Well, that wasn’t the plan

Even though the extreme pain of Thursday evening eased, I still felt sore on Friday.   Sore isn’t really the right word but it’s the closest thing to describe how my left side felt on Friday.   I didn’t pay much mind to it throughout the day.  Partly because the day was too damn busy and chaotic and partly because I figured it would go away by the end of the day.    When the text messages start coming before your alarm, you know the day is going be a little rough.    But eventually it was over and I was looking forward to a weekend of running and maybe a little shopping.

Poor use of my new pretty socks
Poor use of my new pretty socks

Saturday morning was a fundraiser for my mom’s tennis team.   They were completing a walk-a-thon and each boy had to walk or run or crawl 20 laps on the track.  One boy brought a unicycle!   They had a few hours in which to do this so my original plan was to run to the school and then complete my 12 miler on the track with them.  When my alarm went off, I could still feel that odd soreness before even getting up.    So I chose to sleep a little longer and then just head straight to the school.    I figured I would get in as many laps/ miles on the track that I could.   They had the track for 3 hours, I was still hoping I could get in 10-12 miles.   I didn’t really think they were going to be there that long and I was right about that.  However I was overly optimistic about my goal.IMG_9905Running hurt.    I walked a few laps and tried to run one.  Ouch.  Walked a few more and tried running another one.  Still ow.  Ok, fine I get it.  I walked out the remainder of laps.  So 5 miles walking done.  I still hoped to try and run later in the afternoon.  I ran a few errands and then had the afternoon free.   I could have/ should have run but instead I took a nap.  Naps are training right?

Which ones!?
Which ones!?

I’ve been doing the math and realized that if my Wave Rider’s wear like they usually do, I will need a new pair before the SLO Marathon.  Even if they did hold up through April, I would be running the race in very worn down shoes.  I’ve been hoarding the gift card I got along with my Heritage award for just this purpose so today called for a trip to SLO.   My mom and I headed down for a day of shopping, yummy food and hopefully a good hike to end the day.

The weather was awesome and the food was yummy as always.  My stomach was not cooperative for a hike, however.  This was more of the usual though and less of the odd soreness.  Which is probably partially my fault.    I start a new diet with lots of restrictions tomorrow so I may have indulged a little too much this weekend.  Oops, but not really.  I had to say goodbye.  🙂   So the hoped for hike didn’t happen.  I did clear 10,000 steps on my Fitbit though and that is only the second time I have done that outside a day with a run.  Yeah, I need to work on that.   🙂IMG_9921The highlight of the shopping was the new shoe purchase.   Aren’t new running shoes always the best?   I knew exactly what I wanted to try on so that made it fairly easy.   Per usual, the Running Warehouse was packed on a Sunday afternoon.  There were already numerous people being helped and a few waiting.   I checked out all the pretty shoes while waiting.   So very many colors!    I guess being a familiar face is helpful because one of the employees was able to grab the shoes I wanted to try while he was getting another customers.  Score!   I tried the Wave Rider 18 and Wave Inspire 11. I still love Mizuno.   🙂    I had 2 pairs of Wave Inspire 9’s that I loved but just could not get behind the 10’s.  I never even bought a pair they felt so off.  I’ve been in the Wave Rider 17 ever since and am on pair 3.  I was nervous I wouldn’t like the update for the 18.   I liked the fit and feel, nothing felt too different, I just liked the feel of the Inspire’s better today.    In fact the only real issues I had with both pairs was deciding which to buy and the shoelaces.    The laces seem short, so I may be changing those shortly.   It’ll be interesting going to back to a support shoe after being in neutral for so long but I think it may be a good thing.     I picked my shoes and was in and out of there fairly quickly, double score!  Now I just can’t wait to take them for a run!

And I need to get back on track with training.   This was not a shiny week, it happens right?

How was your weekend?  Did you race?  Or run?

Shoelaces?  Do you like them longer or shorter?

23 Comments on “Well, that wasn’t the plan

  1. I sure hope that tummy and your discomfort will get with the program and leave you alone already Fallon lol. The weekend was pretty good. Saturday was spent rearranging room and food with friends in the evening. And we had perfect weather all weekend lows in low 50’s … yay! 🙂 Sunday I ran my lost run in well over a couple months and was pain free for the entire duration!


    • The pain is lingering but not all the time. It’s the oddest thing. I go for hours without feeling it and then I move the wrong way and there it is. My stomach is so weird! The shoelaces behaved today so maybe I won’t have to change them!

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  2. We are sock twins, I have those same compression socks! 🙂

    I typically like longer laces because I double knot mine so I need more slack. But my current Newton’s have REALLY long laces, even when I double knot them, and it’s a little annoying.

    I too have been wondering if I’ll need a new pair of Newton’s before my full, even though I just got mine right before training started. I’m in the same boat as you where they should last that long but if they do I might be running on worn shoes. Maybe I’ll get a new pair when I start taper – plenty of time to break them in.


    • My last Rider’s had super long laces, sometimes I could feel them hitting my ankles while running. It looks like they have gone in the opposite direction with these shoes!

      I’m a little over 3 weeks out from my half, I want to try and split my miles between the shoes and then decide what to run in. It’s hard to decide what to do!


  3. Hooray new shoes! I need new ones too, but I think I’m just going to pick up a pair of the same ones I’ve got, because I can get them online fairly cheap.


    • I will definitely miss my current shoes when they give out. I hoarded this pair for months before using them. Why do the shoe company’s have to change shoes?! I couldn’t even find them on the internet.


      • That stinks! Of course, it’s all about the $$$. If they make a new version they can make more money.


  4. I’m sorry about your pain… That is so frustrating, but good for you for at least getting out there and trying it out.
    I am an idiot when it comes to shoes. If i love a pair, I will wear them until they die, and then by that point they are usually discontinued 🙂
    I’m trying to get better about it, but I don’t like the “breaking in” phase.
    Hope your runs are pain free and productive this week!!


    • Thanks! Oh, breaking shoes in is hard! I ran a few miles in my new ones tonight. Even though I think I am going to like them, I always get little aches and niggles when breaking in new shoes. Thanks and have a great week!

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  5. I just got the new Wave Inspire 11’s and they’re sooooo much better than the 10’s since they redesigned them again! Yippee!!

    Sorry about the soreness. That totally sucks, but you still got out there and did something and that definitely counts.


    • Ugh, I hated the 10’s. So far I am liking the 11’s, I want to put a few more miles on them before I decide. The first few miles in new shoes always seem a little harder. They did feel heavier than my Rider’s though. I am deliberately not looking up the weights though, I don’t really want that confirmed. 🙂



  6. Hope your weird sore feeling starts feeling better soon.!
    My running week was not very good either.. :/ new week though right.!? 🙂
    I like my shoelaces short. I hate when I have to triple tie long laces.


    • Fingers crossed it goes away soon, thanks!
      Yes, Mondays are rough, but it means a fresh start! 🙂
      The laces were ok on tonight’s run. I would prefer that they work out and I don’t have to change them.

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  7. Sorry about the soreness :/ Those socks are pretty freakin’ awesome though! And I hope you get a chance to try out the new kicks soon too – you got such a pretty color!


    • I kind of love the socks, I really like the mid length compression socks. I am hoping to use them on moderate length runs. I was kind of stoked about the color when I opened the box. 🙂


  8. Pretty shoes! Long laces always – but usually I re-lace them to prevent pain on my arch so I end up with extra length. Hope you can figure out your hip pain soon.


    • I am thinking I may need to try a re-lacing option on my left shoe. My right one always feels fine, but my left foot feels a little sore. I may try that this weekend. 🙂


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