and people were pouring in so I just got the heck out of dodge.   I was halfway to SLO when it occurred to me that I had lost $200.00.  I could not remember what I had done with it but I did not have it. That was the final straw and I burst into tears while driving down the highway.    😦  Once I made it to packet pick up (Sports Authority), I was texting all of my co-workers in a panic.   No one could remember seeing it.  There was nothing more that I could do about it then, so I dried my eyes as best as I could and went to get the packets.  I figured I would be in and out and hardly anyone would see me, so the red eyes wouldn’t be so bad.

Wrong.  This pick up was for Run or Dye.  The line was wrapped around the interior of the building.  I was in line for over 30 minutes.  Seriously?!  I am still on the fence about this race as it is.  Then when I was picking up my bib and for 4 friends, the Run or Dye staff told me 8000 people registered.  I’m sorry what?   How do you fit that many people in a smaller park and where do they all park?  I was still super cranky so I think I may have given the poor guy the look of death at that news.  Sorry!

New stretching equipment?
New stretching equipment?

I was still so frustrated that I was torn between getting a pizza on the way home and eating it all or trying to run it out.   I chose the healthy choice and took the freeway exit to run town.  I was running behind on time so I was thinking 2 laps of the lake would be good.  Apparently there was some function at the pavilion because I had to circle around a few times and ended up parking on the backside of the lake.   Which was weird but I jumped out, walked a quick warm up and then just ran.   2 miles later, time had run out but I was feeling a little better.

Rebel without a clue
Rebel without a clue

I am something of a clean freak about certain things, so I am really not sure how I will handle people throwing colored dye at me as we leisurely ramble through the course tomorrow.  Plus, I am wearing a tutu.   I had always promised C that we run a race in tutu’s.  Why,  I am not sure, I always feel awkward in costumes or outfits.  I am still just getting used to running in shorts.   But, I did buy a bright pink tutu and I will be rocking it tomorrow.  Along with all black.  🙂   I’m picking NikeC up early so we can hopefully get a good parking spot.  Then it is time for a Team Slacker meetup!  On the upside, I think we have a group of 10 or more running tomorrow!   Plus no pre-race jitters.  🙂

And the lost money? Found today, I have awesome co-workers.   🙂

How was your week?

Ever done a Run or Dye or Color Run? Any advice?

Good luck to anyone at Wildflower this weekend!


10 thoughts on “April Recap

  1. I want to do a color run! It looks like a blast. When I did the electric run it was such a great time. My friends and I dressed up in bright colors and it took place at night, music blaring. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously. Do take a lot of pictures!


  2. Have fun at Run or Dye! I have never done a color run and am not sure if I ever will. Besides getting sweaty while I run (which is inevitable), I have never been a fan of getting dirty otherwise. And I hope you rock that tutu! I never dress up for races, but have always thought people who run in tutus are adorable.


    1. Thank you! Yes, it was a sweaty mess. I started cleaning myself off on the way to the car! It was pretty fun though. The tutu wasn’t bad, it moved in ways I wouldn’t want to for a regular race, though.


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