22/ Six

Holy crap, week 6 is already gone????

Granted 2 of those were gone in a COVID blur but what about the rest of them? They say times flies when you get older but this is just silly.

Anyways, back to last week. Monday through Friday were mostly spent adjusting back to work and trying not to be so tired. The tiredness sneaks up and hits you when you are least expecting it. Or at least when I am least expecting it, ha!

I was more productive over the weekend though. I managed to get in miles on both Saturday and Sunday. Still walking and not running but that’s so much better than the previous weeks.

On Saturday, I headed for the river path as I am nowhere near ready for my driveway yet. Hell- I wasn’t in driveway shape before I got sick, it’s gonna be a minute or two before I get back to that. I aimed for a few easy miles. Mission accomplished but I did have to avail myself of a lovely bench seat along mile 2.

Sunday, I headed for the lake path. I haven’t been there in months. Figured the nice and flat dirt path would be nice. And it was a good choice. 3 laps for 3.5 miles. Hey, look, I even extended the distance!

6.5 miles for the week. Which let’s be real- not far off from where I was before I got sick.

I’d say how was your week but we’re actually 2 weeks on, so how have your weeks been?

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