Lions and Smoke- Weekly Recap

Part of me thinks the universe was trying to tell me to take a break and part of thinks I am just trying to rationalize how slacker-like I was this week.   Ohhh, it was bad.  So bad.    But life happens right?  You gotta roll with the punches right?  Ok, that was a little cliche.   So let’s just get to it.

Monday- Sick.  I actually called in sick to work.    I had felt poorly all weekend and Monday morning just wasn’t happening.   Lots of rest, water and sleep.

Tuesday-Rest I told myself I was well enough to run so I packed my bag- I wasn’t.    My subconscious must have known better as I forgot my shoes.   Then came the air quality warnings due to the Chimney Fire.  I found out from my mother that even the schools canceled all outdoor sports practices due to air quality.   Ok, I get it.

Wednesday-Rest I had to stay late at work for phone issues so I knew I wasn’t running.  Boo.

Thursday- 4 miles  I ran!!!  Mile one was too slow and mile 4 was way too fast but I got out there.  I still wasn’t feeling the greatest and I was moving a little sluggish.   The smoke in the air made things rough.  My legs were also freaky sore.  I stopped to stretch a few times on the run.    I was glad I got the run in though, it felt good to be moving.   I remember thinking that there were fewer people out and chalked it up to the smoke.

Friday- Rest  And backslide.  I woke with a very sore throat and some tightness in my chest.  Boo, smoke.  I used my inhaler on the way to work.  Things got a little better while at work as work town is a little farther from the fire.   That didn’t stop the sky from glowing when I left though.

Saturday- Rest.  I had laid out all my clothes to run the night before and I was really hoping for 10 miles.    Surprisingly, marathon training made me like long runs.   But I felt worse Saturday morning than I had on Friday.  Boo.  So I lazed about all day and the ended the day at the movies.

every parking lot is full of fire trucks

Sunday- 8 mile stationary bike, 10 pushups and a plank attempt.  My clothes were still laid out to run but yeah.     I was exhausted and learned something about my running route.   Mountain lion sightings?!!!!  Oh hell no.  Apparently there have been a few sightings and the game warden has been out.  Seriously?!

Ok, enough is enough.   Smoke, lions and sickness?  I’m done.

So yeah, this was an interesting week.  I am over it and moving on.    And now debating if that running route is public enough to chance running.    I mean there are houses on one side, right?  Hmmm.

How was your week?

What creatures do you run into?

Seriously, how awesome was the men’s marathon?



  1. The men’s marathon was so fun to watch!! Hope you have a better running week this week!


    1. It was a great race!! Thank you! Hope you have a great week!

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  2. Wow that is some crazy smoke. On the bright side, your legs will be nice and fresh for your next run!


    1. The smoke is ridiculous and the fire keeps growing. Now there is one south of us too. 😞. That’s a good way to look at it- I just need to tell myself I am resting my legs.


  3. I’m not surprised you didn’t get out running much, I wouldn’t have either! Think of it as a blip and just focus on getting out there next week- mountain lion-dependent obviously. 😉


    1. I am trying to just think of it as very big step back week. 🙂 Right? I am used to the possibility of mountain lions on the route around my house which is why I don’t run early mornings but the other route?! It has a lot of houses so I figured it would be unlikely.


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