Dress Rehearsal

It was the weekend before SLO, so of course I made sure to get in all my workouts right?  Ummm, no.     I had good intentions but was feeling tired on Saturday.  Even after sleeping in.  I ended up helping my mom move a bunch of rocks.  After multiple buckets of lifting rocks and carrying them, my hamstrings were cranky again.  I decided that counted as cross training and was good or the day.    🙂

When too tired for miles, Mizuno make great yard work shoes.
When too tired for miles, Mizuno make great yard work shoes.

Sunday though was going to happen. Last longish run before SLO.   My training plan called for a 75 minute 2/3 progression run, each third progressively faster.    On race days, 75 minutes could mean 8 miles, however on long run days, that would be more like 7.  Having not run on Saturday, I was internally hoping for 9 at an easy pace.   Since I know the likelihood of breaking 2:00 this weekend is small, I was fine with longer, slower miles.IMG_0136

I was a little sore from the rocks, oops, so I headed to the lake path for a flat surface.   I headed out before lunch!!  Who am I?  My mom came with me, she was going to walk laps of the lake while I was running.     I walked my usual warm up and just got to running.   I didn’t feel up to the 2/3 plan but I thought maybe I could run the first have around 10:45 and the last half around 10:00.  That sounded like a solid plan to me.    That’s what I thought I could do, I was wrong.  But in a good way for once!IMG_0150 I didn’t feel like I was moving faster but according to my splits I was.  I’m not sure how I hit those when I was feeling super tired but no complaints from me!    Mile 6 was a little slower as I had run into my mother again and walked a bit with her.  At that point, she was planning on only one more lap and I was torn between 2 or 3 more miles.  It was a warmer day than planned so I decided to be smart and call it at 8 miles.  It was in the 70’s by the time we were done.    Last longish run done!  Bring on the taper- oh wait, my plan doesn’t have one!IMG_0134It’s crunch time for the race now, so I set out on Sunday in a potential race day outfit.    I had purchased a new skirt at Lululemon the week before so I wanted to test it out.  SLO has a Lululemon now, well kind of, it’s only open 3 days a week, and my first time there cost me some money. I love their shorts so I bought a new pair and a skirt.    Oops!  I think I am a skirt fan now.  If I could have an unlimited budget at Skirt Sports and Lulu, that would be awesome.   Well, there and Mizuno too.  🙂  Endless shoes and skirts!!

I also hope it is partly the shade.  :)
I also hope it is partly the shade. 🙂

Over all the outfit worked well.   I am still not sold on the shirt and I will be wearing full compression socks but the skirt is a go.  It turned out to be super comfy for 8 miles and that was without any Body Glide.     I figured that was the only way to figure where the hot spots might be.  🙂   Since my mom was with me, I asked her to take a pic.  I think another goal of 2015 is to finally get a decent race pic.   Seriously, the pics from Surf City and Wine Country were so bad.   So bad.    Actually breaking 2:00 might be easier than a good race pic.  Ha!   My sock tan makes me laugh.  I don’t wear full compression socks that often, just long runs and races but check that out!

Does moving rocks count as cross training?

What do you like to race in?

Do you take good pictures?

17 thoughts on “Dress Rehearsal

  1. That tan is hilarious! I only get good pictures if I happen to see the photographer and can muster up a smile–otherwise I look tired and angry, haha! Nice job on that run!


  2. Moving rocks is definitely cross training! Yard-work is no joke 🙂 I’m loving your tan lines! I feel your pain – I always have wonky tan lines from my running clothes. I have really tan shoulders but my arms are white from wearing sleeves!

    I take horrible pictures. In race photos I always look like Jabba The Hutt. In all other pics I look like a goofball.


    1. Oh my back is hilarious. I think I have a permanent racer back tan. A friend once took a pic and sent it to me because she thought the tan lines were funny. 🙂

      Oh, my pictures are so bad! Some of them have shown me muscles or flab in places I have never seen before!


  3. You should see the tan line I have from my 12 miler a couple weeks ago. I wore a racerback tank and slacked by putting sunscreen on my back *only* where I could reach it, and of course since I was out midday with almost no shade, I got burned in the spots I couldn’t reach in the middle of my back. I now have two hideous ‘angel wings’ of tan amidst Midwest whiteness that I’m praying goes away by the time my sister’s wedding rolls around in mid-June.


    1. Oh no! My back is an odd pattern of tan lines- even with sunblock and through winter- they don’t seem to go away. I’ve had the odd hand prints on my back as well. You think you get sunscreen everywhere but then notice fingerprints of color later! I hope yours fades!


  4. Amazing long run! I hope it gave you just the boost you needed going into your race this weekend 🙂
    Haha, that tan just means you are clearly a runner 😛
    And I love your skirt!! I’ve wanted a Lulu skirt for awhile now but can’t bring myself to spend the big bucks on it…maybe I’ll shell it out for my marathon? Haha, gotta give myself a good reason for it.


    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, the sock tan around my ankles isn’t much better. 🙂
      They are pricey. 😦 My mother has 2 that she has put through the wringer and they still look look new so at least I know that it will last for that price. I have a few pairs of their shorts that I love as well but I tend to only wear them for races because I want to be nice to them. I was torn between a new skirt or new compression socks and could only rationalize the skirt for the race. 🙂


  5. Moving rocks is absolutely training: cardio and strength! 😀 The best kind of workouts are the ones that don’t feel like workouts, in my opinion. Ha, I love your goal of taking a decent race photo! Good luck this weekend!!


  6. Good luck and have fun this weekend!! I always race in the same outfit, but I didn’t notice this until looking at post-race photos recently. I am a capri girl all the way! I chafe like crazy.


    1. Thank you!! Most of last year’s races were run in the same brand of shorts and shirt just different colors each race. I used to wear capris all the time but I started getting too hot. Although, with the forecast this weekend, capris might be a better option!

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  7. Moving rocks is totes cross training!!
    My go-to race outfit is usually shorts, a tank top, and WrightSocks, or compression socks with tons of Body Glide on my toes. The skirt is cute, does it have under-shorts-thingies attached? Or would you wear compression shorts under them?
    And I take HORRIBLE race pictures. Most pictures, actually, but especially race pictures!!


    1. I hadn’t heard of Wright Socks until this comment but then I saw them at expo today too! The skirt has shorts underneath. It was pretty comfy.
      I always look either super cranky or super tired in my race pics. I never seem to see the photographers until its way too late. I know that SLO has one of those finisher booth photos, so I am hoping that at least that one turns out ok.


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