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To Sur….with Hills

We interrupt regularly scheduled programming  for a little announcement.  😛   My workout recap will be up on Wednesday.

Disclaimer: I received an entry into the Big Sur International Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I thought it was fitting that I drop the news about marathon #2 on the anniversary of marathon #1.

One year ago today, I crossed the finish line of my very first marathon.  Unlike some, I hadn’t planned on running a marathon, in fact when asked, I usually said “oh hell no”.   It was never a goal of mine, it just kind of happened.   All of sudden I was registering for it, training for it, hurting over it, and then running it.   And I didn’t hate it.  😛

I kind of always knew I was going to run another one but nothing ever seemed right.  Every time I looked at websites or checked dates, it all seemed too forced.  Nothing clicked for me.   Then a chance to run the Big Sur International Marathon came up.  Once again, it just seemed to happen.

Views along Highway 1

Big Sur is an amazing race that runs point to point along Highway 1 in CA with some of the most amazing views.    It offers a marathon, 21 miler, 11 miler, 12K, 5K and 3K.  You name it and there is a distance that will work for you.  It is also is extremely popular and registration for the marathon runs by lottery system, the remaining distances are first come, first served.    A few years ago, I ran the Monterey Bay Half Marathon (then named the Big Sur Half) and the loved it.  We drove Highway one home and the scenery is just amazing.


That said, I had my hesitations before throwing my name into the hat.    I know I say I prefer races with hills but this has HILLS.  It took me 5+ hours to run San Francisco, could I do this?   But it was calling my name, so I took a chance.   When I found I was in, I was torn between jumping up and down in excitement and wondering what I gotten myself into.😛

But self doubts aside- I am so looking forward to this race.  My hotel is already booked and I have a starting day for marathon training- Christmas Day. 😂     Now I just need a training plan.    I got this.

Have you ever run Big Sur?

Training plan suggestions?

Big Sur Goals?

You know that quote?

It’s better to be 10% under trained than 1% over trained when you step up to the starting line.

Whelp, how about 30% under trained?  Actually that may be pretty generous.  I had big plans for the weeks in between City to the Sea and Big Sur but we’ve already discussed the sloppiness of October so let’s move on.  😉😉

So what is the under trained slacker with an aching ankle thinking about for this weekend?

Big Sur is supposed to be gorgeous- If it takes me longer to run it, well then I get longer to enjoy the view.

Start will be in the low 40’s- I haven’t quite adjusted to that but at least it won’t be too hot.

Bib 3118- Corral D…out of A-L.  What the hell am I doing up there?  Maybe inertia will push me forward and I will run faster?

This is half marathon #6 of 2015, first time I’ve run that many 13.1’s in a year.  Sweet!

Elites- Kara Goucher and Sara Kiptoo- Seriously.  I will be running the same course as elites at the same time-holy crap!   Actually, now that I think about it,  part of the course is an out and back…I may need to keep my phone handy.  😆

Ummmm- this- I need it-


Road trip!  Seriously I never went anywhere before I started running.

Monterey- Home of the aquarium.  We may try and go.  But, man those tickets are stupid expensive.

Community- I’m going to be surrounded by thousands of other people like me.  Those who think that lining up on a cold morning to run 13.1 miles sounds like fun.  😄

Monday- Did I mention I have Monday off?

This could be my last race of the year, at least I chose a good one.    I’ve been having some odd ankle pain, hello denial, can I move in?

The view- Seriously, the pictures I’ve seen make this worthy of 2 mentions.  I’ve actually considered carrying my little digital camera during the run.   Either that or I need a strap for my iPhone.

So instead of goals, I have only one hope.  I want to cross the start line and the finish line smiling.  No head games, no berating myself, just running with a few thousand strangers like me.  Runner’s are crazy right?

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!  Molly, Allison, Rae, Kate, those running Revel Canyon or Wine and Dine, and everyone else I am missing!! 

That otter is awesome, right?