Week 14- Somewhat Normal

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This week was a little over the place.   First week post merger, crazy busy and I had to spend time fighting with the IRS to prove that I was me.  That was real fun.   Identify theft is a never ending story.  I was actually a little worried going into the appointment-  the picture on my drivers license is over 15 years old, I swear it’s me!   I also hit a possum and felt traumatized.   😢

All stress aside, this was a slightly more normal week running wise.  Woo hoo!  And I ending up buying myself the entire Fast and Furious collection so I had a couple of relaxing weekend evenings.😛

Monday- Rest  I took all my gear to work but didn’t really account for the chaos of the first day post merger.  Which was silly because this was not my first rodeo.   Anyhow, the day was insanely busy and my boots did not cooperate with my feet at all.  By the end of the day, I was done.  I limped to my car and just went home.

Tuesday-  4 miles  I ran from work, I just felt like it was a day for the eucalyptus grove.  While I keep my pace easy for my work route I push the threshold in other ways.  I often run without water and try to not use my inhaler.   In a town that often has a heavy marine layer.  It sounds crazy but I do it every couple of weeks as a workout of sorts for my lungs.    I always have my inhaler with me if I need it but I like to try run the whole run without using it.

Wednesday- Rest– Once again, Wednesday is a black hole.  I am sure I did something but I have no idea what.

Thursday- 2 runs, 2.6 miles each  Grrr, I had to leave work early for my IRS appointment and had hoped I would have enough time to get in a 5 mile run before I had a tire rotation appointment.   Yeah no.    I squeezed in 2.6 which started sluggish and ended speedy- 8:50 pace for the .6.  Then it was off the get my tires done.   Once home, I managed to head out for another 2.6 in the evening.  This were more evenly pace miles and I learned that the elementary school is a madhouse after 6.  I was dodging cars right and left and lost track of how many times I stopped to avoid getting hit.   Aaagh!!!   Just get me home!  5.2 miles for the day.

Friday- Rest Oh I ate so much food!  It was my 10 year anniversary at work (even with the new company) and my boss and coworkers brought me donuts and pizza!

Saturday- 10 miles I woke up with a headache and I knew there was a cycling event on my running route so I decided to go back to sleep.   The rain that came through on Friday kept the temps down  so I headed out for my long run around 4.   Oh man, the wind was nuts at some points.   I felt like I was being blown backwards.   My legs felt fine for this run and I didn’t really feel tired but I couldn’t ever really get my  head in the game.   My stomach started to cramp around mile 7 but considering what I had eaten over the past few days, I really couldn’t blame it.  It wasn’t a bad run by any means, it was just meh.  It did reinforce my opinion that I hate running west across the bridge.  East- no problem, west? Yuck.

Sunday- Rest Well, crap, my calves were sore.   The PureFlow’s seem to be working out but I forgot how long it took me to transition to a 4mm drop.  Oops.

19.2 miles for the week.  That missing .8 kind of bothers me but hey it’s 7 more miles than last week.  I was super tired this week but finally figured when I am not going to be?  Might as well just run.  😛

How was your week?

Anyone race this weekend?

Watch any movies lately?

7 thoughts on “Week 14- Somewhat Normal

  1. Congrats on 10 years at work, I was 10 years last year at mine but I didn’t get any pizza or donuts., boo!! 19.2 miles is still a great week training! My training week mileage wasn’t great but I’m just happy being able to run again after being pretty much out for two weeks! I love the Fast and Furious movies!! I hadn’t seen any good movies for a while but I seen The Accountant and Snowden over the last couple of weeks and thought both were great!


  2. Tuesday has become a black hole for me and I don’t know why! Well, I know why today – after over 60k steps on the weekend, 30K on Sunday, and then doing what I considered to be a “shakeout” 3.1 on Monday – I wanted to move so I wouldn’t be sore from the weekend, today, I just wanted sleep! So, I slept this morning instead of running. I’ll do spin and yoga later and be happy! 🙂


    1. I saw your Fitbit stats, nice!! I rarely put my on these days. That was an intense weekend! I still haven’t run this week, work ran longer than planned on Monday. I wish I could be a morning runner but I think a 4 AM wakeup would break me. Sleep is good, I hope you’re feeling rested!

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  3. Yay for some things returning back to normal. Do you have other stuff that you have to do with the IRS or are you done proving that you’re you? From social media, you know that I raced this past weekend. I was going to take it easy this week, but realized it’s my last real training week before I have to taper for my next half. Also, strava is having a Boston challenge and I’m supposed to run 26.2 miles in the 6 days so I might try for that. Not sure how that will end up since I’m injured. LOL


    1. That was what I needed to do prove my identity but my return will take an additional 8 weeks, which is horrible since I owe, haha. But then I received a notice that the IRS itself was breached so I just can’t win. I’m signed up for that Strava challenge too but work has been crazy and I haven’t run yet this week! It’s better to go into the race under trained than to push too hard and really hurt yourself!

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      1. Yeah. Won’t be doing any crazy long runs this week. Just trying to do short maintenance runs and hope for the best. Geez, you really can’t catch a break. The IRS getting breached? Really? Hope life returns back to normal soon!


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