Rambling On 7

Happy Friday!!

First week post merger is almost done!  Woo hoo!  I didn’t mess up answering the phones as bad as I thought.  😛  Only a few times.

Rain is coming back, boo.   While I am over the rain and dealing with it, it’s kind of shocking how quickly all the lush green started to go brown in the last 2 weeks.   Anyways, it’s only supposed to be for a few days.

from Tuesday’s run

Oh, speaking of the new company- they treated us to lunch on Monday.  Since I always have a late lunch I am weird about what food I will order since it has to wait a couple hours.  I ordered the grilled cheese.  Holy crap, this was the most amazing thing ever.    I ate part of it when it arrived and reheated the rest at lunch.  Seriously, it was awesome.    Oh yeah, the fries were damn good too.

I had to go to an IRS office to prove who I was.  That was fun.    This was after a phone call where I spoke with an unbelievably rude representative from the IRS.    Can the person who tried to fraudulently use my social security number and get a massive refund just pay my taxes this year?  That would be nice, ok, thanks.

I won’t lie, I really just want to spend a day sleeping.  Is that bad?  If it could be on a beach in a hammock, all the better but at this point just sleep.  I’m still feeling a little ragged around the edges after last week.

I totally had something else to say but just completely blanked…oops!  Your turn!

What are you doing this weekend?





9 thoughts on “Rambling On 7

  1. I missed my mileage goals this week – and I’m okay with it! I ran 4 on Monday, did spin and yoga Tuesday and Wednesday due to sore/weather issues – ran 5 on Thursday, and it felt good! I wanted to do 5 miles today – and thus hitting my minimum mileage goal for the week; however, I’m working NASCAR today (Fri), Sat and Sun, and that is 10 – 12 hours on my feet. I got up this morning and wanted to, but all I could think was then being on my feet on the hot concrete all day for the next 3 days, and, decided to go lay down for an hour and keep my legs fresh. My ankle is just now feeling better, and I finally had 2 good runs after so many struggle buses… I think that giving myself a break on “training” has really helped my mind and my body!


    1. Sometimes life tales precedence over miles, right? Sometimes we all need a break. NASCAR is awesome, sounds exhausting but awesome. I hope your ankle continues to feel better and that you don’t put it through too much this weekend.


  2. It’s my second official weekend without my better half since he moved to Texas for an internship so I’m going to try and clean out my room to get rid of stuff that makes me too mushy. Haha Will also be taking my first belly dancing class and running a 5k this weekend. Have a great weekend dear!


    1. Wait, he’s already left? I knew he was moving but you still had time. That’s rough, I’m sorry. Have fun belly dancing, I tried a workout DVD years ago and all I could do was laugh at myself. 🙂 Have a great race!

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      1. Yeah, it was very sudden so I’ve been pretty bummed this week. Thanks! I had a pretty good race, but I don’t think I did my hamstrings any favors. Haha


  3. Glad you made it through post-merger week! It’s a race weekend for us with a fun 12K hosted by the Seahawks which will be a crazy event down at their amazing training facility on the shore of Lake Washington.


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