Week 24- Heat Wave

It’s begun.

The work week was long and they are only going to get longer from here on out.   I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.  The last big conversion/ merger I went through was 4 years ago and I ended up falling back to running 1x during the week and both weekend days because I was putting in so much overtime.  Oddly enough, that’s also when I was the fastest but I am sure the 2 have no correlation.   πŸ˜›    Difference is, last time we were the company doing the buying not so there wasn’t a huge learning curve for me- it was just a super busy time.  This time, I’m looking at a Grand Canyon of things I don’t know and not knowing what I don’t know makes me uneasy.   I am trying not to stress about it though.

Trying.  I need to read more.  For relaxation I mean.  So I ordered some new books.

Monday- 2.5 miles  First day back at work.  Couple hundred emails, schedule overload,  work ran late, and we were down 50% of our staff.  By the end of the day I had zero desire to run after work.  Zero.  But I changed, laced up and headed for home town.  I turned it into a game- could I keep my heart rate in the green zone?  Yeah, no.  But I tried.  πŸ˜›

Tuesday- Rest I meant to do something productive workout wise but I didn’t.  And something about the shoes I wore to work pissed off my right foot.

Wednesday- Rest  Meeting #1 of meeting/ training polooza of the next month.   The day started abnormally early and by day’s end I was just living in migraine city.  I left my gym bag full of running gear at work and just went home.

Thursday- 4 miles  It had been too long since I ran in work town so that was my plan.  Success!  Similar MO to Monday- try to stay in the green zone.  Hell for the first 2 miles I had trouble getting into the green.    I felt like I was working but I guess the temp in the 60’s and a downhill made things easier than I thought.  Then there was the climb in mile 4 and my heart rate went right past green and into threshold.  Grrrr.     Once home I did 8 minutes with my kettle bell.  Ouch.

Friday- Rest  Seriously 8 minutes with a kettle bell should not kick my ass that much.

Saturday- 9 miles bike  I admit I slept in.  Then it was 106 and there was no way I was running in that.  I stuck to the bike.  Except I still haven’t replaced my fan so I was still ended up a sweaty mess.

Sunday- 7.3 miles  Long run fail.  I headed out around 8 to get in my planned long run of 10 miles but it was already too late.  It was 80 when I started.   It wasn’t bad in the beginning but it never got any better.  I started to feel the warmth around mile 4.  My mother was supposed to meet me around mile 5.5 and she was going to walk while I finished the rest.  She drove past me before I even hit 5.  I took a shorter route to her but I knew I wasn’t hitting 10.  I decided to try for 8 but at 7.3 when I was running- not sure what I was doing could be called running- brought me past the car again, I said F* it.  It was 90 degrees and it wasn’t even 10 yet.  I had somehow gone through 38 oz’s of water in 7 miles and both my packs were empty.   I was done.

13.8 miles run, 9 miles bike, 1 strength workout

Not exactly what I was hoping for this week but also not too shabby for a Slacker like me. Now if I can just drag myself out of bed earlier on the weekends.

How was your week?

What’s your weather like?


23 thoughts on “Week 24- Heat Wave

  1. We’re getting super muggy here too. I had to talk myself out of bed this morning for a cool wet run… otherwise I would have to suffer the consequences with an afternoon/evening wade in pea soup.


  2. I’ve been waiting until the evenings to run so it’s not as hot. I will probably have to start waking up early later in the summer to get my runs in though. That will be tough. Ack.


  3. Last week I had to travel for work and did 3 miles on the hotel treadmill… not as much fun, but it made me question running outside! LOL.
    I’ll stick to running outside. I did 4 miles today, 76 dg felt great! I just ignored the 91% humidity. :/ Until my run was over and I had to gasp a little bit!


  4. I’ve been friends with the couch lately and haven’t been putting in too many miles, but with that said…My marathon training started this week!! The heat and humidity in Florida are going to be fun this training cycle!!



    1. I walked outside after a work meeting today and the heat just smacked me in the face. But I shouldn’t complain, we could have humidity- I would probably take summers off if that happened.πŸ˜›


  5. I don’t want to hear about you Californians complaining about the heat. You live in paradise for God sakes!! Anyway, are you on Strava? I tried finding you but I guess you are in the witness protection program because I do not see you. πŸ˜‰


    1. Haha, but the weather in my area tends to be a little crazy- 50 degree temp change in one day? Why not? I am on Strava. I’ll have to look at my settings, I probably clicked something wrong.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ


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