Hello Off Season

I took 5 days off after Big Sur.   5 days in a row of intentionally not running.    Say what?  I figured a week would let all of my little aches and pains and funkiness heal.   I don’t know if anything was actually leading towards an injury but I figured a little intentional rest wouldn’t hurt.    Intentional rest is odd.   Normally if I have 3-4 days off in a row, I start to feel like a lazy, guilty sloth-like creature.  And I usually whine about it here.  😃

I wanted to run a few times but I told myself a week and I was sticking to it.    It was kind of weird going straight home after work every day.  Coworkers asked is if I was changing to run and I said no.  How odd.   A week turned into a work week- 5 days counts right?  I headed out for a short, easy run on Saturday.   To make sure I wasn’t tempted to go crazy, I took the puppy with me.   It’s been a long time since I stole her for a puppy jog so I figured why not?    She did really well.      The only time I was concerned is when we were swarmed by vultures.  But, really I was concerned about both of us too.  Seriously creepy.  I may not run by that house again for a while.  😞   They were still there the next day!


oh and new shoes!
So that 3 miles run plus a  7 mile bike ride on Monday trying to shake out the achiness from Big Sur was all the exercise I got in last week.   Oops.  Failure at the first week of the #holidaysweat.   Hmmm, that timing didn’t work out so well.    I wanted to run on Sunday but woke upp feeling like I was getting a chest cold.  Breathing is still uncomfortable.   Grrr.  But I would rather feel crappy this week when I have multiple commitments after work which conflict with the gym.  Then hopefully, I will feel great next week when I can run whenever I want because I’m on vacation!!!!   Woo hoo!

Making Big Sur my last race was not my original plan.  I had planned on running a 25k trail race at Montana de Oro to cap off the year but realistically I was not prepared in any way shape or form for that.    Luckily I hadn’t registered yet; I knew it might be a long shot after Big Sur.   Also it ended up raining that morning so bonus!   I’d really be sick if I had run in that.    I ran 13 races this year, 7 were 13.1 or longer.  I’m good with that.  😄   That said, I may throw in a turkey trot on Thanksgiving because, well, it’s a turkey trot.


but we love it anyways
As for off season, I am still reading books and plans and looking for a better way to train that I know I can sustain.  All these weird, crazy thoughts are in my head right now, so I am taking the time to sift through them.    I am also currently reading Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes.  It is not helping to temper the crazy thoughts at all.    I need to figure out something soonish though as I am leaning towards running Surf City again and that is the first Sunday in February.

And this week?  I have social plans!  Holy crap, who am I?   I am meeting friends on Tuesday and Friday.  Wednesday?!  I have tickets to Riverdance!!!!  Total nerd moment but I am so excited.  Even better- I won the tickets!  Woo hoo!

Oh and I randomly decided to quit soda today.  Sort of.*

How was your weekend?

Thoughts on Riverdance?

Bets on how long til I cave with the soda?    *Disclaimer- I am allowing myself to have it if I eat out- but no more soda at work. 

16 Comments on “Hello Off Season

  1. I’ve quit biscuits…. I’m struggling! ! Soda wouldn’t bother me. Funny how we all have our “thing”…


  2. Good luck with the soda cravings! When I tried to quit soda, the thing that saved me was flavored seltzer water. Turns out I just like the bubbles, and not really all the sugary-soda!


  3. I don’t miss soda like I thought I would. Really, when I have it, I crave it, and when I don’t have it, I don’t crave it! I still get one about once a month, but otherwise, I’m pretty good! So, if I can do it you can too!

    Okay, where should I go to buy shoes? Seriously. I have no clue. I did Lady Footlocker last time, but I’m not happy enough about it to go back. I love my original Sketchers, but finding them in stock, in my size, at the outlet is always hit and miss. Any suggestions? A magic word I should google to find the right place? 🙂 Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • I’m trying baby steps. I figure allowing it when I eat out is a good compromise- I am hoping I won’t feel like I am depriving myself. 🙂 Then maybe I will succeed.

      Hmmm, what is in your area? Do you have a Fleet Feet or Roadrunner? I’ve heard good things about those chains. Running Warehouse has great customer service and a 90 day wear and return (store credit) but you can only shop online (unless you fly out here 😊). Talking to someone is helpful though. This link will show you options are near you- http://www.runnersworld.com/store-finder I tested it and it even pulled up some local options in my area I didn’t know about! Good luck!!


  4. I suck at intentional rest, but this time around I embraced it! I am on day 10 of no running. I am going to start again tomorrow. I hope my calf cooperates! I’m glad you took some intentional rest so you can avoid unintentional rest 🙂


    • It’s weird, I know I don’t run a lot compared to others but I usually think about when I will run all time, for 5 days, I wasn’t thinking that. 10 days?! I can’t decide if that sounds stressful or relaxing. I hope your calf feels better when you go for a run!

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  5. I keep seeing Ultra Marathon Man popping up everywhere… are you enjoying it, apart from it not tempering the crazy? 😉


    • It was really good! It’s from the mid 2000’s so I am a little behind but still a great read. I knew he had accomplished all kinds of crazy feats but really had no idea just how crazy. Like 200 miles by himself?! More than once?! I think I need to read the “Run” one now. 🙂

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  6. Ooh soda…big move. I’ve cut it out too (mostly), but its been SOOO hard! Congratulations!


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