Scenes from Ventura

Things didn’t go according to plan.  Recap will be up in a day or 2 but here are the bright parts-

IMG_6140[1]IMG_6145 IMG_6151 IMG_6158 IMG_6165 IMG_6174 IMG_6182 IMG_6183IMG_6238IMG_6185 IMG_6188 IMG_6197 IMG_6208 IMG_6271IMG_6276 IMG_6218 IMG_6222 IMG_6282 IMG_6295 IMG_6310IMG_6228[1] IMG_6227

15 thoughts on “Scenes from Ventura

  1. Those are some great pics! And that burger oh my!!! Sorry things didn’t go according to plan but you’ll get back on that horse for sure and rise from the ashes


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