10K Thursday

10K’s and I have a rough relationship.   4 years ago today, I lined up at the start of my 1st 10k.  It was my third race, I had previously run a 5k and a half marathon.   Having run a half, I figured how bad could a 10k be?    Umm, yeah.  I actually had this post planned this week without realizing the date.  Timehop can be so helpful sometimes. Or eerily psychic.IMG_0455I am smiling in this picture but this race was rough.  I had planned on running it withNikeC but she was so much faster than I was.   My training at that point was best described as non-existent.    She pulled ahead of me fairly quickly.    I don’t remembermuch other than I walked a lot and generally felt exhausted.  At one point during an out and back portion, I passedNikeC on her way back and she cheered me on.  I probably grimaced.  She texted me a few moments later to let me know I wasn’t last.    At that time in my racing, I was obsessed with not being last.    So I hung on to the finish.   I actually finished that race in the time goal that I set for myself -1:12 but was so disappointed.   For some reason it made me feel defeated and irritated.  I couldn’t understand how I had finished 13.1 miles 2 months previous.  I felt fried.   I think I took the next 2-3 months off- zero running.  Looking back I am not even sure why, but that feeling stayed with me for a long time.

Don't I look ready to race?  Ha!  Pre-Talley
Don’t I look ready to race? Ha! Pre-Talley

A long time.  That first 10K was May of 2011.  My next 10K was June 2013.   Every time I saw a possible 10k race before that, I thought hell no.  I finally decided to try another one, granted getting a comped entry helped.  🙂   So early one June morning, I headed out to Talley Vineyard for attempt #2.    I told myself anything around 1:05 would make me happy.  Right before the start, my mother dared me to break an hour.  The incentive?  $50.00.   I laughed.  I also didn’t anticipate that running in a vineyard was more like trail running and I was not prepared for that.   That said, I crossed the finish line in 59:11.  Hell yeah!

I ran 3 more 10K’s in 2013- 57:17, 55:57, 56:21.   I began to think I liked 10K’s.  A little less crazy than a 5K but only half as long as a half marathon.    I thought it could be my new favorite distance.  I went into 2014 with this mindset.  First up was the Heart & Sole’s 10K– 55:40.  This still stands as my PR but it was rough.  5 of the 6 miles, I felt like my achilles was going to snap.   I even stopped to stretch it out at one point.    It hurt.    Next up was Bands on the Run– 59:28.  The race where I phoned it in.   I was mentally not there and it felt rough.  I also hadn’t put it together yet that humidity triggered my asthma and with a race on the beach you get lots of humidity.   Oops.  Then there was the disaster that was the HOB Fun Run 10K– 1:08:03.   That September when I finally admitted I had to back off racing because my system just wasn’t tolerating it.   Stupid stomach.  IMG_4867So out of 7 10K’s run, 4 have been less than stellar experiences.  Where am I going with this?  This Saturday, I am running Bands on the Run again.   I haven’t really raced a 10K since Heart & Soles’ and I don’t think this will be a real race.  I have no idea what time to even shoot for.    I am hoping to use this as a tune up for next month when I run Talley again.    But I don’t want to phone it in either.    The course covers pavement, the high school track, a dirt trail, soft pack dune sand and hard pack wet sand.    I don’t think I could PR it even if I was in tip-top shape.    That damn dune sand takes a lot out of you.   🙂    And that’s ok, I want to enjoy the scenery and the music this year and not feel frustrated with myself.    That said, :59 and below would be awesome but we’ll see.

This popped up today too, is the world trying to tell me something?
This popped up today too, is the world trying to tell me something?

Speaking of the beach, I’ve run 4 races on the beach but this time I have shoe options.    So what do you think?  My normal shoes, trail shoes or my lighter weight pair of shoes?

Thoughts on 10K’s?  What’s your favorite distance?

Anyone racing this weekend?

22 Comments on “10K Thursday

  1. 10Ks aren’t terrible I suppose. I think you’ll do great, though I can’t help with the shoes. I don’t run on the beach at all. I signed up for a virtual half marathon I was running with friends tomorrow, but didn’t take into account that it’s on trails and I don’t do those. I’m likely doing the 10K instead so my friends aren’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for me.


    • “I suppose” sums it up. 🙂 There’s just something about them that’s off, I can’t quite put my finger on it. Trails can be fun but rough too. A virtual with friends sounds awesome. Good luck with your race!


  2. Good luck Fallon! I’m sure you’ll do awesome. Just have fun and don’t push it – those are always the races people end up doing well!

    I used to think 10Ks were my fave distance, but they are actually my least fave. I don’t know why but I just can’t get into them. I think they are the hardest race to pace – it’s short enough that I feel like I have to run really fast, but it’s not over quickly like a 5K. 10K is a long time to run fast! I did a 10K on NYE and while I got an awesome PR, it was just not a fun race for me and kind of turned me off to that distance.


    • Thanks! My plan is just have fun, hopefully I can stick to that with the whistle. 🙂

      I want to like 10K’s but they just seem so hard. It’s odd that a race twice that distance seems like a much better option. I am just hoping to break the record of roughness. I’ve accepted that some parts will be walked so hopefully that keeps me in the right mind set.


  3. 10K can be such a brutal distance ! Sounds like you’ve definitely found your groove in them though – each and every race will add up cumulatively to fantastic racing experience, even if it was a rough race. Good luck – you’ll nail it!


  4. I really like 10ks. I did my first one last October and it led me to my half marathon journey. Good luck at your race!
    I’m racing this weekend too. Buffalo half marathon. Can’t wait to hear about your race!


    • I did mine backwards. 🙂 But considering how long it took me to run another 10K, I guess it’s a good thing a half marathon came first. 🙂
      Good luck with your half- you’re gonna do great!!


  5. I actually think 10ks are the hardest distance! at least with 5ks, it’s over quickly, no matter how painful. but the 10k is, fast and long. I don’t even know how many I have run. not very many. maybe like 3. I think that the half is my favorite distance.


    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that! 5K’s are painful but you don’t have to hang on as long. A half just seem mentally easier. I would feel more prepared for a half tomorrow even knowing I am not in 13.1 shape. 🙂


  6. I would definitely wear some lighter shoes for beach running, but make sure no sand gets in there or you’ll have some serious chafe! I like 10ks a lot more than 5ks. I raced a 5k last night and was reminded how much harder they are for me than long distance. My favorite distance is probably a half marathon or 10 miler. Hope you have a great MDW!!


    • I think I dumped a couple pounds of sand out of my shoes last year! 🙂 5K’s are rough, I haven’t really “raced” one since July. A part of me is scared now, ha! I’ve never run a 10 miler but would like to. It’s sounds like the best part of a half without the pain! Have a great weekend!

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  7. You’ve been having some pretty good runs lately, I’m sure you’ll be great! I’ve never actually done a 10k race. The one I was signed up for in March I DNS’d because I was sick and the weather was awful. I’m hoping to actually do one later this year.


  8. I’ve never run a 10K, but one of my goals is to do one. Anything shorter than a half scares me. Running fast is terrifying to me! I’m not sure about the shoes – I’ve never run a beach race. I would go with a lightweight pair, but take my advice with a grain of salt 🙂


    • I think you’d be awesome running a 10k! You’re already so fast! I want to wear my lighter ones but I haven’t actually run in them in awhile. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. Have a great weekend!


  9. I was never really a fan of the 10k distance. It’s so hard to find that pace that you can hold onto and race for 6 miles :/ My favorite distance WAS the half marathon…but lately I haven’t had a great half race so I’m not sure anymore. I gotta find a better strategy for it. Good luck this weekend! Running in the sand is tough but the change in terrain throughout the course seems pretty awesome. Hope you have fun!!


    • I have a feeling that between the terrain changes and my recent lethargy, my pace will be all over the place. I know the dune sand means walking, so hopefully the rest goes well outside of that. Sorry your recent races have been rough, maybe you are just working out the kinks before your big race?


  10. I feel like I cheated a bit because I saw your Instagram post before reading this, but YAY awesome race!! *high five* I’m looking forward to reading the recap 🙂
    I like 10Ks… I think. I’ve only done two of them, but they seem like a good distance for me. 5Ks are too short for me to really get in the groove (probably because I don’t warm up properly, ever), but they’re not as long and grueling as a half. I’m hoping to do more of them, then maybe I’ll give you a different answer 😉


    • Thank you! It should have gone up tonight but I was feeling lazy. 🙂 The race was hard but I am not sure if that was more due to distance or the terrain. I have another one in a few weeks so it will be interesting to compare. I love 5K’s but rarely seem to run them.


    • I have an easier time finding my 5K pace. My half marathon pace and 10K pace are very similar which is a little off. Plus when I inevitably go out too fast, at least I don’t have to hang on as long in a 5k than a 10K. 🙂

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