Big Sur Marathon Training-Week 12

Last week was better… of sorts.

Mother nature decided to rain fury down upon us last week and try to make up for months of doubt.  And yes I meant to spell it like that.

The storm started Tuesday and stayed until Friday morning.   There were mudslides, rocks down, trees down, flooding, too many car accidents and just chaos.  The damn river (of the river path) rose so fast overnight Wednesday that there ended up being 10 swift water rescues on Thursday. 10!  I went to work and I went home, that was it.

I am sure I did other things last week but the rain is the only thing that sticks in my mind besides the running, ha!  So let’s just get to it.

Monday- 3.1 miles I tried to get in a few miles before the storm.   I don’t recall much about the miles but I pulled some decent paces for miles 2 and 3 looking back so it had to be a decent run, right?😜

Tuesday- Thursday- Nada– See opening above.  Unless white knuckled driving counts.

Friday- Rest The sun came out so I took my gear to work to run after we closed.  At least that was the plan.   I got something in my eye and could not get it out.   I tried eye drops, taking out my contacts, nothing worked.   I finally gave up and just went straight home.

Saturday- 3.1 miles 5K shakeout, I had lots of miles planned for Sunday and I wanted to get the legs moving after so many days off.  This run actually felt pretty dang good.  In fact at one point, I felt like I was powering up a hill impressively.  Of course I couldn’t see myself, so I have no idea if that was true or not.  🤣

Sunday- Tent City Half Marathon/ 5 miles = 18 miles total  Surprise! Half marathon #30 went down on Sunday.  At the butt crack of dawn… nope pre-dawn.  In the freakin’ cold.  Race recap to come.  😀

The plan called for 19 miles so after some food and a nap I headed out in the afternoon to complete another 6 miles.  Oh my misery.  I don’t think I am built for 2 a days anymore.  I liked them during my last marathon cycle- this time not so much.  I never found a rhythm or settled into a decent pace.  I dragged ass for 5 miles and knew adding another mile would likely do more harm than good so I just headed for home knowing I would fall short.  But 18 is nothing to frown at right??

24.4 miles for the week.   Better than the last two weeks!!!

How was your week?


  1. Rae says:

    Great week, Fallon! I can’t believe your crazy weather, though. That sounds scary!

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    1. It definitely made for an interesting few days!!

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  2. AJ says:

    Good job:) Weather is always an issue where I am too. Yesterday I think I swam rather than ran!

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    1. I didn’t even try to run. Between the water and the fact that no one out here seems to know how to drive in the rain I just took a hard pass.😒

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      1. AJ says:

        Probably a good idea!

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  3. The mudslides sounded awful (as they always do)! Glad to hear you and your house made it through ok.

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    1. My home town is usually, though not unheard of, free from slides, it’s my commute that takes a beating. The river that rose incredibly fast is in home town though. Hmmm, I must make this county sound hazardous.

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      1. It does sound pretty scary!

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  4. We’ve had rain yesterday and this morning – and running in the rain wasn’t bad this morning (sprinkles, really) but man, it was slick! That rain had washed debris, leaves and mud onto the sidewalks and streets, and that almost caught me a few times!! I went really slow on my 5 miles today! Training plan seems to be working on my end!
    But, one month to Big Sur!!! You got this!!

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    1. Be careful out there! I hate that slippery feeling, if not for that, running in the rain is fun. Well, the cold part isn’t fun either. 😛

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  5. Dorothea says:

    18 is nothing to frown at! And I know what you mean about questioning the training. I also keep comparing my training season to the last one and keep wondering why it’s so hard this time. But you’re doing really well! Hope the weather is muuuuch better this week

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    1. I think in some ways I’m ahead of last time but in others behind. Truthfully I don’t want to look. 😂 The weather has done a 180 this week and hit 80 degrees!!

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