And Still…

I have a new-found dislike for pajamas.   And really that’s just sad.  I mean pajamas are so warm and cozy and comfy, what could you possibly dislike about them?   Even with all that, I am so over them.  I miss wearing real clothes, I miss wearing running clothes.    Ugh.

In case the above whining wasn’t enough, I am still sick.   I only lasted 3 hours at work on Monday before heading home.  I didn’t make it in at all on Tuesday or Wednesday.   That’s not to say I didn’t try.    I made an attempt to get up and ready for work at the usual time.    It usually resulted in a text conversation with my boss before going back to sleep for a few hours.  Then an actual phone call to work before more sleep.    Ugh.  But tomorrow I will be back at work, no more listening to the Harry Potter movies with my eyes closed.   Hopefully I will look less like a creature.  Otherwise I will be missing the sit down desk where I used to be able to hide myself.   🙂

My nurse yesterday
My nurse yesterday

So this is just a short whiny update- I miss running.  I miss being too much of Slacker to want to run.   Now I just want to run.    Oh and I have spent way too much time on the internet these days.  There are some odd things out there.

Thanks for listening to me whine, hopefully the next update will have some running in it!

Let me live vicariously through you- how awesome or good was your week?

Who ran?  Anyone racing this weekend?

24 thoughts on “And Still…

  1. Sorry that you are still no better Fallon 😦 😥 hoping you recover soon! As far as racing I am on Saturday though I unsure how much effort I’ll put into it with my leg not being 100%


  2. I read the first line and thought: NO, that’s not possible! How can anyone have anything but love for pajamas?! But yeah, being sick sucks and then your PJs just feel like a sweaty, gross, germ-filled cage and that’s no fun.


  3. There is something terrible going around at the moment! Hope youre back on you’re feet soon.


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