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Let Me Sleep On It

Disclaimer: I received a Bedgear Level 2.0 pillow to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I love sleep, sleeping in, naps- love them. Problem- I’m a total night owl who often struggles to fall asleep. This can be caused by a variety of things on a nightly basis but it makes for a sleepy Slacker.

I upgraded my bed last fall which a fiasco in its own way as I ended up returning the first one 90 days into 100 day trial but I never upgraded my pillows. Change is hard! And who is to say that what I bought would be any better than the current 3 I used or tried to on a nightly basis?

Then, Bedgear presented itself. I thought the name sounded familiar and oh, hey they made my mattress protector! Which I love so I was optimistic. The pillow choice started off with a quiz. Wait- I didn’t study!😂

The Pillow ID is designed to find the right pillow for you- the one that fits your body temperature, size, and sleeping position.   Based on my answers, I was recommended the Level 2.0 pillow.    The 2.0 refers to the pillow height- 0.0 being the thinnest and 3.0 being the thickest.

Some pillow specs from the website-

  • Dri-Tec® fabric to continuously wick away heat and moisture, stabilizing your temperature so you can get your most solid sleep.
  • React® foam has all the perks of a memory foam, without the sad sag or heat build-up. Designed to move with you, it cradles your head while supporting your neck, shoulders, and spine.
  • Air-X® Panels
  • Flexible, three-dimensional material vents warm air away from the body.
Yes, I use satin pillow cases

But how did it feel?

Game changer people, seriously. I’ve gone from 3 pillows and sometimes a stuffed animal (like I said- it was rough) to just 2 pillows on a nightly basis. In fact I tossed one of the older pillows completely. I feel like I fall asleep quicker and I don’t toss and turn. Which is how I used to sleep when I was younger- I’d burrow into a spot and not move all night. I haven’t done that in years. The bump out on this pillow is perfect for my shoulder as I always start out on my left side. Even if I do turn to my back, it still supports me well.

The pillow is awesome by itself too and I did try that for a few nights but unfortunately my GERD wasn’t too fond of that so the second pillow came back.

I’ve even been going to bed a little sooner these days. I choose to believe it’s because the pillow makes sleeping so nice and not that I am getting older.😛 My only issue is that my pillow cases are a little big for it, so now I’m on the hunt for smaller sized satin pillow cases. They have to exist somewhere.🤔

If you love sleep like I do, I definitely recommend checking out Bedgear. I even have a discount! Use code BIBRAVE15 to save 15% on your purchase (excluding Wow deals).

How do you sleep?

Week 2 Training Recap

Upcoming races–  Castle to Coast 8.2 miles
Surf City 13.1

This week’s focus– Working on base building

Yeah, this will be quick.

Monday- Rest
Sunday- 3.65 miles

Well, that didn’t go according to plan.   The sore throat I’d been fighting/ignoring for a week or so turned into so much more.    By Tuesday, I felt horrible and ended up leaving work early.    I treated myself to In-n-Out on the way home and spent the afternoon sleeping.  Somehow In-n-Out has become my go-to sick food.   Which considering I drive past one 2x a day, only getting it when I feel completely crappy is a win in my book.  😏


My nurse
Wednesday, I felt slightly better and I headed to work.  I finished out the day, came home, posted a blog post and was hopeful for at least getting on the bike on Thursday.    The denial was strong at this point, my right eye was starting to swell.  I went to bed with an ice pack and hoped for the best.  Thursday morning arrived and my eye was damn near swollen shut.  I hate calling sick on a regular day but we are also running short staffed right now and I was supposed to have lunch with my uncle.   We have been trying to plan lunch for years but it never works out so the last thing I wanted to do was cancel.  So I dragged myself to work.   Bad idea.    I made it half the day before being booted out the door.  And I had to cancel on my uncle.  Boo.   Once again, I was on my way home early.    No In-n-Out this time just more sleep.    I learned my Up band is smart enough to know when I am napping though.

I made it through work on Friday only to go home and crash.  Seriously when did walking to the copy machine become so exhausting?   No lie, I slept for 11 hours on Friday night.  11!  How is that even possible?   I did feel a little better on Saturday though.   That didn’t stop me from sleeping for a freaky amount of time on Saturday night though.

Today, I got out for a slow 3.65 mile walk.  It was in the low 50’s and perfect running weather but I was bundled up like it was in the 30’s.  😝   But I had zero coughing fits!  Which was great since I somehow forgot my water bottle on top of my car.   Oops.  And I could have checked the weather better as it started to rain on me on the way back.  😢

So, yeah not the way I had hoped to greet the first week of 2016.  I seem to get super sick every January.   2 partial work days is better than I fared last year so calling that a win?    Now the test is to ease back into things this week… oh with a race in 5 days.  Sure no problem, right?

Tell me all about your running adventures this last week!

Or non running ones too, I watched way too much tv. 😆

Of Choices and Coughing

I have a great new ab workout- coughing!

Oh, it doesn’t work like that?  Well, it should.  If you can’t count that than the only thing I have been even slightly productive at since my last is sleeping.  And even that hasn’t been done well.

My hope that resting on Thursday would get me through my long runs turned out to be in vain.     I was miserable all Thursday night but made my way into work on Friday.   I have this thing about calling in sick, I hate it and rarely ever do it.  Particularly on a Friday or Monday.  That’s a huge no-no for me.  But with a 45 min to an hour commute, I really need to get over that.  I made it 3 hours before heading home.     I proceeded to spend the next 2.5 days alternating between my chair and my bed.  It turned into some cold- flu thing and I have had body aches and chills and a pounding headache.  I spent a lot of time sleeping and it wasn’t even good sleep.  Ugh.

Running did not happen at all this weekend.  I am hoping that I feel up to a few miles on Tuesday but I know they won’t be easy.  The last time I was sick was actually last January and it kicked my ass energy wise for a few weeks.   Doing laundry exhausted me today.  This has me a little nervous.  The 25K is in two weeks and I was already doubting it.

My left leg has been a little achy lately, and my mother has had a bum knee.   She is ok going uphill but as we all know, down hills can be evil.   And the 25K has a lot of downhill.  She did see a doctor about it but he left it up to her.   One of the points of the 25K was that we were going to do it together.   Now I am concerned that both of us may push too hard when we really shouldn’t.  This weekend was supposed to be a 18-20 mile weekend, half road, half trail.  I feel unprepared and don’t think I can catch up.   Plus there is the fact of Surf City 7 days after the 25K.

I am torn.  I feel like backing out would be the smart idea but it feels icky.    Between coughing fits and naps today, I went online to look at other races my mother and I could do in the area.  We are pretty sparse on trail races but I did find a half marathon on an army base in a month that looks like a better fit.    Just not as scenic.   So yeah, torn.

Alright, sorry for the downer of a weekend update! 

Tell me how awesome your weekend was? What kind of running did you get in?

Thoughts on the race conundrum?