So far, So good

6 days into my No Excuses summer and so far, so good.

Yeah, I went there
Yeah, I went there

Wednesday as most know was National Running Day.  My original plan was to hit the gym that night but I also forgot that Wednesday was going to be a later day at work due to a monthly meeting.  Oops.   So when my gym buddy bailed on me, I raced to the lake park after work to get in a few miles.   I had to run on running day right?

I have never worked out after the meetings before, I would always use them as an excuse to not run that day.  But in keeping with my theme, I couldn’t bail on the 4th day!   I planned just a quick 2.5 miles.  The first mile was just average but then I was feeling spunky so I threw some sprints into the second lap.  I was pretty speedy on the sprinting but apparently slow on the recovery jogs so it was still a 9 minute mile.  Ha!  But it was a fun change.   It was also still in the mid 80’s so I was dripping after 2.5 miles.   Blech.

This makes me laugh for some reason
This makes me laugh for some reason

Come Thursday, after three days of running,  I felt like my legs needed a rest.  I had some things to do after work, and then had a completely unhealthy dinner.  However I did not use either of those as an excuse, so it was yoga time at 9:00PM.   I am feeling a little less awkward with it but then I am also doing this in the privacy of my own home.  So when I fell on my face 4 times, no one was around to laugh at me.   And I am not even doing real, proper yoga, it’s the Jillian Michaels version.  However, I completed the 30 minute circuit and felt better for having done it.

Today I was supposed to have some blood work done but sleeping felt like a better choice.  🙂  Plus I am kind of afraid I will wind up with a huge bruise like last time.  Work was pretty good today too.   Friday’s always run a little longer so between that and the planned but canceled blood work, I had figured that today would be the 1 of 7 that I said I would do nothing.  But as I type this, I feel really lazy so maybe I will do another dvd after posting this.  Hmmm, too bad we can’t place bets on it.  I do have to restart the ab challenge though.  My little stomach flare lasted through Thursday and crunches and situps were not an option.

I hope to get in a 8-9 miler tomorrow but I have a busy day ahead.  Not a lot of things to do but time-consuming things.  I work in the morning and I am dragging my mother to the movies in the afternoon.  I can’t convince anyone else to join me in the amazing sob fest that is The Fault in Our Stars, so I am making her go with me.  🙂  Bring on the tissues and the popcorn!   My gym is only open during those same hours on the weekends, so going early or later is not an option.    Hopefully my next post will say that I managed to get in my run anyways.  🙂

Will anyone else be crying with me at the movies this weekend?

How was your week?

Anyone racing this weekend?

4 thoughts on “So far, So good

  1. Good luck getting your miles in tomorrow! I have a hard time squeezing in runs over 3-5 miles on days that I work..but I’m going to try tomorrow as well!


  2. Great job getting your yoga in despite the busy day! In my opinion, as long as you’re heading into your yoga practice with the intention of strengthening body the body and the mind there is no real right or wrong yoga 🙂 No crying at the movies for me this weekend and no racing, but after a busy weekend at work I’m looking forward to a day off and a nice hike with my boyfriend!


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