Week 11 Recap- Wait, what?

This was the kind of week that ran over me with a truck, backed up for more, then sped off into the night.   Workout wise, the week actually started off pretty good, it was work life that was kicking me around.   The I got sick and spent a lot of time sleeping.   How come that is never as exciting as it sounds?

Monday- 4.3 miles

I was debating where to run when traffic made the choice for me.     A fire started on the Cuesta grade Sunday and by Monday it had grown exponentially.    It was heavily stressed that people find alternate routes home which sent them my way.    I couldn’t even get on to the off ramp to change highways so I just took the back roads home.   This was repeated for most of the week. 

 I was feeling nostalgic apparently and headed to my former work location and ran from there.   Which is really just my home route backwards but it feels different for some reason.    πŸ˜€   My calves were super tight for the first few miles of the run.   I ended up stopping every so often to try and stretch them out.   I hit a hill at the halfway point and alternated walking forwards and backwards up it.   I wonder what the home owners thought when they looked out the window.   πŸ˜‹  Things finally felt like they popped into place a mile later.   By then I was almost done.   Soreness aside, my splits were good for an easy run and I felt good after the run too.

Tuesday- Rest

I didn’t get home until 8ish.  I looked at the bike but nah.

Wednesday- 6 miles -intervals

I haven’t done speed work in a few weeks and I was feeling nervous.  Since I couldn’t get to the lake path due to traffic, I headed to the gym.   I figured the treadmill would help me maintain pace better anyways.   Turns out I haven’t been to the gym in 182 days.   😁!!!!!  They have a new system that tells you things like that now.    Ouch.

The plan called for a warm up followed by 10 min @ HMP, 1 min recovery x3 then cool down.   I knew I didn’t have that in me so I went back to a speed workout I skipped 2 weeks ago.   Similar except only 8 min HMP x3.    But yeah, that’s not what happened.  What I did pull off was 6 min @ 9:13 pace, 2 min recovery x4 with warm up and cool down. Time wise, I hit the 24 minutes but my pace should have been 9:08.  Still for my first attempt in 2+ weeks, I am calling it a win.   It was also my longest run in my Pure Flow’s so far.   Other than the general first mile achiness, they felt great.   I always feel like it takes longer for me to find my stride on a treadmill.  Anyone else have that issue?

Thursday- 7 miles stationary bike

I was feeling pretty good after Wednesday’s speed work but planned for a rest day.  I was hoping I could maybe get my long run in on Friday so I wanted to stay off my feet.    I started off the day feeling pretty good but things went south early in the morning.  I started to feel light headed and nauseous and just exhausted.    It only got worse as the day went on.  I was supposed to attend a business mixer but just wasn’t feeling up to mingling.     I was hoping I could sweat it out on the bike.  I also figured if it made me worse, it was easy to quit since I owned the bike.  πŸ˜ƒ  I didn’t feel worse so that’s a plus right?

Friday- Rest

Or not.  I still felt crappy on Friday.   A coworker was feeling poorly too so we thought we were fighting a bug of some sort.  I was drinking Airborne and Vitamin C but no luck.   I didn’t even make it through the day at work.    It takes a lot for me to leave but I just couldn’t do it.    I went home and crashed, taking a 4 hour nap.  Is it still a nap if it’s dark when you wake up? 

Some nurse- asleep on the job
 Saturday- Rest

I had some errands to do in SLO and those hurt.   I was so tired and just beat.  Running was not happening.   The furniture did finally get rearranged.   Now, there should be no way I can run into the bike in the dark.     I’m sure I’ll find a way though.   πŸ˜ƒ

  Sunday- 5.5 miles Stationary bike

Grrr.  I had a company picnic for most of the day so I needed to run in the morning.    Yeah, no.   The alarm went off, I checked the temp and saw 90% humidity.  My lungs were having none of that.  When did I become such a baby?   I headed south for the company picnic.    Hours of sun and sand later, and I was again exhausted.  I didn’t even do anything!     Watching the executives hula hoop was amusing though.      It was around 100 when I got home and there was still Sunday dinner.   Plus my gym closes early on the weekend so I figured a little time on the bike was better than nothing at all.

Overall, the week started pretty good and hit some speed bumps at the end.   That said, it could have been worse, I still got in 4 workouts.  Much better than it would have been without the bike.   It seems like lately I have only been able to accomplish a long run or a speed workout during the week.  One but not both, I really need to work on that.

Paleo- B-

I actually did really well until I got sick.   I admit that something I always crave when sick is french fries.    It’s my comfort food, something about the grease and salt make me feel better.   Burger King happened on Thursday and In N Out on Friday.    I do have to say that they didn’t taste as good as I remember.   But that should help fight future cravings right?    I got things back under control by Sunday.    Tri tip and salad at the BBQ, I passed on the bread.  I also really like subbing broccoli in for pasta when Sunday dinner involves pasta.    Plus it’s super easy to steam and clean up so no extra work on my mom’s part since she’s in charge of Sunday dinner.  πŸ˜‰

This week has more testing for my current GI issues but it doesn’t seem very invasive so I am hoping to hit all my workouts.  Fingers crossed!    Plus I am attending an injury prevention seminar so that should be interesting.   Now if people could just stop yelling at me, that would be awesome.

How was your week? 

Does your company do annual BBQ’s or parties?  Year’s ago we did formal ones, I kind of miss them.

Anyone else have some weird summer sickness?

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  1. I am impressed at how you can recall the week of fitness. If I could get that kind of detail written down, I am sure I would learn more from my running. As it is I am sure I am re learning a lot of stuff.


  2. Sounds like you did well to me! πŸ™‚ I’m so impressed by what others do, and find it really interesting to see your thinking behind it all. No work parties here, just lots of ice cream as I’m holiday with the kids and have no willpower… eeek!


  3. Oh no, so sorry you didn’t feel well! Your cat is adorable omg. Love! Your intervals sound great – I have SUCH a hard time on the treadmill and feel like I never get warmed up. Just feels awkward!!!


    1. When she is asleep she is adorable, otherwise she is breaking things. πŸ™‚ I feel so awkward on the treadmill but in a way it helped because I actually did the full warm up for once and I usually cut them short. So, that’s a plus!

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  4. Hope you’re feeling better this week! Being sick when it’s the summer always makes it seem worse, doesn’t it? We don’t do company picnics, but my department has a “morale day” every year… we’ve gone bowling the past few years. It’s a pretty good time πŸ™‚


    1. Right? It’s hard enough regulating your body temp when sick but when it’s 100 outside? Ouch! Morale day sounds fun! I think an event with just my department would be fun, mingling with everyone I hardly know is hard. The company has grown so much in the last year I feel like I hardly know anyone.


  5. Good job! You did great, especially since you weren’t feeling well at the end!
    Friday night I worked the concession stand for our first scrimmage game, and was doing good until closing time, and I caved and made a hot dog. one of the parents goes “aren’t you vegetarian?” Yes, yes I am and yes I recognize this is a beef hot dog.
    it took a few hours and my tummy told me that I should not do that again! I’ll be able to resist it next time!
    I like Burger King, but I can get a veggie burger combo, so it’s like a burger and fries… but not. πŸ™‚
    Hope you feel better!


    1. Oof, is it almost snack bar volunteer time? I think I will black that one out as long as I can. πŸ™‚ I always drink lots of soda but have never had the food. But, like you said, I would probably never eat a hot dog again and I like them!
      Burger King is new to me. The only one in the county is in work town and I never went there until recently. But work town only has 3 fast food options. The fries aren’t bad but I think it will be a while before I go back.
      Feeling mostly better, thank you!


  6. While I dont know the exact number of days ive been down, I have not been to the gym in about 3 months myself!! UGH…Im glad youre getting back to it though… maybe you will motivate me too!! ;


  7. Just starting back on speed work myself…want to get some good 5k times this fall. I love to run in the morning, but it is VERY hard to run fast. I am trying speed intervals at the end of the run. seems like its easier to go faster when it gets closer to 7 am. Hope you feel better this week!


      1. Just did a 5k that I was unprepared for…and the results showed it. Now I’m motivated to do the speed work!


  8. Week of training was okay – but very tiring. I always feel like I hit a speed bump about 8-10 weeks into my training and feel the effects of cumulative fatigue until I start to taper… while I have great runs mixed in every now and then, I have been struggling to run HARD. When I’m sick I want all the carbs… specifically Kraft Mac & Cheese. πŸ™‚


    1. Why do all the bad foods sound so good when sick?! All I wanted was fries and pizza.
      I think I am getting that tired aspect. My training plan has been very light compared to most but I’ve actually been more consistent and it’s a longer plan. I still have 6 weeks- that seems like forever!

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  9. That’s so strange everyone is getting sick. I had to stay home sick today and I missed today’s run. And I have a friend who is sick as well. Hey, it’s better than being sick close to race day! But it’s still very weird. Hope your week goes better this week!


  10. There have definitely been weird summer illnesses floating around here too. Sorry you got it:( I never do well on the treadmill. It is so hard for me to ever feel comfortable and my pace is always slower. It seems so much harder for me. I’d be afraid to know how long I go between gym visits….especially when the weather is not snowy…


  11. We have had all sorts of weird summer sicknesses here. Not cool. Hope you’re feeling better!


  12. You still managed to power through even with being sick – great job! My kiddo has been fighting off a cold, too. What’s up with all the summer illnesses? I’m probably going to OD on vitamin C, as I’ve been popping so many to avoid getting sick. My company does a formal Christmas party, other than that just little pot-lucks and things like that πŸ™‚


    1. Oh, I’ve been keeping the Vitamin C close by and just ordered more Airborne! I shouldn’t need that in the summer! I hope he is feeling better! We used to do a formal Christmas party and while it was fun, the open bar was not such a good idea!

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