Week 16- Short

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I don’t know what it was about this week but every workout fell short from what I planned.  This week was kind of all over the place…or at least my brain was.   Maybe it was just me?   Who knows.

I experimented with lunch and breakfast changes last week and they did not go so well at all.  Boo, I am so over smoothies.

Monday- Rest  After a weekend of running with minimal pain, I decided to give my legs a rest.  They might have let me get in a long run without screaming but I didn’t want to push it.

Tuesday- Rest This is where things started to get odd.  Work ran long and I was just so tired, I ended up heading home after work and picking up a pizza.🍕

Wednesday- 2.3 miles  So not the plan.  I was aiming for 4-5 miles and although I started off with sluggish legs, I felt like they were warming up.  What was not on board was my stomach and things turned ugly in my second lap of the lake.  Grrrr.

Thursday- 3.65 miles Again fewer miles than planned but this time I was ok with it.   With all my shoe issues I decided to try running in the Nike’s and for some reason that was a sign to my legs to move.   I was feeling out of breath in mile 2 and getting pissed off because I didn’t feel like I was moving that fast so I took a long walk break- almost 2 minutes.  That’s not counting the 1 or 2  30 second walk breaks I had already taken.  I figured out I was running too fast when mile 2 clocked in at 10:54.  Wait, with all that walking- how the hell fast was I was running?  Instead of fighting it I just let my legs do what they wanted to do.  I ran like hell for a while and walked anytime I needed a rest.    I was also singing and dancing to my music while running down the street.  😛

Friday- Rest  It ended up being an open to close kind of day and I was beat after work.   It’s always a great day when you’re told you shouldn’t go to lunch right? 😂

Saturday- Rest  I planned on running to make up the missed miles from earlier in the week but I kept procrastinating.   Run didn’t happen.

Sunday- 10 miles  Ouch.  I had prepped for a morning 12 miler.  However when I woke up my stomach informed me that the only place I was running was to the bathroom.  😞   So I pushed my run to the afternoon.  It was only supposed to be in the mid 70’s so I figured it would be ok.  Ha!  I was so hot and so slow.  It was seriously the slowest 10 miles I have ever run.     It shouldn’t have felt that warm to me but we haven’t been that warm yet this year with all the rain.  I’ve only run in shorts twice and I guess I haven’t acclimated.   I just kept moving forward- it took a lot of walking but I finally made it home.  I did sit down outside the elementary school for a moment in a effort to cool off a bit.  Grrr.

15.95 miles for the week.    Grrrr.  That’s all I got for this week.  Maybe a run on Saturday would have made things better but it was almost 90 so maybe not.   Time to put it behind me as I should be running a race next weekend.  Which would be fine if I had a pair of shoes that didn’t hurt.  The PureFlow’s start to aggravate my arch around mile 9-10.   Seriously, barefoot running is looking better by the day.

How was your week?

Do anything fun?

10 thoughts on “Week 16- Short

  1. My training week was kind of similar, the short runs were a struggle and I just couldn’t pull myself together on the long run. I guess weeks like this make the good weeks even better…hopefully! I don’t know how I’d cope running in heat, I get too hot running even when its cold.


    1. Ugh, weeks like this are so frustrating. There never seems to be a specific reason and it makes it so frustrating! Sorry to hear you had a similar week! I need to adjust to the heat quicker, it’s going to be 100 before I know it, boo. 😦

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  2. Aww. Sorry to hear your stomach was acting up. I ran the La Jolla Half this past weekend and my stomach was acting up towards the end of the race. Luckily, I made it to the end and my stomach calmed down. Too bad that didn’t last because dinner didn’t sit well with me later that night. Haha Hope work isn’t too tough this week and your feet feel better!


  3. sounds like a rough week…we all have them once in a while, but running in heat with gi stress is no fun for sure so hopefully this week will be better…it was a crazy busy week but most of our running was done in the rain as spring continued in Seattle 🙂


      1. We do generally warm up in the summer – it will get into the 90’s at times and from July-September it is quite dry…usually!! This winter and spring has been crazy wet though…every day it seems, I run in the rain. The 2 bike ride days were dry which is why I had to get the bike out!

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