22/ One

I am not sure if I am going fully back to weekly recaps but right now it gives me a direction.

Did the first week of January feel like a month to anyone else or was it just me? Someone mentioned something about New Year’s on Thursday and I was so confused. I almost asked why we were talking about a couple of months ago. Then my brain came back to reality and I remembered it was only the 6th. Oops.

I still haven’t figured out post work running- how was is easier when I was commuting an hour each way every day?? I did actually follow through on the weekend. Mostly, that is.

My training plan called for an easy 3 on Saturday. Miles completed but maybe much easier than originally planned. My stomach wasn’t loving what I had for lunch and the new crops that I had just bought were not a marvelous combination. Those 3 miles were 95% walked. So, a reminder to never eat Chipotle before a run and those crops are being shoved in the back of drawer. Maybe they will see another life if I ever cross-train.

Sunday had me in a mood. One of those moods where I wanted to do nothing and was overly emotionally tired like a toddler. It wasn’t long until I knew I was skipping my long run. Long, ha. It was week 2 of training, the long run was 4 miles. I felt less stressed once I made that choice and went about doing all the other things I needed to do. Coming home from Lowes late that afternoon while sipping on a Frappuccino, it occurred to me that a few miles might not be horrible. I changed super fast and was out the door as quick as I could. It was even more of a low key walk than the previous day but it was 3 miles more than I had thought I was going to get in that day. Gonna call it a win.

However, I know it’s not marvelous, which puts me doubtful that the race I am scheduled for in 3 days is a bad idea. Like, can’t walk the next day, bad idea. So, now to decide if I am smart or stupid.