Rambling On 39

Ever had a case of the yawns?  I was yawning all day on Thursday.  I just couldn’t seem to stop.

My Nissan would not let me lock my keys in my car.  I can officially confirm that my Ford is not that smart.  Neither am I.   Lesson learned the hard way.

Speaking of my Ford- I joke that it’s the gutless wonder. Yet, somehow this week, every time I got behind someone- on the freeway, the scenic route, etc., cars kept moving over. Do I look scary???😂

I finished my Person of Interest binge on Netflix. I started a few months ago but took a break when the last season started because I knew what was coming. I won’t lie- I acted like a 5 year old and hid the screen with my hand during part of the series finale. 😂 Still can’t handle it.

Now I need something new to watch.

This week has been odd with the exercise. Makes me wonder how the weekend is going to go.

All the schools have officially started again out here which means my commute has become a little more time consuming. 3 school zones in 3 different cities.😒

But in awesome news- the weather forecast is in the 80’s for the next week!!! Party!!!

What are you up to this weekend?

5 thoughts on “Rambling On 39

  1. Dang- that is a heckuvah commute! I hope traffic is easy on you. Do you recommend POI? I love true crime, haven’t watched that one yet though! Hope you have a great (And restful) weekend 🙂


    1. The traffic has its good days and bad. I loved the show but it’s less true crime and more conspiracy, I think? I admit I avoid true crime- I love the crime dramas but don’t watch or listen the real stuff. Doesn’t make a lot of sense I know. Hope you had a great weekend!

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