Rambling On 19

I need a vacation.  On a beach.  Swinging in a hammock.

Have I said that before?

Our little county boasted the hottest point of the country on Tuesday- 108.  Say what? No, just no.  The break room air is on the fritz so it’s a balmy 84* in there.  🤣

I think something about the heat- work town broke 100 a few times- made this week seem super long.  Either that or I was just feeling a little cranky.   I tried to just ignore it and move it but I was just blech.  I’m still not feeling great either and 2 more employees were down sick as well so maybe there’s just something going round.

Squeezing in 29 before Vegas is looking less likely.  Not only am I just tired but in truth my budget doesn’t really want to include a hotel right now.  Entry fee? Fine.  Hotel cost- not so much.  My race account is looking a little sad.  Plus I want to have money to have fun in Las Vegas.

Vegas!  It’s almost here!  How is that possible?  I’m not ready yet!  How do you mentally prepare for Las Vegas?  Help!😛

Heck, Halloween snuck up on me.  How is almost November?

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8 thoughts on “Rambling On 19

  1. Okay, for real, Vegas just became nothing but fun! It won’t be the big Three-O milestone for you, which sucks, but takes pressure off – and I have learned a valuable lesson while training – running for real takes so much out of you! It was harder on my body than I thought, so I stand by my decision to set the longest PR at the half! 😀 All finish times are officially out the window! Plus, you had such a great race a few weeks ago – I still am in awe of you! I’m suppose to do a long run on Sunday, 11 or 12 miles, but it’s going to be in the 30’s… I’m going to play it by ear!


    1. Right? We’re just going to enjoy the sights and sounds! I’ve just been so tired lately which makes no sense because my miles are much lower than last year. Passing on squeezing in 29 was the smart thing. Who knew I could be smart?😂

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  2. Ohmigoodness… it’s too late in the year to be tipping temps over 100! Someone needs to have a serious chat with your weather man, 🤣


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