Only Slightly Crazy

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you were just in left field?  Like the world existed on one plane and you were on some other cuckoo level?  Yeah that’s where I am at this week.  Welcome to my planet.   Today I actually told a coworker “that I had never forgetted” something.  Seriously?  Did my brain take a vacation without me?  *Case in point- I published this without a title and had to correct it.isWatermarked

Last Friday, I had the start of a headache.  Combine that with all of the sun from a 2.5 hour run on Saturday afternoon and a few hours at the beach on Sunday and you get a raging headache that arrived Monday.  And it’s still here.  It’s my good buddy now.  Ha!  Monday’s run, though stressful, helped a bit.  On Tuesday I set out for another run.   I met my mom after work at the river path, it made for a nice warm up.   I kept it pretty easy though, so just 4.5 miles with warm up and cool down.   I did push it a bit for mile 4.  Thanks to my lovely stomach I can only go faster than 9:30 in short bursts.  Anything more than that is just not working right now.    Once again the headache eased while running only to return later.  It’s like a bad penny!

still turning off the Garmin for cool down, I'm so odd sometimes.
still turning off the Garmin for cool down, I’m so odd sometimes.

Wednesday was more of the same but I refused to cancel on gym night with NikeC again.  Plus it’s back to Wednesday nights now since my class was canceled due to low enrollment.  Boo!   I crawled a mile on the treadmill for a warm up before we hit the circuit room.   I used slightly lower weights than normal but at least it was something.   I also did a bunch of squats because those didn’t hurt my head, and I can so feel it in my legs today.    Our gym offers a boot camp type class on Saturdays and NikeC went this last Saturday.  I want to go but am waiting until after the Ventura half.  The trainer came up to us while we were warming up and asked me why I didn’t go.  I said I didn’t want to try anything new before the half.  She replied that they had never had anyone get hurt.   Maybe so but I am just plain clumsy.  When I informed her that I currently had a sliced foot and had managed to cut my hand that day, she decided I needed an injury/ liability waiver.   Nice.isWatermarkedToday I just marched to the beat of my own drum apparently.  And the drumstick was broken.   For those who are thinking why doesn’t she just take something for her headache?  I usually would if a headache lingered this long but I am currently taking the lovely (multiple) antibiotics prescribed by my doctor and figured that was more than enough pills.  I made myself go to sleep earlier last night and slept with an ice pack on my head.  But even with all that, today was a rest day.  Tomorrow likely will be too.  I tried running it out, so now I’ll try waiting it out.  This usually happens 2-3 times a year, so it will pass.

I have one last 8-10 miler that I would like to do this weekend and then it’s taper time!!  I won’t lie, that actually sounds pretty nice right now.     But right now I am looking forward to cookie Friday and a 3 day weekend!!!  Which hopefully means sleeping in.

How about you?  What are your plans this weekend?

Anyone racing?

Any other headache remedy suggestions?

18 Comments on “Only Slightly Crazy

  1. Oh sorry about the headache! Have you ever used a neti pot? I used to get headaches all of the time, and the neti pot really cleared out my sinuses. I still get them, but less severe. And it will pretty much ease the pressure instantly


    • I have never used one, actually I don’t I have the smarts to use one. I am really bad at things like that. But at this point, I may try anything, Less pressure sounds amazing! Thanks!


  2. Sounds like a rough week. Hope your headache get’s better soon. Ever try any essential oils ? No races this weekend but a long training run and wedding to attend 🙂


  3. Boo, sorry you’re not feeling well. Drink lots of water, get lots of rest, and hopefully that stupid headache will go away.


  4. Yuck headache! I sleep with an ice pack, too, when I have a bad headache. I have one that actually is really long and thin and wraps around your head like a headband. It’s practically leaking but I won’t throw it out until it actually bursts because I’ve never found another one since. It’s awesome!


  5. Mandarin essential oil is amazing for long lasting headaches. Just a whiff. (I guess you could just go buy some mandarin oranges – probably cheaper!). Lavender works great for most people, but I’ve found Mandarin so much better for me.

    🙂 Have a great weekend!


    • I love the sent of oranges and this is the second time someone suggested essential oils. I think I need to go shopping this weekend. Thanks! Have a great weekend!


  6. Ugh, I hate when headaches linger for that long! It’ll get to a point where there’s just nothing you can really take that will make it go away, even when you try everything. I rotate through the following (and sometimes combine them if I’m desperate) until I find something that works: Excedrin Migraine, Advil, Aleve, Paracetamol Extra (from the UK, if any friends have “imported” it for me), NyQuil, Tylenol Sinus, ice packs. Sometimes nothing works and I just have to live with it for days until it finally goes away. I hope yours goes away ASAP, and stays away!


    • I truthfully rarely ever take anything for them, granted sometimes this means I can barely walk. I take enough pills on a daily basis, even without the antibiotics, that another pill just irritates me. I think I need to get over myself 🙂 And it wasn’t for the antibiotics, I would totally would have taken something by now. Stupid pills. It eased a bit today, so fingers crossed it keeps heading in that direction. Thanks!


  7. I march to the beat of my own drum with a broken drumstick often. As for the headache, I don’t know how running helps relieve it?? Sounds like rest and cookies were a good plan. 🙂 the injury liability waiver fee thing cracked me up


    • I generally have 2 types of headaches, I noticed a few years ago that running can sometimes ease the vise grip ones. I just have to take it easy. I really do need to sign that waiver. I discovered a bruise this morning from where I hip checked myself on not 1 but 2 counters yesterday!


      • It’s awesome that you know that much about yourself.
        That’s okay. I’m right there with you. I kicked the couch with my 4th toe. Yeah, figure that out o_O


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