Such a Slacker

I feel like I was just posting the Run or Dye recap then I blinked and now it’s Thursday.   4 days without a post, total Slacker!   I really did mean to post but this week ran away from me, so here we are.  On the upside, tomorrow is Friday!!!

On Sunday, I enjoyed an overly warm uncomfortable run.  4.5 miles in 48:08-ouch.   I won’t say it was hot, because it was only mid 80’s.   It actually nice outside, until you started running that is.   3/4 of a mile down the road, I realized I had misplaced my water bottle.   How does a person do that? I pushed on to complete the 4.5 miles but took so many crawl breaks.  I felt nasty sweaty at the end but I was done.  I also found my water bottle.  On top of the dryer in the garage.  Oops.

Monday was a pretty good day at work.  To keep things lively and stay upbeat on a busy day, a coworker and I had a little transaction battle. It was a close one but I lost.  😦  I don’t usually do that many anymore so it kept me moving.  After work I met my mom and the puppy at the lake for a few miles.    It was a nice little warm up, I walked a little over 1/2 a mile with them before running.   The first mile was slower due to the walking but my legs felt pretty good so I decided to do a little speed work.   I managed to pull in a decent progression run for the night. IMG_4360

I was a little sore on Tuesday so I kept it as my usual day.      I knew Wednesday was going to be a busy day so I had thought of switching days but decided against it.   I lucked out actually because since I work on Saturday I had the chance to leave early on Wednesday.   I had a doctor’s appointment in the later afternoon but I thought I could squeeze in a run.    I headed to the lake aiming for 3.5 easy miles.   I wanted to run an average pace of 10:00-10:15.  I also wanted to concentrate on my form.  IMG_4374

I noticed awhile back that I relied heavily on my left leg.   All of my issues are usually on my left side.   I wanted to work on my form but didn’t want to try anything new before the SLO 1/2.  I figured that would be a bad idea.  🙂   So after my first mile, which was a little fast, I focused on my right leg and its turnover.  Apparently I can’t do two things at once.   I couldn’t maintain my planned pace and focus on my form.   I ended up being faster than planned.  What was weird was that it felt easy.  Too bad that doesn’t happen all the time.    If that pace could become my easy run that would be sweet, but that’s likely farther out.

And I found this branch in my shoe...
And I found this branch in my shoe…

After my doctor’s appointment, I headed to a tennis meeting with my mother.  She likes to drag me along when she can.   She always ropes me into filling out the draw forms for her.   Wow, 7 team coaches trying to get their players seeded?  There were a few times I though there was going to be a throw down.    I just kept my head down and kept writing, trying not to laugh out loud.

I’ve been feeling super run down and tired lately and that translated into a rough morning today.    It took me a little longer to get going.  I figured if I was so tired that I was texting my boss for an extra 45 minutes then I was not running tonight.  Boo.   Well, more time for an update then!   Tomorrow’s a planned rest day, so fingers crossed, I can also avoid the temptation of cookie Friday.   Especially since I ate a donut yesterday.  Ok, 2 donuts.   But they were so good.  🙂

How has your week been?

Any temptations you’ve avoided or embraced?

Happy Friday!!

15 thoughts on “Such a Slacker

  1. I had half a donut last night. And then a whole bunch of chocolate. Worth it. My week is getting better after a rough start. When I’m feeling rundown – a good night’s sleep usually fixes everything up.


  2. Congrats on your runs! This week at work we had some free catering, but that’s never healthy, I tried my best to resist the bad stuff, but I may have taken a bite or two……


  3. I wish I could run as fast as you! Someday, maybe. Lol! My pain is on my left side too, so frustrating. And unfortunately I’ve succumbed to temptation lately…hahaha.


  4. Your dog is so adorable. I’m enjoying your blog so far! I, too, am a “slacker” runner 🙂 Happy running.


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