To Sur….with Hills

We interrupt regularly scheduled programming  for a little announcement.  😛   My workout recap will be up on Wednesday.

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I thought it was fitting that I drop the news about marathon #2 on the anniversary of marathon #1.

One year ago today, I crossed the finish line of my very first marathon.  Unlike some, I hadn’t planned on running a marathon, in fact when asked, I usually said “oh hell no”.   It was never a goal of mine, it just kind of happened.   All of sudden I was registering for it, training for it, hurting over it, and then running it.   And I didn’t hate it.  😛

I kind of always knew I was going to run another one but nothing ever seemed right.  Every time I looked at websites or checked dates, it all seemed too forced.  Nothing clicked for me.   Then a chance to run the Big Sur International Marathon came up.  Once again, it just seemed to happen.

Views along Highway 1

Big Sur is an amazing race that runs point to point along Highway 1 in CA with some of the most amazing views.    It offers a marathon, 21 miler, 11 miler, 12K, 5K and 3K.  You name it and there is a distance that will work for you.  It is also is extremely popular and registration for the marathon runs by lottery system, the remaining distances are first come, first served.    A few years ago, I ran the Monterey Bay Half Marathon (then named the Big Sur Half) and the loved it.  We drove Highway one home and the scenery is just amazing.


That said, I had my hesitations before throwing my name into the hat.    I know I say I prefer races with hills but this has HILLS.  It took me 5+ hours to run San Francisco, could I do this?   But it was calling my name, so I took a chance.   When I found I was in, I was torn between jumping up and down in excitement and wondering what I gotten myself into.😛

But self doubts aside- I am so looking forward to this race.  My hotel is already booked and I have a starting day for marathon training- Christmas Day. 😂     Now I just need a training plan.    I got this.

Have you ever run Big Sur?

Training plan suggestions?

20 thoughts on “To Sur….with Hills

  1. Oh that mountain halfway looks so scary. I need to learn from you, to learn to embrace and love hills.

    That is awesome about you signing up for marathon #2! Good luck with training, and I hope you find the perfect plan!


  2. I was just talking to an avid runner on Saturday and she said that the Big Sur marathon is amazing. She told me if I ever thought about running a full, that would be the one to do. So that’s awesome! I’m sure it will be great!


    • I am going to have a hard time not taking pictures of everything! I will need to remind myself there is a strict course limit or else I may get distracted. 😛 Plus they usually have music stations through out the course, it all sounds so awesome. 🙂


  3. This sounds amazing!!! Hilly but amazing! I was just thinking if I ever decide to run another marathon I’d like it to be in a different country!


  4. I love the title of this post!! 😀 I’ve driven the Big Sur area but never run it… holy hills! I bet it will be a great experience!


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