Lions and Smoke- Weekly Recap

Part of me thinks the universe was trying to tell me to take a break and part of thinks I am just trying to rationalize how slacker-like I was this week.   Ohhh, it was bad.  So bad.    But life happens right?  You gotta roll with the punches right?  Ok, that was a little cliche.   So let’s just get to it.

Monday- Sick.  I actually called in sick to work.    I had felt poorly all weekend and Monday morning just wasn’t happening.   Lots of rest, water and sleep.

Tuesday-Rest I told myself I was well enough to run so I packed my bag- I wasn’t.    My subconscious must have known better as I forgot my shoes.   Then came the air quality warnings due to the Chimney Fire.  I found out from my mother that even the schools canceled all outdoor sports practices due to air quality.   Ok, I get it.

Wednesday-Rest I had to stay late at work for phone issues so I knew I wasn’t running.  Boo.

Thursday- 4 miles  I ran!!!  Mile one was too slow and mile 4 was way too fast but I got out there.  I still wasn’t feeling the greatest and I was moving a little sluggish.   The smoke in the air made things rough.  My legs were also freaky sore.  I stopped to stretch a few times on the run.    I was glad I got the run in though, it felt good to be moving.   I remember thinking that there were fewer people out and chalked it up to the smoke.

Friday- Rest  And backslide.  I woke with a very sore throat and some tightness in my chest.  Boo, smoke.  I used my inhaler on the way to work.  Things got a little better while at work as work town is a little farther from the fire.   That didn’t stop the sky from glowing when I left though.

Saturday- Rest.  I had laid out all my clothes to run the night before and I was really hoping for 10 miles.    Surprisingly, marathon training made me like long runs.   But I felt worse Saturday morning than I had on Friday.  Boo.  So I lazed about all day and the ended the day at the movies.

every parking lot is full of fire trucks

Sunday- 8 mile stationary bike, 10 pushups and a plank attempt.  My clothes were still laid out to run but yeah.     I was exhausted and learned something about my running route.   Mountain lion sightings?!!!!  Oh hell no.  Apparently there have been a few sightings and the game warden has been out.  Seriously?!

Ok, enough is enough.   Smoke, lions and sickness?  I’m done.

So yeah, this was an interesting week.  I am over it and moving on.    And now debating if that running route is public enough to chance running.    I mean there are houses on one side, right?  Hmmm.

How was your week?

What creatures do you run into?

Seriously, how awesome was the men’s marathon?


6 thoughts on “Lions and Smoke- Weekly Recap

  1. I’m not surprised you didn’t get out running much, I wouldn’t have either! Think of it as a blip and just focus on getting out there next week- mountain lion-dependent obviously. 😉


    1. I am trying to just think of it as very big step back week. 🙂 Right? I am used to the possibility of mountain lions on the route around my house which is why I don’t run early mornings but the other route?! It has a lot of houses so I figured it would be unlikely.


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