Week 30- Goodbye July

Upcoming Races-

  • Salinas Valley Half Marathon

This was a calmer week at work thankfully.   I’m still feeling a little ragged around the edges but I think we’re pulling it together.   Have I mentioned my coworkers are rock stars?

The hours were a little more normal and I was able to get in a few more miles than week 29. Not a lot but a few.  😛

Monday- 2.5 miles.   I packed all my running gear planning to run in work town after work but then work kicked my ass.  I was so tired I decided to just go home.  Something on the drive home made me change my mind and I changed super fast at home and ran out the door.   I was able to get in a short 2.5 miles in my birthday shoes.  😀

Tuesday- Rest.  I made my first #bibchat in weeks! Sweet!

Wednesday- Fair!! I took all my running gear to work but realized I had left my pack and inhaler in my garage after Monday’s run.  Womp womp. So sudden change of plans- my mother and I hit up the fair after work.  Funnel cake for the win.😀

Thursday- migraine from hell.  By the end of work, I could barely see straight.   I thought about running to see if it helped but I was also concerned it would make it worse.  Combine that with the insane traffic I was fearing I would face going home and I just decided to head home.  Why insane traffic?  Garth Brooks.   He performed at our little fair- 2 concerts in a row- and getting home was a little tricky.

Friday- Rest The headache was still lingering plus with working open to close, I was just exhausted.  I haven’t been sleeping well this month.

Saturday- 10 miles Despite how tired I was, I forced myself out of bed on Saturday morning to get in my long run.  Well, I did hit snooze when the alarm went off at 7.   I knew I wasn’t going to be setting any speed records so a little bit warmer wouldn’t be horrible.    It actually ended up being my slowest 10 miler ever, there was a lot of walking the last 3.5 miles.  Ok, mostly walking.  But this run was just meant to be time on my feet and not to worry about pace.  I think I accomplished that.  😛  Then I spent the rest of the day trying to relax.  I randomly went and saw Spiderman in the evening…not bad.

Sunday- Rest.  So not the plan.  I planned on sleeping in, running some errands, doing some chores and then braving the heat for a few miles.   Everything was going according to plan right up to the laundry.   I went to grab the first load out of the dryer and noticed a funny smell.    It smelled like burnt plastic.   And everything I had just washed and dried stunk of it.   Did I mention the washer was full of freshly washed sheets?    So then I spent the afternoon trying to line dry everything without a line.  Lay it on something, point a fan at it, come back in 20 minutes and rotate.  Everything that had been washed had to be rewashed.   Yay.   That was fun.  It felt like a workout but it wasn’t running.   3 loads of laundry dried by 2 fans.

12.5 miles for the week.   Like I said, not a huge improvement over last week but a step in the right direction.

How was your weekend?

Had any appliance issues lately?

Last movie you saw?


10 thoughts on “Week 30- Goodbye July

  1. I finally saw Wonder Woman last week – loved it!
    I tried to get my 10 miles in today… at mile 2, I thought that if I could get 8, then I would just swap this long run for that and be okay… but man, I stopped everything and sat and stretched at 3.5 and was done… when I realized mile 4 was 14:96 pace I called it and headed home. I hurt and the bloat is real! I have no clue what happened! But, I’m so glad I hit 5 miles, they weren’t in the training plan, but it was time on my feet!


    1. Wonder Woman was awesome! I am sorry your run went bad but I am glad you made it home without hurting yourself further. I hear you on the post run bloat, hell, I’ve been on a new medication the past 2 weeks- I look 6 months pregnant! Nice job on the 5 miles!

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  2. Glad your work life is calming down and you managed to get some more running in this week! Funnily enough, I randomly went to see Spiderman a couple of weeks ago too!
    I hope you get the laundry situation sorted out!


  3. Ew. Did you ever figure out why your laundry smelled of burnt plastic? You handled it like a trooper though. Adapt and improvise!

    I think the last movie I saw was Sing, in the theaters anyway. I just barely saw Bridget Jones’s Baby this past Saturday on Netflix. And as I was going through, there are so many I haven’t seen. I could probably have a movie month and still not be caught up. I’ve never actually seen a Spiderman movie… I may have to research it and see if my child is interested.

    Keep your head up about your running. Things will return to normal for you soon!!


    1. No. Maybe something went through in a previous load? There are 4 of us using the same washer and dryer so they get a work out. It’s momentarily fine again.

      I haven’t seen Sing or Bridget Jones Baby- are they good? I see a few movies in the theater but then I forget about so many when they are released on Netflix or Hulu. If your son likes any of the Marvel movies, he will probably like Spiderman. I was never a fan of the earlier versions but I really did like this one.


  4. I thought the term “in your birthday shoes” means barefoot. Is that not true?

    To answer your questions:

    1. It was great (both for running and non-running)
    2. My microwave died.
    3. Despicable M3


  5. Those birthday shoes are some sweet kicks!! And that picture from the fair is amazing! I’ve only seen one movie in 2017 so far, but it was Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so it’s a good one. I really want to see Wonder Woman still!


    1. Thank you! Guardians was awesome!! I looked for a Baby Groot for months after that, I had to have one. I do now, he stands on my DVD player. 🙂 Wonder Woman was really good too. I just wish that parts of the story line hadn’t been so predictable.


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