22/ Positive

Otherwise known as weeks 3 and 4 of January.

2 years. I made it 2 years, customer facing 5 days a week with a crew of 10-12 people. 2 years and I went down on Friday, the 14th. I tested positive for COVID the next day.

The following 2 weeks are all kind of a blur. There was a lot of sleeping, a lot of chills, too many silly movies, a lot of apple juice, not enough food, and time spent alternating between my bed or a recliner. Mostly I just remember being exhausted. I got out of quarantine and tried going to the store for a few things since I hadn’t been anywhere in forever and needed things and one little trip knocked me on my ass for another 2 days.


I returned to work 2 weeks to the day. Going back on a Friday was odd but it did feel good to feel human again. I missed people. Didn’t miss the hundreds of emails I had to get through but that’s life.

I ventured out for a 3 mile walk over the weekend and while it was tiring, it also felt good. I seriously doubt my ability to run 2 half marathons in 5-6 weeks. I am not feeling ready to run yet, walk, maybe, run- not so much.

So, yeah, that was January.

5 thoughts on “22/ Positive

  1. Sorry that you caught it and that it was so hard on you. I hope you bounce back quicker than you are expecting. Your nurse looks like you weren’t a very good patient, and she is exhausted. LOL


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