Big Sur Marathon Training-Week 14

Don’t freak out, don’t freak out.

My leg is giving me grief.  My back is putting up a fight.  I feel like I am barely running any miles and I am falling apart.  What gives?!  I really should be sleeping more.   How do I become less of an night owl??

Oh my gawd, I made it to taper.  Even though my whole training cycle has been another runner’s taper, haha.   Last week was a rather pitiful peak week but it’s done.

Monday- 2.62 miles  The irony of the mileage of this run is not lost on me.  My leg was not on board.  In fact it protested something fierce.  Fierce to the point of pain and I decided that rest days after long runs were going to have to become a thing during the next few weeks of this training cycle.   I turned around fairly soon into the run and headed back to the car trying not to be alarmed.

Tuesday- Nada I could feel my leg every time I moved.  From the car to work.  Every time I got off my chair or stood still too long.  Boo.

Wednesday-More of the same.

Thursday- 2.3 miles I headed for the lake path hoping the dirt path would be friendly to me and that I could get in a good 4-5 miles.   But that did not happen.  I managed 2 laps of the lake before I threw in the towel.  I may have pushed for more but with this weekend being my last chance to get in 20 miles I figured that was more important.

Friday- Rest I took a vacation day for a once again canceled tennis trip -rain, so I spent the day attempting to catch up on sleep and rest my leg.

Saturday- More of the same. Another rainy day.  I had started reorganizing my closet on Friday and it turned into the never ending project.  🤣

Sunday- 18.25 miles I overslept and started a little later than planned, oops.  I was also running in what I hoped would be my race day outfit to see how it worked out.  With my leg being fussy all week, I wanted to keep the run slow and steady and walk whenever I needed.  And things were actually good for the first 10-12 miles.  The temp was pleasant, my leg was cooperating and I wasn’t tired.  My clothing was another story.  My tank was riding up into a crop top, the shorties under my skirt kept moving around, my pack was shifting down my back, I had to put BodyGlide on at mile 6.  I don’t usually have to use BodyGlide when I wear skirts.  Grrr.   And my shoes were starting to hurt my feet.

The problem arose around mile 14- my back started to hurt.  And I slowed way down.  So much so, that I knew I was going to have a problem keeping my lunch plans with my mother.  Hence the 18.25.  My lower back was super cranky, I think part of the problem was the bladder of water in the back of my pack.  I stopped carrying water on my back due to back pain a few months back and stupidly forgot about it. Silly Slacker.  So another lesson learned- no bladder in the pack on race day- bottles in the front only.

When I mentioned how much slower I had gotten towards the end of the run during the lunch, my mother asked what the minimum pace was before being swept at Big Sur.  Thanks Mom.

23.17 miles for the week.  Not the 20 miler I was hoping for but not horrible.  I am trying to think positive… or maybe I am just in denial.

How was your week?

21 thoughts on “Big Sur Marathon Training-Week 14

  1. Hey, 18.25 is better than no long run at all! I wouldn’t sweat the 1.75 miles. You’re keeping active and doing what you can. And if you’re in pain, pushing through isn’t going to help you get to race day ready to go. You’ve got this!

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  2. I agree with Rae. You got in a long run! A lot of runners have 18 as their max for marathon training anyway, and your practice run was perfect. You now know not to have the water backpack. 🙂 Don’t worry about the sweeper!


    1. I am trying not to think about the sweeper, if wasn’t Big Sur, I wouldn’t be worried but HILLS. I think I’ve actually run more long runs this cycle than last training cycle but that was also Hanson’s and I broke myself around week 10. Why do I keep hurting myself??? Grrr.

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      1. I have the same problem, Fallon. I’m in denial, but I’m actually also injured and just hoping to hold it together until the marathon on the 22nd. It’s probably a combination of needing more care and recovery than a working lifestyle can afford and pushing ourselves harder than we’re really ready for. Maybe need to try one time just ramping up suuuuper slowly. I thought I was playing it safe with 16 week’s, but I’m thinking I was still too aggressive.


  3. I also had some pain, mine were in my foot and my back. I did splitted more my runs, last week did 3 x 6miles and one 10mile, logging total 28miles and nothing is hurting.
    You have more experience than I do, I am practicing for my first marathon in November, but maybe you coukd adopt a strategy like that.


    1. Sorry to hear you had pain last week. In theory, I would prefer my schedule to look something like that but with my leg being unfriendly and being this close to the marathon I have been focusing on the long runs. Time will tell if it’s a good idea or not.

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  4. Awww Fallon! Your training posts are making me worry for you! 😦 Hopefully your legs won’t act up. Bright side though! I get to see you in a few short weeks! So excited for that! 🙂


  5. Well, I wasn’t worried until Mai said something!! LOL! I’m kidding, I’ve been worried for a bit, but the back issue you can handle by not carrying the bladder – and I’ve run with you, so I know you’ll be good with the front water and water stops. I’m still worried about your leg.
    But, I’m like your mom, my question is – are you still trending to beat the cut off? That’s all that really does matter – how fast or slow you go, we won’t judge you for it, you know that!
    Also, I still think you should drop to the 21 miler… but I’m not going to say so anymore!! 🙂


    1. My overall pace was under the cuttoff… but I would have had to pick up the pace for the last 8, I couldn’t keep walking. I have given up whatever tiny hope I had that this one might be even a minute faster than my first one, ha!

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  6. Sorry to hear your week didn’t go according to plan. You did get 18+ miles in though:)
    Aren’t moms awesome at keeping you realistic, humble and grounded?!LOL


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