So Now What

Yeah, test results.

Left Kidney- normal.  Small cyst on right kidney but let’s not worry about that (his words).

Lungs- yeah, inflamed but more than likely all due to asthma.

So- in other words- no kidney infection and no valley fever.


Except it still hurts (not all the time) and the doctor has no answers.  Other than to ask if I was sure the pain was internal and not muscular in nature.  Grrr.  I think I would know the difference!  I realize I tend to ignore pain a lot and have a pretty good pain tolerance but this is not muscular.

Besides running doesn’t make it worse, running is actually one of the few things that doesn’t hurt.  However the pain usually comes after eating or drinking or sitting.    Sitting in my comfy chair?  Not so comfy.   Go figure.

So, instead I get to go back to my gastroenterologist because my primary doc thinks it might be time for another colonoscopy.  Oh yay.   Ok, the first one wasn’t that bad but still.  Grrr.

And until then, I’ll keep running because it doesn’t hurt (and I have the all clear). But on the off chance my doc had a good idea and I have no idea what pain is, I ordered a couple new packs to test for my longish runs.  My current one hasn’t really been working for me and I contort myself into weird stretches to get to my water.    New running gear is always fun, right?  I would like to buy a new chair but that’s not really in the finances at the moment.  😛  No, that’s going to be a washing machine.

Who else misses being a kid sometimes?

Any tips for side pain that may or may not be a thing? Haha.  🤣


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  1. Wait, what??? I drop off the face of the earth for a bit and come back and you had to get checked for kidney infection and valley fever??? I hope you’re okayyy!!! You have to be healthy enough so we can see each other in April and June!


    1. Yeah, it’s been a little rough for about a month. I’ve been training but it’s a lower mileage than where I should be. Better than last year so far though. I’m going to keep doing what I can and try to freak out because that really doesn’t help the situation. 🙂 How have you been?

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      1. I’m doing okay. Turning 30 has be freaking out a bit. LOL Work’s been tough, but I’m just hoping to get more into the swing of things. Running has been okay. My mileage has been a little lower too, but I’m trying to get it back up.


        1. I was fine with 30 but freaked out over 29 for some reason. Then this year I forgot how old I was so I think age is just a number and it depends on what we are doing at the time. I hope work eases up for you. My mileage is so low- averaging low 20’s. My long run has become my staple and everything else depends on my side. 😦

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  2. Ugh, inconclusive results are the worst! I really hope that switching up your pack helps, but I’m also glad you’re following up with your GI doc. Better safe than sorry!


  3. Ask them to order an MRI. Not a CT scan… an MRI. Say no to a CT scan… go for the big boy, an MRI. Or, as I’m a touch behind, was this from an MRI?? I hope they get it figured out and that you feel better, xoxo

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  4. I wouldn’t know the difference between the muscular pain and the kidney itself hurting, but I know that I developed some weird pains from an incompatible water pack, and maybe a new one for you may help at least with some other small pains you may be having *plus new running gear is always fun 🙂 ). And it’s frustrating that you still have no clear answer! I agree with Paula. Maybe you need a better scan.


    1. I ordered 2 to check out and I know one won’t work. I tried the other pack for the first time today. My side still hurts but I wasn’t expecting a miracle overnight. Now, that I’m paying even more attention to it, I think I feel like it’s both internal and muscular. Can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not.

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