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Week 39-Social

I had to be social this week. So social. I can’t people anymore.

First up was a mixer on Thursday after work. Then Saturday morning got as a volunteer for an event at the homeless shelter. Ok, truth that one was the best one and I had no problems helping out. But the kicker was the charity fundraiser dinner on Saturday evening.

Peopling is hard. So hard I make up words.🤣

Monday 2.5 ish miles
This is as my first run since the asthma attack fun of Surf City. My only goal was to keep my heat rate in the green and go for about 30 minutes. I felt like I was crawling but still spent half my time in Orange. 😒

Tuesday—- can’t remember what I did.
Sure it was something though. Oh wait- I had an all day work meeting. How did I forget that?

Wednesday 3.2 miles.
I had a crap day and just needed to run it out. Which I did by either hauling ass or walking text venting to a friend. Oddly enough my heart rate stayed lower which is funny considering my pace dropped into the 6’s and 7’s at some points. The things anger and a downhill can do for you. 🤣

Thursday- mixer and it was freezing.
Got to tour some more homes though!

Friday- Ill.
I woke up feeling super crappy. I blamed the massive swing in the previous day’s weather.

Saturday 8.2 miles
I had the volunteer shift in the morning and the fundraiser that night so why not throw my long run into the middle?😂 Actually the run was kind of great- kept a chill pace and felt pretty good. Minus the 2 miles where I was trying to shake some foot pain. I changed my route due to an off leash dog and then my left foot had a disagreement with a bump in the side walk. Graceful, I am not.

Sunday- oops
I meant to run, I meant to hit a trail. Then I started reorganizing my closet and dresser and that swallowed my day. Like it does every time I do it.

This week had its ups and downs in running and life, but like I said last week, I’m just going to keep rolling with it.

How was your week?

There is Shiny

For a so called, introverted home body, this has been a very social week. Tuesday night, I met up with a good friend who I have not seen in way too long for dinner.   It was great catching up.  Then, last night, I took my mom to see Riverdance.  I had won tickets at work.  😃🎉.

Growing up, I remember watching the performances on tv with my mom and grandparents, we used to love them.   Every time we watched I was left wanting to both dance like them and learn to play the violin.   They made violin playing look so damn cool.    When I won the tickets I was stoked but also worried that they wouldn’t live up to my memories.    I had nothing to be worried about, it was freakin’ awesome.  Seriously the moves they can with their legs and the sounds?  Amazing, if you have the chance to see them, do it. 💃


The inside of the PAC is pretty cool

Once again, I was left wanting to dance like them.  And learn to the play the violin again.  😀.  But seriously, they have hip-hop inspired dance classes and Zumba- so why has there never been a Riverdance inspired fitness class?!

Social fun aside, I’ve been a serious slacker in the fitness department.    I was looking forward to getting in a good run at the gym tonight but it was more of a farce.

My knee still twinges at odd times so I was planning to take it slow.  I was going to try watching a show on my phone while on the treadmill.  When I say watching, I really mean listening.  I knew there was no way I was going to be able to see the phone comfortably without jacking up my stride.    I am way behind in Grey’s Anatomy so I figured it was worth a shot.   After a nice walking warm up I set the treadmill to an easy 11 minute pace and got running.

I was aiming for a super easy run as I’ve only jogged 3 miles since Big Sur.  Also my leg still has moments where something feels off.   I was feeling pretty good and looking forward to solid hour run.  That was the time goal I set for myself and mileage didn’t matter.   Listening to the show worked pretty well for 20 minutes.  The the feed just died and I couldn’t get it back.  Ok fine.   Then 37 minutes in, my stomach cramped in a very bad way and I bailed off the treadmill.

I was ticked because my stomach has been really good the past 2 weeks.  I also have barely run the past 2 weeks.  I refuse to see a correlation.

Once I took care of that issue, I knew more running was unlikely.  I was already at the gym so I figured I would try one their stationary bikes.   The first one I sat down on was dead.  No amount of pushing the start button or pedaling was bringing it to life.  So I moved over one.  Someone had to show me how to start it.  😭  Finally I was pedaling though.    Only to find that the thing was off balance and made a clanging sound with every pedal rotation. Oh and the computer didn’t really work.   It said I was pedaling a consistent 11.8.  No matter how fast or slow my cadence was.   I made it 15 minutes before I bailed.

So yeah, tonight seems more #gymfail than win.   However, I’ve been in an odd funk lately and I am actively trying to break it.  So, like the title (and one of my goals for 2015) says- there is some shiny.  37 minutes on the treadmill and 15 on the bike is 50+ more minutes than yesterday.  And the day before.   I got to wear my new shoes-that’s always a plus.  My leg only twinged a bit during those 37 minutes too.   That’s a good sign right?

And while Tuesday and Wednesday were lacking workouts, they were spent having fun and making memories.   Those are always shiny.😃

Oh, and I am one day away from vacation.  That may be the shiniest of all.  😛

What was your “shiny” this week?

Anyone racing this weekend? Maybe an early Turkey Trot?

Hello Off Season

I took 5 days off after Big Sur.   5 days in a row of intentionally not running.    Say what?  I figured a week would let all of my little aches and pains and funkiness heal.   I don’t know if anything was actually leading towards an injury but I figured a little intentional rest wouldn’t hurt.    Intentional rest is odd.   Normally if I have 3-4 days off in a row, I start to feel like a lazy, guilty sloth-like creature.  And I usually whine about it here.  😃

I wanted to run a few times but I told myself a week and I was sticking to it.    It was kind of weird going straight home after work every day.  Coworkers asked is if I was changing to run and I said no.  How odd.   A week turned into a work week- 5 days counts right?  I headed out for a short, easy run on Saturday.   To make sure I wasn’t tempted to go crazy, I took the puppy with me.   It’s been a long time since I stole her for a puppy jog so I figured why not?    She did really well.      The only time I was concerned is when we were swarmed by vultures.  But, really I was concerned about both of us too.  Seriously creepy.  I may not run by that house again for a while.  😞   They were still there the next day!


oh and new shoes!
So that 3 miles run plus a  7 mile bike ride on Monday trying to shake out the achiness from Big Sur was all the exercise I got in last week.   Oops.  Failure at the first week of the #holidaysweat.   Hmmm, that timing didn’t work out so well.    I wanted to run on Sunday but woke upp feeling like I was getting a chest cold.  Breathing is still uncomfortable.   Grrr.  But I would rather feel crappy this week when I have multiple commitments after work which conflict with the gym.  Then hopefully, I will feel great next week when I can run whenever I want because I’m on vacation!!!!   Woo hoo!

Making Big Sur my last race was not my original plan.  I had planned on running a 25k trail race at Montana de Oro to cap off the year but realistically I was not prepared in any way shape or form for that.    Luckily I hadn’t registered yet; I knew it might be a long shot after Big Sur.   Also it ended up raining that morning so bonus!   I’d really be sick if I had run in that.    I ran 13 races this year, 7 were 13.1 or longer.  I’m good with that.  😄   That said, I may throw in a turkey trot on Thanksgiving because, well, it’s a turkey trot.


but we love it anyways
As for off season, I am still reading books and plans and looking for a better way to train that I know I can sustain.  All these weird, crazy thoughts are in my head right now, so I am taking the time to sift through them.    I am also currently reading Ultra Marathon Man by Dean Karnazes.  It is not helping to temper the crazy thoughts at all.    I need to figure out something soonish though as I am leaning towards running Surf City again and that is the first Sunday in February.

And this week?  I have social plans!  Holy crap, who am I?   I am meeting friends on Tuesday and Friday.  Wednesday?!  I have tickets to Riverdance!!!!  Total nerd moment but I am so excited.  Even better- I won the tickets!  Woo hoo!

Oh and I randomly decided to quit soda today.  Sort of.*

How was your weekend?

Thoughts on Riverdance?

Bets on how long til I cave with the soda?    *Disclaimer- I am allowing myself to have it if I eat out- but no more soda at work.