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The time may have changed but more often than not my runs end at dusk which makes it hard to be seen.  Heck even in daylight I wonder how often cars truly see me.  I know I’ve had more than one close call due to distracted drivers and more than one car hood that’s been close enough for me to hit out of anger- I never have though.

Throw in my tendency to run in the bike lane, lack of sidewalks or shoulders in my area and running can be sketchy sometimes.    That’s not taking into account the distraction of cell phones or my personal favorite- eating while driving.  😛

Enter Brilliant Reflective strips.

These things are small but mighty!     With these strips you can turn your regular running gear reflective.  And it’s a way less expensive then some of the running gear they sell in the stores.   They have both iron on and stick on strips and they offer 4 colors- red, blue, purple, and black.  I chose black because I’m wearing a lot of black and gray these days, I figured why not make it a little brighter?

The application process of it all took less then 10 minutes.   The hardest part was admitting that not only do I not own an iron, I would likely burn the house down—Mom!   I’ve had the strips on my clothes for weeks and not only have they handled my sweaty self well, they’ve handled the washing machine really well.     I do wash everything inside out and on the gentle cycle, but I was already doing that so no change there.

I used the stick on strips for regular non washable gear that use 99% of my runs.  This would be my belt, my Orange Mud handheld and my Miles and Pace hat.  The belt and handheld already were a little reflective but more never hurts right?  It was seriously as easy as putting a sticker on your laptop.

These strips are awesome.  They are super easy to use and they shine at the littlest light.  I even love in the daytime.  I actually had a driver acknowledge me when they drove past me the other day- I’ve never had a passing driver actually show that saw me before.   I was so excited!

I only wish I had better pictures but I don’t run with anyone to get a full body shot and when I tried self timer pics they were so bad that they will never see the light of day.  😛 I have a bunch of strips on tanks but I can’t contort my arms to get the picture.

The Brilliant Reflective strips sell for $9.95 and ship for free.  Seriously awesome.   I want more.  I think it’s time for some colors.  😛

Bonus!!!  I have a discount that is valid until 11:59 PM CT on April 11 for 25% of your order- use code BIBRAVEPRO25.

How do you shine bright?


12 Comments on “Shine Bright

  1. I love reflective stuff (in general) but when it comes to clothes, they can be sooo pricey!
    Love this idea and am impressed that they have lasted so long.
    Will give them a try. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Nice! I totally know what you mean about not having a full body shot. I typically run alone as well. I had to grab my housemate to go outside with me during a run so he could help me take an action shot.


    • I thought about trying something similar but by the time I get home I forget. Plus there’s nowhere to run in my driveway and I am not running my driveway. Damn thing almost has a 18% slope. 😛

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  3. I added those to my “must try” list after learning about them during a #bibchat. Still haven’t gotten around to purchasing but as the weather heats up I would like some for sure.


    • I really liked the convenience of them and how bright they got. I was able to add a discount to the bottom of the post today for 25% off until the 11th. I am definitely ordering myself some more.


  4. Great review, really nicely done…I didn’t sign up for this product test because I rarely run in the dark anymore and wasn’t sure I could really provide any valuable feedback…this winter, practically all my evening training during the week was on the treadmill. But, I really like this concept and the price point…that is a great deal, and your pics show how effective they are when added to your running gear.


    • Thank you! I never used to run in the dark but I hate the treadmill. I feel like end up injured after running on one. This year I transitioned to a lot of evening runs outside during winter. I really like these strips, I am planning on ordering more.


  5. I run in the morning, and love the reflective stripes! I have a different brand, but it is such a good solution! Reflective gear is so expensive – and reflective gear for big girls like me? Forgettaboutit!!


    • Last week when I had to work super early, I was thinking about morning running and I just don’t know how you you do it! I was just thinking about all the things that were hiding in the dark, 🙂 I’ll stick to evenings!


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