Of Choices and Coughing

I have a great new ab workout- coughing!

Oh, it doesn’t work like that?  Well, it should.  If you can’t count that than the only thing I have been even slightly productive at since my last is sleeping.  And even that hasn’t been done well.

My hope that resting on Thursday would get me through my long runs turned out to be in vain.     I was miserable all Thursday night but made my way into work on Friday.   I have this thing about calling in sick, I hate it and rarely ever do it.  Particularly on a Friday or Monday.  That’s a huge no-no for me.  But with a 45 min to an hour commute, I really need to get over that.  I made it 3 hours before heading home.     I proceeded to spend the next 2.5 days alternating between my chair and my bed.  It turned into some cold- flu thing and I have had body aches and chills and a pounding headache.  I spent a lot of time sleeping and it wasn’t even good sleep.  Ugh.

Running did not happen at all this weekend.  I am hoping that I feel up to a few miles on Tuesday but I know they won’t be easy.  The last time I was sick was actually last January and it kicked my ass energy wise for a few weeks.   Doing laundry exhausted me today.  This has me a little nervous.  The 25K is in two weeks and I was already doubting it.

My left leg has been a little achy lately, and my mother has had a bum knee.   She is ok going uphill but as we all know, down hills can be evil.   And the 25K has a lot of downhill.  She did see a doctor about it but he left it up to her.   One of the points of the 25K was that we were going to do it together.   Now I am concerned that both of us may push too hard when we really shouldn’t.  This weekend was supposed to be a 18-20 mile weekend, half road, half trail.  I feel unprepared and don’t think I can catch up.   Plus there is the fact of Surf City 7 days after the 25K.

I am torn.  I feel like backing out would be the smart idea but it feels icky.    Between coughing fits and naps today, I went online to look at other races my mother and I could do in the area.  We are pretty sparse on trail races but I did find a half marathon on an army base in a month that looks like a better fit.    Just not as scenic.   So yeah, torn.

Alright, sorry for the downer of a weekend update! 

Tell me how awesome your weekend was? What kind of running did you get in?

Thoughts on the race conundrum?

23 thoughts on “Of Choices and Coughing

  1. Ohhhhh no Fallon I’m so sorry to hear this chica!!! Yeah, the head cold/flu/cold thingy has been going through my job like wild fire everyone has gotten some form of it. It doesn’t play nice at all. Hugs and get well wishes!!! I got in some running last week but not much I’m still working through this nagging injury business so I also spent time on the bike as well. I have a race on Saturday and I have no idea what type of performance I’ll have at this point. Again, I really, really, really hope you are better soon.


    1. Yeah, it took out everyone at work in December and I thought I missed it but no luck. 😦 The bike is good cross training! I think I ran better when I rode more often. That was also when I had my own stationary though. I’m sorry to hear your foot is still bothering you! That’s not what I was hoping to hear! Good luck this weekend though! Thank you!

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  2. Yuck. Being sick is always miserable. My advice is that you still might be able to do this race, even though you are feeling crappy now. Just focus on getting lots of rest and liquids and see how you feel the day beforehand. Usually I feel superhuman right after being sick. Is like a complete 180 once you shake the last bus off. So you still have time.


    1. Oh, superhuman would be awesome. I have the hydration down, if only I could stop coughing enough to sleep well. 🙂 I am hoping to get back to the gym on Wednesday and see how a few treadmill miles go. Fingers crossed!


  3. I hope you get to feeling better – and when in doubt, your mother’s well being is very important, and knees are tricky! I vote for something that won’t likely injure her! (But my mom had had knee replacement surgery. And then surgery to replace half of the new knee)


  4. It’s never fun to be sick, and even less fun to have to make decisions like this one. Ultimately, you know what you can handle and what’s best for you, so make good choices, and get better soon!


  5. I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling icky! That’s never fun. I think you would be fine to run the 25k in two weeks but if the whole point was to do it with your mom and she could risk serious re-injury there, it might be best to do a race together at another time. Those downhills definitely don’t sound good for a bum knee :/ I’m hoping the best for both you and your mom’s recovery!


  6. Feel better soon!

    I’m going to chime in with the others here and say that you will likely be fine to run a 25K in two weeks, as long as you’re not too concerned about time. But if having your mom with you is a dealbreaker, then it might be best to skip it and do a different race, as it sounds seriously risky for someone with knee problems. I also have a big race in two weeks that I’m considering skipping out of sheer lack of motivation. I’m making myself do it because I paid a lot of money to sign up (grrr), but if I were sick I wouldn’t hesitate to use that as an excuse to skip. I’m so lazy, lol


    1. As long as I take it easy, I think the race will be ok. That was kind of the point anyways, it wasn’t a time goal kind of race, so maybe being sick now will just help me not run like a crazy person down the mountain. 🙂
      Thank you!


  7. I hope you feel better soon! I’m pretty sure I pulled a muscle once by coughing! As for the race…….I don’t know. No race is worthy risking serious injury and if your Mom can’t make it…..


    1. Thanks, it’s definitely slow going. I agree but she insists that she got the go ahead from her doc. Part of the route for the race comes back to the start/finish line at mile 7, so we can bail there if needed too.


  8. I hope you feel better soon! It sounds like the cold and flu season is pretty brutal this year. I’ll send you positive, healing thoughts so you can have a kickass race 🙂


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