March is Marchin’

March being over already feels like an April Fool’s joke.  It cannot be time for a monthly recap yet!

But it is, so here we go!Marchmiles

Miles- 83.1

Races- Wine Country Half

Highest mileage moth of the year so far even if it’s not quite where I had hoped it would be at the beginning of the month.    Had I hit my weekend long run like planned, I would have been closer to 95.  Which is so close to 100!! But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.  Did anyone else grow up with that expression?   I never understood the point.  I mean I do but why say it?

Anyways, moving on.   This was still a damn good month.  I stuck to my training plan fairly well considering I started the month with some crazy tightness and hamstring issues.   March also saw me run a pretty great race , for me, so yay!   I survived a work inspection and filled in at another location.  My stomach was its’ asshat self but I tried to not let it disrupt training too much.    I managed to some mile paces that I haven’t seen in months.    I can’t hold them for very long yet, but even just seeing low 9’s and mid 8’s on my watch is kind of awesome!    Now to work on maintaining them.

That means continuing to stick to my training as closely as I can.    SLO is now less than 30 days away and I am looking forward to race weekend.   A little vacation time, hanging out with runners and running an awesome race.     There’s a local 5K I want to run the weekend after next.  Firehouse 5K, it kicks my butt every year, but it’s such a fun race.   I usually hurt for the following week so I am glad that it falls a little sooner this year.  🙂   All that said, I am glad that I already decided to make SLO a fun race as opposed to a goal race.    At last week’s appointment with my gastro, we decided that the most recent prescription changes were not working.  So I have a shiny new diet to follow.  More on the specifics later, but I had to say goodbye to a lot of things for the next few months.   So very many things.    I am still figuring things out, so right now all I know is that the last few days have been some hungry, tired days.newshoes

I had a scheduling conflict today so I moved my easy run of the week to Monday.   Woof, that was hard.  Not sure if it was because it was a Monday, or because my side still hurt a bit or if it was the dietary changes but it was hard.   So much harder than easy should feel.  I was also testing out my new shoes.  While I love getting new shoes, the break in period is always interesting.    While I think I am going to really like them, I had unusual aches and niggles throughout the run.  I stopped every mile or so to stretch out.  I am not really concerned by this because it has happened every time I have broken in a new shoe style.   It usually takes a week or so of alternating shoes to fully adjust.  But that is one reason I bought them a month before SLO.

How long do you usually take to break in new shoes?

What is your March highlight?

What are you looking forward to in April?

24 thoughts on “March is Marchin’

  1. dgobs

    Woohoo, high five for the month! I’d never heard that horseshoes or hand grenades expression before, but I like it 🙂 Those are some sweet new kicks too! I hope the new diet helps. My March highlight was running my first race of the year (wasn’t supposed to be the first, but that’s injuries for you) and finishing faster than I expected! I’m hoping April brings warmer weather and flowers and sunshine! (I’ve had more caffeine than usual and feel wicked rambly wheeee) 🙂


  2. Awesome month! My break-in period is usually pretty forced and hurried, as I’m cheap and usually don’t buy new shoes until my old ones are falling apart. For April, I’m looking forward to getting my life back after Legally Blonde is over. March wasn’t a great month, so I’m ready to move on.


  3. Martha B

    Yuck to dietary restrictions, but if they make you feel better, then I’m sure it will be well worth it!
    As far as breaking in shoes go, I honestly think it takes me 80+ miles. I switched to a new brand altogether recently, and although they feel better as a whole, I’m sticking to my old ones for racing until I can put a solid month on em.
    Congrats on your amazing mileage month! It’s only going to get better from here 🙂


    1. That is what I am telling myself as I fight exhaustion this week. If it works in the long run then I will make it work. 🙂
      Yeah, I am not sure what shoes I will race in yet. It’s going to take a few weeks to get the kinks out of these I think.
      Thanks! Have a great April!

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  4. Nice job! I also had a pretty good March – got my mileage back up and PR’d a half! And I also got new shoes – twinsies! I usually use my new ones for long runs and my older shoes for shorter runs since they’re more worn out. Buut, I get the same shoe each time. Sticking with what works!


    1. Nice job on the half! I wish I could get the same shoe but the company keeps redesigning them. I may try the new ones for longer runs and the older ones for shorter runs since they have less support and are more worn down.


    1. Thank you! It might be, it’s also seems to be generational. The older I get, the fewer people have heard of it. I am doing the half at SLO. I think if I were ever to do a full though, it would be at SLO. Then again, a race with a downhill slope would be a better idea. I would need all the help I could get!


  5. charissarunning

    My boyfriend says that phrase ALL.THE.TIME. So sick of it. Every time I say “Almost ready!” or “Almost done with work”, etc. Argh, just let me say “almost!” in peace haha.
    On another point, yay for March training! It always took me a little while to break in new shoes so I try to walk around in them as much as I can for that first week as well as do some of my shorter runs with them. However, if it takes longer than two weeks to break them in, it might not ever happen. I tried for a month to break in a new pair of shoes once and finally gave up – luckily I was still able to return them…


    1. I am hoping that another week of short runs in them work out most of the kinks. Walking around in them is a good idea, I should try that too. Thanks! They do feel heavier but I am hoping I can learn to ignore that.


  6. I don’t usually do much to break in new shoes and it has really only cost me once. Naturally, because it was only once, I continue to do it the wrong way! I hope the dietary changes start to even out!


    1. When I first started running, I never seemed to need to break in shoes. Now that I run more and know a little more, it seems like it takes longer. Maybe it’s all in my head? Thanks, I am hoping that it will just take another week to adjust. Fingers crossed.

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