Week 38- Stupid

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  • Rock n Roll San Jose 13.1???
  • Rock N Roll Las Vegas 5K
  • Rock N Roll Las Vegas 13.1!!!!!

I feel like all I do these days is make excuses.   One of these weeks, I will type “this week was awesome!”.  But that was not this week.

My back has been acting up and my hope that my new bed would cure all has not materialized.    Boo.  Actually, I am still on the fence when it comes to the new bed.  But it’s only been 2 weeks, right?   It has to get better right?  I do feel less tired, so that’s a plus.

Ok, let’s get to the running or lack there of.  This week had a good run, a creepy run and a disaster run.

Monday- Yoga app.  Monday is a running day and I should have run but my back was pissed so I passed on the run and headed home to try and stretch out my back.  If a yoga app could get dusty, mine would be.  I chose a flexibility workout and tried to follow it the best I could.  I also used my foam roller.

Tuesday- More stretching  I still hurt more than I could ignore so another rest day it was.  Ugh, this was getting old.

Wednesday- 4 miles The pain had downgraded to an ache so I figured I would try a run.  Honestly I thought I would only get in a mile or 2.  Imagine my surprise when I felt ok enough to keep running for 4 miles.  I was slower than molasses but I felt ok.  It was a decent run.  It was also in the 60’s for the first time.  I almost felt cold.  ๐Ÿ˜›

Thursday- 1.5 miles Creeptastic run.  I knew running 2 days in a row could be pushing my back but that was not what cut this run short.   I set off and was walking my warm up when I noticed a bush on the back side of the lake.  Except that bush had never been there before.  And it seemed really boxy….and was it wearing shoes?  As I’m giving this bush the stink eye, it jumps up and tries to scare me.  Ummm, no dude.  He was full on wearing one of those camouflage bush outfits.  What? 1/2 mile later, some guy tries to preach to me.  Which normally wouldn’t seem too odd but something about him just weird-ed me out.   1/4 mile later, bush guy was in a new hiding spot. I gave him the stink eye again.  1/4 mile past that, there was a dude dressed in a black hoodie, all covered up with a large black backpack.  All right, I’m done.   Get me out of here.

I did get to leave for lunch though

Friday- Rest Being down my boss, means that Fridays will be open to close for a while.  That said, no running will be happening.  My back was feeling a little better though.  Or the migraine and dizzy spells that came with that time of the month just took precedence.

Saturday-Rest Based on how I felt Friday I knew I wasn’t running long in the morning but I had thought about making up Monday’s/Thursday’s missed miles in the afternoon.  At least until I took a nap on the floor and really pissed off my back again.  Stupid.

Sunday- 8 miles I planned on running in the morning but apparently my body had other ideas.  I vaguely remember my alarm going off and me thinking 10 more minutes sounded nice.  Then it was 9:45.  Well, crap.   Instead I set out for my long run at 3:00.   It was 82* but I figured I would be fine.  Bad idea.

Miles 1-4 weren’t bad.  I stuck to my 1 minute run/ 1 minute walk and drank water when needed.  I added a new street to the route and ran until I literally ran out out sidewalk.   It was on the way back that I started to realize I had a problem.  I really needed a bathroom! I swear I have never had to pee that bad in my life.  I knew there was a park about a mile away and I was hoping the bathrooms were open.   I got to the dog park first but the bathroom was so disgusting- I wasn’t that desperate.  There was another set across the street so I kept my fingers crossed.   Much cleaner but there were no doors for the stalls!  What?  Ok, I was that desperate.  Luckily, a nice stranger was waiting outside for her son in the men’s room so she kept watch for me.  Thank you!  But by then I was also figuring out that I was overheating.  My fingers had turned to sausages, my head was starting to hurt.    Miles 6-8 were a slow slog of just trying to take the shortest route back to my car.  Screw 10 miles, that wasn’t happening today.   Why was there no shade?!

13.58 miles for the week.  Considering my track record lately, it didn’t suck.   At this rate, I won’t hit the 20’s again marathon training.  ๐Ÿคฃ  I had better be wrong about that.

How was your week?

Do you have fall weather?

15 thoughts on “Week 38- Stupid

  1. Boo back problems! And also huge boo to creeps on the path and bad bathrooms. No stall doors – wtaf? This is one of my pet peeves. I remember going in the bathroom at a Malibu beach once and the stall doors were like two feet tall, literally. You could sit on the toilet and have a clear view out the door to the ocean. Nope. Also nope, the ladies room at the Seattle Public Library has teeny stall doors, allegedly to prevent drug use or other unwholesome activities from taking place. You could just stroll past the stalls and just look right in at anyone doing their business. Hell to the no.

    Heh, after that bathroom rant… anyway, I love the pictures you take during your runs!! I know I’ve said that before but they’re always gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Seriously- I was like there’s no doors! The lady outside was in shock too. Ordinarily I would have bailed but the next bathrooms were a Jack in the Box a mile down the road and there was no way I was getting that far. It was surprisingly clean considering the lack of doors though.

      Thank you! I consider it a perk of running- I get to take lots of pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I’m sorry your back is bothering you so much, that sucks! Also, if “bush guy” had done that near me, I would have cussed him out something fierce. That is just generally so shitty, but also so creepy when you’re doing it to a solo female runner. I want to punch him.


    1. He wasn’t just doing it to me, he was trying to spook everyone. Is is sad that it must describe the area if we all just glared at him? It’s almost time for me to say goodbye to the lake path for winter anyways. Maybe I will just say goodby a little early this year.


  3. I struggle with back problems, I have to be very careful, I have spinal degeneration and bone spurs, so sometimes even just splashing water on my face in the morning, I have to put my elbows on the counter for support! Fortunately, I have yet to hurt my back while running – but I do pay attention to stretching it after every run! I hope yours is settling down!
    I missed my long run this week, too. I told you that i woke up Sunday with a killer headache, so I went back to bed and took a rest day.

    But, today I updated my weekly planner and filled in the blanks all the way to Vegas, so my training plan is set to carry me through! We’ve come this far, we can make it a few more weeks, and our runs will start getting easier and I will get just a hair faster and it’s going to be awesome!


    1. Ouch, ouch! Take care of yourself!! I know I need to stretch more and actually do my PT exercises. Oops.
      Headaches suck. I think I had 3 super bad ones last week, still an improvement over how it used to be so a win in my book. Hope yours has gone away.

      Yay! We got this! Do not even worry about pace, that is not even a thing. We are just going to have fun and enjoy everything we see.

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  4. Aww that sucks your back is bothering you! And what?!? How many creepers can you get in one run!!!!!
    My running is awful just now I just can’t find my mojo at all but the leaves are starting to change so it’s definitely fall ๐Ÿ˜Š


  5. oO your Thursday was super creepy. I wouldn’t have kept running that same route. Seeing that bush man would have caused me to immediately find a different route to run. Hope your back is feeling better!


  6. Dang, what a week!! I think you might need to move!! That would cure the creeper and abandoned animal issues, heck it might even help your back!! I hate that you’re having so many issues, maybe you just need time off to rest??? Anyway, cheers for the miles you did get this week and I hope your back gets better soon.


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