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Only Slightly Crazy

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you were just in left field?  Like the world existed on one plane and you were on some other cuckoo level?  Yeah that’s where I am at this week.  Welcome to my planet.   Today I actually told a coworker “that I had never forgetted” something.  Seriously?  Did my brain take a vacation without me?  *Case in point- I published this without a title and had to correct it.isWatermarked

Last Friday, I had the start of a headache.  Combine that with all of the sun from a 2.5 hour run on Saturday afternoon and a few hours at the beach on Sunday and you get a raging headache that arrived Monday.  And it’s still here.  It’s my good buddy now.  Ha!  Monday’s run, though stressful, helped a bit.  On Tuesday I set out for another run.   I met my mom after work at the river path, it made for a nice warm up.   I kept it pretty easy though, so just 4.5 miles with warm up and cool down.   I did push it a bit for mile 4.  Thanks to my lovely stomach I can only go faster than 9:30 in short bursts.  Anything more than that is just not working right now.    Once again the headache eased while running only to return later.  It’s like a bad penny!

still turning off the Garmin for cool down, I'm so odd sometimes.
still turning off the Garmin for cool down, I’m so odd sometimes.

Wednesday was more of the same but I refused to cancel on gym night with NikeC again.  Plus it’s back to Wednesday nights now since my class was canceled due to low enrollment.  Boo!   I crawled a mile on the treadmill for a warm up before we hit the circuit room.   I used slightly lower weights than normal but at least it was something.   I also did a bunch of squats because those didn’t hurt my head, and I can so feel it in my legs today.    Our gym offers a boot camp type class on Saturdays and NikeC went this last Saturday.  I want to go but am waiting until after the Ventura half.  The trainer came up to us while we were warming up and asked me why I didn’t go.  I said I didn’t want to try anything new before the half.  She replied that they had never had anyone get hurt.   Maybe so but I am just plain clumsy.  When I informed her that I currently had a sliced foot and had managed to cut my hand that day, she decided I needed an injury/ liability waiver.   Nice.isWatermarkedToday I just marched to the beat of my own drum apparently.  And the drumstick was broken.   For those who are thinking why doesn’t she just take something for her headache?  I usually would if a headache lingered this long but I am currently taking the lovely (multiple) antibiotics prescribed by my doctor and figured that was more than enough pills.  I made myself go to sleep earlier last night and slept with an ice pack on my head.  But even with all that, today was a rest day.  Tomorrow likely will be too.  I tried running it out, so now I’ll try waiting it out.  This usually happens 2-3 times a year, so it will pass.

I have one last 8-10 miler that I would like to do this weekend and then it’s taper time!!  I won’t lie, that actually sounds pretty nice right now.     But right now I am looking forward to cookie Friday and a 3 day weekend!!!  Which hopefully means sleeping in.

How about you?  What are your plans this weekend?

Anyone racing?

Any other headache remedy suggestions?

An Abbreviated Long Run

I start a new class in a little less than 2 weeks and unfortunately it falls on Wednesday nights.  Boo!  So last week NikeC and I moved gym nights to Thursdays.   We were hoping that it might be a little less busy but instead it looked like everyone was trying to get in one last workout before the weekend.    We weren’t able to warm up on the ARC Trainers so we tried the stationary bikes.  We used the recumbent ones, so I was wondering how much of a workout it would be.   I was sweating within 8 minutes- ok maybe a bit of a workout.  20 minute warm-up- 4 miles-done.  Then it was onto the circuit room, which was busy.  There was even 2 grunters in the circuit room, using the machines in very odd ways.  For the most part, everyone was using the room right, woo hoo!   After a good work out there, we moved onto to the ab room.  I admit I have zero skill there and always do my crunches wrong, so I hung out on the ab roller.   It’s kind of fun and I could totally feel my abs (sore!) the next day.  I also posted my very first throwback Thursday pic- and got the hashtag wrong.  #fail  But anyways, I finally found a pic of my very first race-throwbackI worked this Saturday, so I was able to go in later on Friday.   I was super excited about this because I wanted to get my 10 miler done in the morning, that way I could have a lazy weekend of a rest day and a 6 miler.    I slept until a little after 7 before getting up.   I was feeling off but told myself I was just trying to be lazy.  After getting ready, I knew it was a little more than that, so I ended up crawling back in bed.    Now if you knew me really well, you would know that I have a few idiosyncrasies, or neurotic tendencies as my mother likes to call them.  One of those is to only get in bed after a shower, even if it’s 3 in the morning and I am dead tired, I take a shower first.  Even the few times I have come home sick from work, I take a shower first.  My mother tells me I am going to be single forever.   🙂   I say it’s a holdover from all those Taco Bell years and coming home smelling like a burrito. 8-8The fact that I crawled into bed full of sunblock; I probably should have skipped the run.   But after a little more sleep, I dragged myself out the door.  I was under fueled and under hydrated, so I brought along some Gatorade and made sure to keep it slow.   For once I had zero trouble following through with a longer warm up.  🙂  It was warmer than I would have liked for 9 in the morning, but it was not a horrible run.   All in all, 10K done and I was still glad I made myself get out the door.

And the Garmin had issues tracking again.
And the Garmin had issues tracking again.

Even though my long run failed, I still treated Saturday as a rest day.   My left leg has been a little more sore than usual, so rest sounded good.  Plus after getting off work and running the usual errands, I decided to go see Guardians of the Galaxy.  Have I mentioned I am serious nerd for the Marvel movies?    seriously that Disneyland Avengers Half would awesome but I would need to sell a kidney for it.  🙂  Anyhow, the movie was really good and I indulged in too much popcorn.  Yummy.  And I still had Sunday for that 10 miler.   Well, that was the plan…

Anyone have any odd idiosyncrasies out there?

Anyone else seen Guardians? Thoughts?

How was your weekend?